World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 517

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As the news about Naxxramas spread out, the number of adventurers flooded the Lion King City. Xiao Yu did not stop them from entering but laid custom tax on entry and exit, using this chance to make money.

Although adventurers did not want to pay custom tax and follow other rules laid, they learnt their lesson from bloodbath caused by Xiao Yu by killing first offenders. Xiao Yu killed everyone who took law lightly and caused trouble in city. This forced others to put away their lawlessness aside.

After a few days, when Xiao Yu was chatting with Nicholas on the top of Lion King City, the whole world suddenly quietened down, as if everyone became deaf. Whole world experienced drastic changes.

The sun dimmed, not because of the obscuration of dark clouds. Whole world became grey as it was mourning.

A strange atmosphere covered the entire Lion King City, making everyone’s heart heavy.

Everything felt unusual but what exactly was unusual no one knew. Everyone felt like the world suddenly lacked something.

“She…is really gone.” Xiao Yu stood up silently and the two lines of tears rolled down.

Nicholas was not clear about situation, but his heart was also filled with a kind of emotion and that was boundless grief.

The sky quickly began to rain, and it seemed to be telling what the whole world was, quiet and strange, quiet and scary, quiet and suffocating.

Both citizens and those outside adventurers had lost their voice at this moment. They didn’t know why, but they just felt strong overwhelming grief which made it difficult for them to speak.

Xiao Yu moved to the small courtyard where Aegwynn was living. At this time, this small courtyard was covered with a soft light. It was not some kind of magic, but it was extremely soft as if something was shining.

Then he saw a figure throwing her into his arms. Xiao Yu patted Lin Muxue’s shoulder who was in tears. He wanted to say something to sooth her, but was choked by his own emotions.

When Aegwynn left, she left so quietly. A great person who once made a world tremble, a god that was once invincible in the eyes of all human beings had left.

The sage was gone but the name of Aegwynn would forever be known on this continent and no one could erase it.

The sound of a Space Tearing rang softly and a figure suddenly appeared. Xiao Yu didn’t have to look at him to identify him. It was the old man Theodore.

Theodore took off his typical pointed magical hat and stood quietly in the yard with his mouth twitching slightly.

Not long after it, another sound of Space Tearing rang, and another white-haired old man came to the yard. He looked at the glowing courtyard and give a bow.

Xiao Yu was taken aback; the aura exuded by this person was not much weaker than Theodore. It seemed that this person was one of the three existences closest to the Seventh-order on the Continent.

After less than five minutes, another sound of Space Tearing rang out, and another person with same strength as Theodore appeared and muttered some spell in low voice. Spell was casted to protect that soft glow.

Then, the man retreated to the side, standing side by side with Theodore and the previous magician while maintaining the same silence.

Three days later, a huge statue stood up in the middle of the yard while radiating faint glow.

This statue could be said to have made of all of the best materials on this continent. Even statue of Uther was not so precious.

After Higgins completed the statue, he vomited large amount of blood. He was really exhausted after building a perfect statue of Aegwynn. It took three days to accomplish it so he was naturally mentally and physically exhausted.

“Master Higgins, you have worked hard.” Xiao Yu bowed to Higgins, but Higgins did not look at Xiao Yu, he just stared at the statue and shook his head. “It’s still a bit lacking, although the shape is perfect, but it still lacks ‘Essence’.”

“What is the ‘Essence’?” Xiao Yu looked at Higgins with questioning look.

“Aura! Aegwynn is the greatest magician, how can she not have a kind of top-notch aura around her, but unfortunately, I can’t do it. I don’t have enough strength. I can’t inject enough magic to achieve the ultimate perfection.” Higgins said blankly.

“Let us take care of it!” At this time, Theodore and two other magicians came up and offered help.

Theodore and two men nodded silently and did not say anything. The magical symbols exuded from their bodies. Although they were only the simplest magical imprints, they contained power that was taboo. Everyone couldn’t help but step back to avoid any accident.

The synergy of the three great magicians had completely exceeded the scope of the seventh-order magician’s strength. A moment of carelessness would cause the entire Lion King City to be destroyed instantly.

However, the three great magicians did not have any scruples and tried their best to inject the magic of their body into the interior of the statue without hesitation.

Only after three hours did the three magicians stopped. At this time, Aegwynn’s statue was exuding an extremely powerful aura, as if it was a huge dragon, almost making everyone lose their footing.

“It’s a perfect work, the real Aegwynn, the immortal Aegwynn…” Higgins squatted on the ground like a madman, watching the statue that was infused with magic by the three great magicians.

“Thank you for Three Master’s hard work.” Xiao Yu said as he stepping forward and giving them 100 bottles of the most advanced magical potion. For these magical potions, Xiao Yu had important use, but still he did not hesitate to give them 100 bottles each to thank them for doing this.

The three men nodded silently and drank a few bottles of magical potions to restore their magic.

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