World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 516

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The territory of the Lion King City’s territory had expanded again. It had more prosperous cities, no longer just barren land.

Xiao Yu was preparing to build more cities between the Principality and the Lion King as a connection point. In such condition, the Lion King and the Weigong Principality would be connected together. At that time, Xiao Yu would really become the ruler of this whole region.

After taking over Principality Xiao Yu annexed all previous commanders and offers but he did not force enemy soldiers to retire. He made them join his army and offer their services. Moreover he did not levy heavy taxes on the citizens of Weigong which made everyone very happy. Because of this, Citizens did not try to even resist.

Few days passed just like that, just as Xiao Yu and Nicholas were arguing endlessly, someone suddenly rushed in and reported after kneeling down: “Lord, situation is bad.”

This person was ashen faced; his voice was trembling as if situation was very dire.

“Reply, what happened?” Xiao Yu’s turned serious, his mind was wandering everywhere. Even after thinking deeply he could not think of anything that could make the soldier nervous like this.

“Reporting to the lord, last night I don’t know from where, a city flew over to the Lion King city. Currently it is… is floating above the lion king city. Moreover size of this city is… is much bigger than the lion king city itself. If it… collapsed, it will annihilate the Lion King City.” In the end, soldier finally able to reply after shuttering.

“What did you say? A flying City? How can a city fly?” Xiao Yu thought that brain of this soldier had some problem.

“Lord its true. I saw it with my own eyes. It was indeed a city and it had death aura surrounding it as if there were many undead creatures on it.” The scout continued.

“Got it!” After Xiao Yu finished speaking, he suddenly screamed and thought of a possibility.

Xiao Yu knew that there was only one possibility for a floating city — That was the former Naxxramas.

However, now that Kel’Thuzad was already under his command, there would definitely be no more bosses in the world. So, what would be in Naxxramas?

So, Xiao Yu immediately mounted Griffin and went back to the Lion King City. Nicholas naturally went with Xiao Yu. How could he miss this big event?

When Xiao Yu reached the Lion King City, scene of huge city floating above the lion king city greeted him. Its huge shadow covered the entire Lion City. The people below have already shifted out.

“Damn, why all these things happens to me?” although Xiao Yu said that in cursing tone, it had hidden delight in it. He looked at the floating city and his lips curved upward. After taking a look, Xiao Yu recognized it instantly. That was definitely the Naxxramas.

Xiao Yu didn’t worry that it would fall. This thing had been floating for so long. How could it fall down so easily? Even if it fell, it won’t happen cause much because of protection over Lion King City.

Xiao Yu made Griffin flew around Naxxramas. So that he could find entrance to go inside.

However, even after inspection, he did not find where the entrance was. Obviously, Naxxramas was currently closed.

Since it was currently closed, then it must be going to open soon, but he didn’t know when it would happen.

So Xiao Yu flew down and landed on the wall, pacifying the people by telling them that floating city would never fall.

With the existence of Xiao Yu, these people felt at ease. After all, Xiao Yu himself was standing under the floating city. If Naxxramas really fell, Xiao Yu would be finished.

The most important thing was that through a long period of accumulation, Xiao Yu already had a very high prestige in the Lion King City so ordinary citizens believed Xiao Yu unconditionally.

Xiao Yu stood on the wall and observed Naxxramas. He found that Naxxramas was slowly moving and flew to the depths of the Ankara Mountains.

After a few hours, Naxxramas had completely left the city of Lion King, making everyone feeling relieved. However, Xiao Yu knew that since Naxxramas was here, it would certainly not fly too far, and it would be there in the vicinity.

“What is that?” Nicholas stood by Xiao Yu and looked at the huge Naxxramas. Many waves were surging in his heart.

Xiao Yu replied softly: “Have you not heard of the floating city called Naxxramas?”

“What? Naxxramas? The floating city?” Nicholas was shocked when he heard the name.

The name Naxxramas was very resounding in this world. It was described as something incredible.

“Yes, it is this thing. It seems that this continent is really going to be chaotic. Naxxramas has appeared.” Xiao Yu felt a surge of emotions.

“What’s inside this?” Nicholas looked at Naxxramas with his eyes flashing.

Xiao Yu said said with a hallow laugh: “Nothing much, just some treasures.”

“It seems that storm is brewing.” Nicholas sighed.

“That true. Everyone wants to get things inside. All forces will try their best, but who can get that depends on luck.” Xiao Yu replied with a grin.

Xiao Yu was too lazy to go to investigate in person so he just arranged subordinates to keep an eye on it and when something happen. After that, he went to the Lion King City to play chess with Nicholas.

Day after day passed by, with each day passing, the territory of the Weigong Principality had been almost digested and the strength of the Lion King City was growing exponentially.

Under the leadership of Scarlett and Mr Xia Shan, the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce had also begun to flourish and had opened branches in many places.

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