World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 515

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Now, the feelings of those Scarlet crusaders could only be described by word — Despair.

They didn’t even have a bit of fighting spirit left, they mind went blank. Finally they used their all to escape this damn place.

And when they chose not to attack Chimaera with magical instruments but to escape, they chose their death with it. In fact, the best way to deal with Chimaera was not to run away to spread out and then use various powerful instruments to attack quickly.

Now, they are running around like a swarm of bees, which was exactly best target for bombing.

“Ah…” At this time, an angry shout rang through the entire battlefield. This person was the leader of the Crusaders.

He never expected that things would take such turns. Although he survived the onslaught with his superior strength, his troops were completely gone. Whole army was wiped out.

Despair, absolute despair! His pride was completely shattered with the death of his troop.

By now he had already gone insane. He let out a roar filled with resentment and then he lunged at Xiao Yu with intension to kill him.

“Is this guy a fool?” Xiao Yu looked at Teresa while shaking his head helplessly before saying: “Give him a good time, all long range attackers attack together.”

Thus, under the command of Xiao Yu, the magical arrow of the Elf archer, bullets of Dwarfs gunner, and all kinds of powerful long range attacks rained down.

Teresa was a Paladin of the fifth-order peak so, of course, he was powerful but not to the point he could withstand so many attacks. At best, he could withstand several attacks. However, under withstand torrent of continues attacks, he perished in no time.

“Lord, some enemy soldiers are still putting resistance but situation is still the control of our army. Only the eastern enemy troop had escaped encirclement of our army because of their sheer number.” At this time, the scout ran over and reported.

“Look like that guy wants to escape. Since Zanetti has already left Huicheng City is already ours. One who wants to surrender let them alive and kill anyone who put any resistance.”

After Scout reported, Xiao Yu understood the current situation. Zanetti used his soldiers as cannon fodder so that he could flee.

But will Xiao Yu let him run?

Therefore, Xiao Yu commander the Air force to concentrated all their power to quickly intercept Zanetti.

“Xiao Yu, can I go with you?” At this time, Nicholas recovered from his shock and said.

“No problem, let’s go.” As Xiao Yu finished speaking, a Griffin (Gryphon) came down to take Nicholas.

Nicholas also said no nonsense, mounted directly on the Griffin and chased after Xiao Yu who was rushing toward Zanetti.

Soon, Xiao Yu caught up with Zanetti. Now, Zanetti was trying to escape from battle field as fast as possible.

Because their strength was extremely powerful, escaping speed was indeed pretty fast.

Xiao Yu snorted while looking down from the Griffin and said “Zanetti, where are you going?”

Zanetti looked up and got shocked. He didn’t think that Xiao Yu would catch him so quickly. He thought that with the Scarlet crusade, Xiao would have his hands full till he escapes. How does Xiao Yu come over so quickly? From where does Xiao Yu get from so many dragons?

Their first thought was that Chimaera was a dragon. Originally, Xiao Yu had a dragon. They all knew it. Now, seeing these Chimaera, they were thought that Xiao Yu was bringing back the entire dragon race.

Fear gripped their heart and made them unable to respond. After all, dragons were the existence on this continent that made everyone afraid.

Even if it was single dragon, it would make people pale. Now there were 100 dragons. What was this concept? They didn’t will to resist at all, because resistance was useless.

Just as they were dumbstruck, the Breath of the Chimera had already been sprayed and in a blink of an eye, many people were engulfed.

“Ah, disperse fast, disperse fast!” Zanetti’s reaction was still relatively fast, he ordered everyone to disperse immediately, so as not to be killed by a breath.

However, there were many Chimaeras, even if they dodge, there was not much gap between the attacks, fighters were still okay, but magicians were finished.

Normally, when they encountered any flying beast in the past, they would use the magic to counterattack. Moreover, they all also had a lot of magic scrolls on them, which could also cause huge damage to Chimaera.

But now they had no will to fight, they were just thinking about escaping.


Chimaera’s attack was bombarded on the main force, while the Bat Rider, the Griffin etc. were responsible for cleaning up the remaining enemies. Now, the soldiers who had no momentum, no formation, and no intention to fight were easy targets for them.

But could they outrun Chimaera and others.

Thus, under the constant chase, people led by Zanetti were gradually eliminated, in the end, only Zanetti was left with a few people running with him.

At this time, Zanetti had already understood that he had no way to escape, so he sighed and stopped the horse. He turned around and glared at Xiao Yu who was standing on the back of Little Dragon.

“Oh, Xiao Yu, I have failed, but you don’t celebrate too early. Do you think that with your strength, you can dominate this continent? There are many powerful forces on this continent. Moreover let me tell you, my master, now had a new ally. When the time comes, you are going to die, haha…” Zanetti suddenly laughed like crazy.

Then, directly Zanetti pulled out his sword and slashed it on his neck.

With a thud, Zanetti’s body fell on the ground.

Seeing that Zanetti had committed suicide, Xiao Yu snorted, but in his heart, he thought that this person, although failed, was also a hero.

“Give him a proper burial.” Xiao Yu left after saying those words. Now since Commander had died, all the soldiers no longer had the will to resist and all surrendered.

Thus, a war that was delayed for three months ended in a short day with Xiao Yu occupying entire Weigong Principality.

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