World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 514

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“F#ck, dare to run away in front of father, were they not afraid of death? Deploy all the air forces, including Little Dragon and Chimera, and be on alert, whoever found Zanetti will immediately notify me. This father doesn’t believe that I can’t kill you all.” Ordered Xiao Yu.

However, at this time, the Xiao Yu noticed a blood red clothed team rushed toward him.

“Scarlet crusaders, how can they be so brainless to attack me directly? Are they really sure in killing me?” Xiao Yu saw the army rushing over and immediately identified them.

Xiao Yu was really shocked. He thought that Scarlet crusade had a hidden powerful master. So, Xiao Yu asked the Air Force to quickly bring in several heroes.

“Kill, purify these dirty guys. The gods are unforgivable.” The Scarlet Crusades were so fanatical that their eyes were blood red.

“F#ck, daring to attack me, all of you have death wise! Gryphons drop bombs on Scarlet Crusaders” At this time, Xiao Yu also summoned Grom, Bloodhoof, Kael’thas by his side. He wanted to slaughter these bastards without letting single one alive.

The number of Scarlet Crusaders was not that high, about 10,000 people. Although there were only 10,000 people, the combat power of the Scarlet Crusaders was much stronger than the average army. They were many excellent Paladins.

This was also the reason why Zanetti treated them as a last hope because their strength was indeed very strong. However, although they were strong, they were still a lot worse than the overall strength of Xiao Yu.

When Teresa saw arrival of Gryphon and Bat Riders, they did not panic at all and didn’t show any fear. Instead, he ordered some of the archers in the Crusaders to start shooting. They had already learnt from their past mistake and would not repeat it again. Main threat was not ground soldiers because they had a lot of ways to cope with them.

Now, when Gryphon and Bat Riders saw the Scarlet taking out bows, they immediately divided into several teams and retreated back to make some distance.

They threw bombs and then ran away.


An explosion after explosion took place, tearing many Scarlet Crusaders’ body. However, this kind of death did not have any psychological effect on other Crusaders. Instead they became even more courageous and fierce. They continued to charge forward without fear of death.

“Oh, they are really brave to continue to charge forward even in such situation.” Xiao Yu snorted and yelled: “Let Chimaera attack!”

“Chimaera? Do you have Chimaera?” At this time, Nicholas screamed.

“Hey, is there anything weird about it? Hey, today you are going to see best show.” After saying so, Xiao Yu issued several orders.

Chimera had already been on standby. Xiao Yu treated Chimaera as trump card so he was prepared to take it out in time of need so there was no need to cover it up. Not long after, a shadow flew in the sky, covering it.

When everyone saw the things in the sky, no matter which side of the soldiers, they were all completely shocked. Whole battlefield quieted down. All of them were looking up, watching Chimaera fly in the sky.

What was that?

This completely subverts their understanding, just as Xiao Yu had expected, on this continent, there were very few people who could recognise Chimaera. In their view, this kind of creature should be a huge Dragon.

Soon, Chimera flew over the top of the Scarlet Crusade and spit out a big mouthful of Breath without hesitation. Terrifying fire engulfed Scarlet Crusaders. They didn’t even have to scream before dying.

The power of Chimera’s Breath was stronger than that of the dragon. This was their most important attacking ability. When the 100 Chimera breathes together, the power was much stronger than the sixth-order magic.

As a third-level unit, if they don’t have such power then they don’t deserve their reputation.

Seeing Chimaera attacking, the other air forces immediately followed and attacked the remaining Crusaders.


Chimera’s first appearance could be described in single word — Shocking.

In fact, Chimaera was not that powerful and he also had many shortcomings. The first was that his defensive capability was not as strong as a dragon. If he was attacked by powerful magic or magical instrument, he would be easily injured or perhaps even killed. Chimaera’s flexibility was relatively poor and vulnerable to attacks.

Moreover, Chimera’s melee skills were worse than a Dragon. Their most powerful means of attack was their Breath.

But now no one on the mainland knew so many things regarding Chimaera. They didn’t fully understand the characteristics of Chimera because of that they thought Chimera was a dragon. The fear began to grip their heart. They didn’t know how to deal with Chimaera.

Although the Scarlet Crusaders  were very powerful and were not afraid of death, but not being afraid of death did not mean that they were not people. If something was alive then it definitely feel fear. Amount of fear may wary.

If a single dragon attacked, they were not really afraid. After all, the Lion King City had dragon and they have already heard of it.

However, being attacked by 100 dragons was totally different concept.

100 dragons were definitely invincible, even army of 100,000 soldiers would be wiped out in an instant.

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