World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 513

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Just as Xiao Yu imagined, Zanetti, after receiving the news, thought that Xiao Yu would definitely attack Huicheng immediately, so he immediately strengthened city’s defence and even mobilized some masters from other cities to Huicheng.

In the end, he did not expect that Xiao Yu would not attack Huicheng at all, but would attack other cities. What strategy was this?

However, no matter how weird strategy was, it was successful. Now, only Huicheng City was left.

“How could this be? How could things end up like this? All cities are taken down. Scarlet Crusade did not come to use in any way.” In the Zanetti’s mansion, Zanetti was sitting with a lost expression.

Scarlet crusader was ready to be deployed, but because Xiao Yu never attacked Huicheng City, they did not come in handy. In fact, Zanetti had arranged enough power in the cold city to be able to support at least ten hours so that he could send Scarlet Crusaders.

However, he never imagined that Xiao Yu could take down cold city within a few minutes.

Now thinking about it carefully, Zanetti had figured it all out, but everything was useless now. After all, things could not be reverted back. Xiao Yu’s strategy was really too fucking strange.

Xiao Yu blatantly led the 100,000 soldiers to attack, but instead of directly attacking, he camped outside and ate, drunk and played every day. When they let down their guard, he launched attack and caught them by surprise.

Zanetti did not expect that Xiao Yu would attack when they let down their guard. He also made arrangements to deal with such situation, but period of three months, made them all useless. The soldiers began to slack off more and more as time passed.

Psychology, Xiao Yu used the human psychology. This was a mistake that no one could avoid. Even if you knew that he might attack at any time, could you maintain that level of alert for three months straight?

“Commander, the army of the Lion King City has arrived and surrounded us!” The scouts rushed in quickly and said in a panic.

“Hey, did he really think he could trap us? He thought that our preparations were in vain? This time, I must let him pay a heavy price. You don’t need to be anxious, I will definitely let you get what you want —  The fake Uther.”

At this time, Zanetti said with a smile on his face.

In fact, Zanetti did not have any confidence in his heart at this time. Now, he finally knew the power of Xiao Yu. He also understood that the last failure was not entirely because of Robert, but also because of the military talent of Xiao Yu which was indeed outstanding.

“Oh, don’t have any slightest hope to command me. I will fight according to my own will. My Scarlet Crusades are the most powerful fighters. Only I can lead them.” said Teresa with expressionless face. There was no sense of frustration on his face about the fact that they were surrounded by enemies. Instead his face radiated fanaticism.

This was the fanaticism that religion brought to people, which could make people fearless and spare no effort. In their view, giving their lives was their greatest glory.

These kinds of persons were completely a group of madmen.

“Hey, if you really want to work with me then you have to follow my arrangements. From now on, I am Commander here, not you,” said Teresa in arrogant tone. He knew that Zanetti had no other option; he could only rely on Scarlet Crusaders now. Teresa used this chance to take Command in his hands.

“Of course there is no problem. As it turns out be, I am not a qualified commander in strategy. Otherwise, we will not be defeated by Xiao Yu. Now, you are our only saviour.” Zanetti did not forget to flatter him, making Teresa’s heart very comfortable.

“Okay, since this is the case, let’s formulate a strategy to capture Xiao Yu. Once we capture him his army will definitely collapse.” Teresa was really daring. At this time, he did not think about how to protect himself nor did he think about escaping, but thought about the way to defeat Xiao Yu.

“Do we take the initiative to attack?” Zanetti listened to the words of Teresa, and was shocked. In fact, Zanetti was a secret idiot. Is Xiao Yu so easy to capture?

Now that they had been surrounded by all sides, Xiao Yu’s army’s morale was sky high. Moreover Xiao Yu’s army’s fighting power was no laughing matter.

What’s more, he also heard that Xiao Yu who seemed to be weak was a powerful cultivator.

“Yes, since they can do it. Can we not? They will never think that we will attack now so we can certainly defeat them in one fell swoop.”

“Moreover, they have just gone through a war so their army was certainly physically and mentally exhausted. If we attack now, our chances of success will greatly improve.” said Teresa as he raised his head high.

He was very confident about being able to capture Xiao Yu.

This was the characteristic of those who have not suffered setbacks. They felt that they could do anything and underestimate the strength of their opponents.

“Yes, now is indeed a best time to attack. How do I need to cooperate with the generals?” Zanetti looked at the Teresa with a very modest look.

“I don’t expect you to make a big contribution. You just have to break out from all sides and try to escape to create a chance for Scarlet Crusaders to launch sneak attack. I will take my team to attack from one side. I have a strong scout which can find Xiao Yu under my command.” said Teresa with great confidence.

“Yes, I will immediately make preparations.”

Just like that sun went down and darkness engulfed the world.

After Xiao Yu led the army to the city, he did not attack the city immediately, because he knew that the other party was ready at this time. His army had just finished a battle and needed a break.

However, just as Xiao Yu was planning to attack, he found out that the other party actually began to counterattack. At this time, Xiao Yu and Nicholas were eating; scouting came in and reported that other side broke out.

“Are they fools? Do they think that they will catch us off guard?” When Xiao Yu heard report, he felt that Zanetti’s brain was not working properly.

Otherwise, Zanetti would never use such method to escape.

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