World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 512

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The huge trunk in the hands of the mountain giants, at this time, slammed on the wall, creating powerful shockwaves.

The soldiers were completely at a loss at this time.

The Bat Riders, Gryphon Knight and the Wyvern Dragon had already flown to the city. All kinds of attacks were launched. These soldiers were completely overwhelmed by now.

Xiao Yu originally wanted Kael’thas to sit on top of a Gryphon and bombard city with spells from above but later he found that this method could not be implemented, because Griffins could not withstand powerful magical elements of Kael’thas. They directly fell from the sky.

Therefore, Xiao Yu could only give up on his original plan.

This fierce attack completely stunned the soldiers of the Principality. The Kennedy family arranged a lot of their soldiers here, but most of the ordinary soldiers were still soldiers of the Principality. These soldiers had no intention of fighting and with such unexpected attack; they lost their remaining will to fight.

Just within three minutes, the city had already fallen.

“What happened? What happened?” Although the commander of the Cold City said that Xiao Yu might take them by surprise, but for three consecutive months, he could not be on high alert every day.

It could be done for one day, for two days, even for one month but for three consecutive months to maintain the highest alert every moment, no one could withstand it.

He was also a human, he had to rest too. He did not expect, at this time, without prior signs, Xiao Yu would launch the attack in such a short time.

Moreover, the intensity of the Xiao Yu attack was too high. At this time, the bombardment by the Bat Knights and the Gryphon Knight, the ground attack of the Mountain Giant directly caused the city wall to fall.

Once the city wall fell, Xiao Yu’s troops, pioneered by the Barrack soldiers (Soldiers from Barrack), immediately entered the city. Originally, they also made a strategy to start street fighting and delay the attack time of Xiao Yu to ask for reinforcement.

However, when the battle started, there were completely unprepared, they found that delaying the troop was impossible.

“What is that? God, how come there are so many undead here? These undead are under the command of Xiao Yu.”

“Run, the undeads are coming.”

However, when the road race was really started, or when it was completely unprepared, they found that fighting for a second was a luxury.

“What is that? God, how come out so much, is it the undead? The original undead are all made by the guy Xiao Yu.”

“Run, the undead is coming.”

The undeads that these soldiers saw was the elite troop led by Caso, all wearing armour and rushing toward the city.

As a sixth-order warrior, Caso led the army and was simply invincible. Although there are some masters in the cold city, but where is his opponent.

After 10 minutes, the cold city had completely lost, all the original defence plans had failed. Moreover the Kennedy family’s mage troops and so on had already retreated because there was no need to defend Cold City anymore.

At the beginning, if it was not a surprise attack, as long as the soldiers could hold on for a while, then with the powerful magical instruments and cooperate of magician. Xiao Yu wanted to capture Cold city, he was bound to suffer huge casualties.

Knowing that the cold city was the first place to be attacked by Xiao Yu, Zanetti deployed a large number of magic instruments and magicians here.

If these powerful magical instruments were all used properly, even mighty Mountain Giants and Dragons could be killed.

Dragons and Mountain Giants were very powerful. The common magical instrument of human beings could not penetrate the body of the Dragon and Mountain Giants. They could only be dealt by powerful once. However, most of these magical instruments were very large and difficult to carry so they were mainly used to defend the city.

Moreover, these magicians were instructed by Zanetti to carry a lot of high-end magic scrolls. If magic scrolls were used during the battle, then Xiao Yu’s casualties would have been even greater.

It’s a pity that these things were all useless now.

The dozens of magicians on the city’s wall were killed by Xiao Yu, Maiev, Grom, Illidan, etc. in an instant. In front of Maiev, their magician did not even have time to react.

Coupled with the chaos caused by the operations, the soldiers of the Cold City became confused.

When the commander of the cold city ran out of the resting room because of the commotion, he found that the soldier of Xiao Yu was about to attack his mansion. So he glanced at them and sighed. He no longer stubbornly defended himself but choose to retreat.

However, the speed of their retreat was obviously not fast enough. Xiao Yu ordered some people to clean up the remnants of the cold city.

After settling everything He split his troops into five groups and ordered to take them down in the shortest possible time, leaving only Huicheng City alone.  Five armies marched to their respective targets with full momentum.


Huicheng City was the capital of the Principality. Zanetti would definitely get city heavily fortified and would think that Xiao Yu would attack Huicheng City next. He would not send reinforcements to other cities, leaving them vulnerable.

In the end, all five armies won a total victory and did not encounter too much obstacles.

Xiao Yu was not in rush to attack Huicheng City. News of Cold cities as well as other cities defeat must have reached Zanetti through magic transmission.

Xiao Yu’s army surrounded the Huicheng City from all sides, isolating it from outside word. As the time passed weak willed soldiers began to feel fear. They were isolated and feeling helpless.

Now, there were many soldiers in Xiao Yu’s army so it was not difficult to surround a city.

In the end, the five teams of the army, all won a total victory, did not encounter too much obstacles.

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