World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 511

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“Have you ever guessed who are they? What is the purpose?” Nicholas stood up and walked back and forth in the camp and asked.

“To tell the truth, I have no idea at all. The existence of these people is likely to be older than your big family. They can be an ancient family, but we don’t know which family it is. What is their purpose? Very simple, this continent. Otherwise, what else can catch their eyes?” Unlike Nicholas, Xiao Yu did not walk back and forth, but instead comfortably sit up on the couch.

“If this is the case, they are really powerful. How can we guard against this power, they are everywhere?” Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu with a burning gaze and asked.

If Xiao Yu had any good plan, he was willing to follow it, because this power was great headache for him.

“It’s very simple, uniting all the families. All the forces will sign an agreement. As long as there is any news of this power, once confirmed, then everyone will attack together and kill them in the bud.” Xiao Yu said.

“But among us, there are many who are against each other. Moreover, maybe some of these are puppets of that mysterious power.” Nicholas immediately put forward his opinions.

Xiao Yu’s mysterious smile said: “Of course I know, but if this is the case, then we can slowly understand who is from their fractions. Then we launch a full out attack.”

“What do you mean is luring the snake out of the hole?” Nicholas brows wrinkled slightly.

“It’s almost the same thing. Just put these people together and then slowly kill them.” Xiao Yu said with a smile.

“Oh? Why do you believe that I am not the one of them?” Nicholas raised his brow and said disdainfully.

“Intuition!” Xiao Yu replied with a smile.

After that both man bid farewell. At night, Xiao Yu went to Nicholas’s tent and said: “I invite you to watch the show.”

“Watch the show? What kind of show?” Nicholas said puzzled. For Xiao Yu, he really couldn’t guess what he was going to do next.

“Oh, of course, it’s a big action movie; look at it, haha…” After that, Xiao Yu directed the following Mu Huali, Caso and others to get ready for battle in one hour.

“One hour?” Mu Huali and Caso were stunned and found it unbelievable.

“But…we…we didn’t have any preparations.” Caso was shocked. If you want to attack the city, you have to prepare one day in advance. In these three months, all the soldiers were playing football and dancing all day long. They were not prepared for fight at all.

“Yes, if we are not prepared, then they are even worse. We can certainly win the battle. Within an hour, we must complete all preparations. The lowest level soldiers must be told ten minutes before the war.” Xiao Yu said with confidence.

“Yes lord!” After the shock, Mu Huali did not say anything more and immediately departed to follow Xiao Yu’s orders.

Caso nodded and took a deep breath. He finally found the difference between himself and Xiao Yu. Finally he knew why Xiao Yu could be invincible. This kind of strategy was simply what he dared not to think about.

At the beginning, Xiao Yu knew that the Kennedy family had sent its experts here and the elite of the church would also come to help out. It was tough to win, even if they emerged victories, they would definitely suffer heavy losses.

However, after three months of delay, the situation was completely different. After three months of no war, the soldiers of Principalities must have been slacking off. At this time, attack would surely catch them off guard and would succeed in one fell sweep.

Nicholas looked at Xiao Yu with shocked expression and said after calming down. “In order to attack a Weigong, you waited for three months. After the other party began to slack off, you will attack. You are really good strategist.”

Xiao Yu laughed with a slightly smug smile.

In less than an hour, Mu Huali reported to Xiao Yu that they were ready to battle, because the ,ost of the soldiers produced by Barracks of Xiao Yu did not need any preparation at all, and could fight at any time.

Although these Barracks soldiers would behave like ordinary soldiers, they would not slack off. They were born warriors.

At this time, the sky was already dark but Xiao Yu’s camp was brightly lit, the soldiers of the Weigong Principality had long been used to it.

“Hey, are they going to play more? I am bored standing here.”

“Yeah, look at how crowded it is, those soldiers eat and drink every day. They can also play football, dance and conduct all kinds of competitions. And look at us; we have to stand here stupidly every day.”

“Yeah, it is said that they have a great reward for champions of Dance competitions.”

“Well, let’s look at what they are going to do tonight. Don’t you it is really crowded today. Look like a dance competition is going to happen.”

“Well, it’s really a lot. Who are those tall guys? Are they mountain giants? I haven’t seen them before, do they dance too?”

“Yeah, those mountain giants dance pretty well.”

“Well, look at the giant thing in their hands; it seems like a big tree.”

“Yeah, it’s a big tree. If they come to the city, they will reach the wall.”

“Yeah, and they still have thick stone skin. The general attacks can’t be penetrated at all. Only magical strong bows can hurt them.”

“Where did the lord get so many strange arms?”

“It’s said that they are all from the Angola Mountains. There are so many things in the Angola Mountains and there are many undead too.”

“Sometimes I have urge to dance with them too.”

“Hey, today they are going to dance, how come they seems to be getting closer.”

“Yeah, those tall mountain giants will take a few more steps to get to the front of our walls.”

“Yeah, if they want to go to the city with their big tree…”

At this time, two people looked at each other and yelled at the same time.

“Enemies attack!”

“Enemies attack!”

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