World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 510

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“Xiao Yu, everyone knew that first target of the church is you. You are so anxious to pull us into the troubled water, are you afraid of the church?” Nicholas did not believe Xiao Yu’s words and continued to lazily lean on the back of the chair.

“Hey, I am here for everyone’s good? It’s not just for me! Now the mainland is already thrown in chaos. The forces are all expanding without any reservations. A mysterious force has also emerged. No one knows how much powerful they are. Don’t say that you don’t know how strong they are. Anyway, I know that it is definitely the biggest threat and second was the church. The roots of the church are too deep. There are a large number of paladins under their hands. Their army is extremely crazy, this kind of madness can multiply the combat power. Third, the orcs led by Gul’dan now were counterattacking the humans. Gul’dan, as a hero of the ancient times, must not be underestimated. These forces have absolutely no way to coexist peacefully with each other, just like the theory of eating and being eaten that you just said. Although we will certainly eat each other in the future, but before that, there is room for cooperation, but do you dare to cooperate with them? If you cooperate with one of them, I guarantee that your final end is extremely miserable.” Xiao Yu told his analyses of all forces on the mainland slowly.

Nicholas listened to Xiao Yu’s analysis and did not speak. What Xiao Yu said, he naturally knew. What Xiao Yu said was also reasonable.

However, he and Xiao Yu were in different positions. In his position, in addition to these three forces, Xiao Yu was also no way inferior to these people.

In his eyes, Xiao Yu was the real most terrible opponent. Because of that legend, the ancient characters would return and the greatest king of the mainland would lead all races and unify the mainland.

Now, those ancient heroes and armies of all races were under Xiao Yu’s control, that was to say, Xiao Yu was likely to be that legendary person.

Therefore, Nicholas was very jealous of Xiao Yu. A long time ago, Nicholas began to keep an eye on Xiao Yu, and observed for a long time, and finally found that Xiao Yu’s strength was growing.

Moreover, the speed of Xiao Yu’s strength growth was too horrible. Now, even if he knew, it was extremely difficult to find a way to kill Xiao Yu in one fell swoop.

If he couldn’t kill Xiao Yu, then in the future, it was likely that he would prove a great threat. At the beginning, he wanted to take advantage as fish in troubled water when Xiao Yu and the Kennedy family were fighting. However, in the end, he found that Xiao Yu’s strength was already strong enough to defeat Kennedy family.

If you want to defeat your enemy, then you should approach him and understand him before you can truly become a winner.

However, Nicholas approached Xiao Yu for such a long time, and finally concluded that Xiao Yu’s thought process did not follow ordinary people’s train of thought. To put it bluntly, you can’t treat this buddy as an ordinary person, and then be straightforward. If anyone sees Xiao Yu as an ordinary person, then he will definitely without knowing how he died.

Because Xiao Yu was not ordinary human at all, he did not know what (plan) is in the head of Xiao Yu’s head. On the surface, he seemed to be a rogue, but no matter what happened, it could be solved satisfactorily by him.

Such people were really terrible.

Nicholas also tried to win over those heroes under Xiao Yu, but after trying to talk to Xiao Yu’s heroes and soldiers several times, he gave up.

Because he saw in these people’s eyes, their loyalty to Xiao Yu was completely absolute and more terrible than the fanatical loyalty of the church.

It seemed that it was completely impossible to snatch them over.

What was the reason for this? Was this because they were all summoned by Xiao Yu?

Knowing that he couldn’t buy these heroes, Nicholas could only use other method. That method was to continue to approach Xiao Yu, continue to understand these heroes, first understand them and then find ways to kill them.

As long as these heroes were killed, then the so-called rumours would not exist. By then, he could become the king on this continent.

“What plans do you have for the church?” Many thoughts passed through Nicholas’s mind, but on the surface, he looked calm.

He was planning to destroy Xiao Yu as well as the church. This was a kind of game, a game which was extremely important.

If the game went fine, he could use his enemy to kill his other enemy. He would get the best results you wanted without paying much.

This was what Nicholas really cares about.

“No plan.” Xiao Yu said quite frankly.

“No plan, then why have you said so much to me?” Nicholas had become accustomed to this style of speech by Xiao Yu. Sometimes, Xiao Yu said that there was no plan, maybe there was really no plan, but maybe he was cooking something big.

“I was just discussing with you, nothing more than that. We should really pay attention to that mysterious force. They haven’t made any move on the surface. In fact, their moves are very big. We are completely unaware of how strong they are. If we didn’t make any proper plan, we all might got annihilated.”

“Oh, even if they are strong, it is impossible to destroy so many forces at once.” Nicholas said faintly.

He was also thinking, but he couldn’t think of anything. What kind of power could control so many forces?

“Don’t be so confident, there are too many places infiltrated by this fraction, even including your own family. It is very likely that there are many people mixed in your family. I have deeply felt their strength. It can be said that even I and my heroes cannot deal with them.” Xiao Yu looked at the bustling army outside the camp and said faintly.

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