World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 508

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Soon there was a huge notice on the tall wall of the Lion King City — Dear Nicholas, I will soon go to a ruin to explore in the future. There are countless treasures, so If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

This notice made everyone in the Lion City feel puzzled. Those who passed through the Lion City were laughing one after another.

However, some sharp minded persons who realized Xiao Yu’s intention to do so could not help but admire Xiao Yu’s wits.

Now, because of the opening of the Angola Mountains, there were many people who come here to explore. Even if it was not for adventure, take a look at the elves here or the orcs, people came to sightsee.

Xiao Yu also specially engaged a group of painters to come over and let them made portraits of orcs with tourists. This made the Lion King City very popular now.

Xiao Yu was trying to make Lion King City’s name well known. After all, the Lion King City was located in too remote place because only when it made its name could it attract more talents.

Now the Lion King was also the only way to Yunmeng. Xiao Yu also deliberately developed business channels and encourages businessmen to pass through here. Naturally, He collected taxes.

Therefore, the lion collar, which was previously desolate, is now a very lively place. More than a hundred times more traffic than before.

Some of the people who had been recruited by Xiao Yu’s good policies had taken root here, making city very independent.

Xiao Yu had established some small towns to let people live in them, not to station troops. Gradually they become more and more in number.

Seeing that Xiao Yu was going to make move, many adventurers ran over and wanted to join as a mercenary to earn some money. Xiao Yu also approved it and implemented a set of codes of conduct for mercenaries and then these people were handed over to Caso for management.

Caso was originally a mercenary so it was very easy for him to manage them. There were naturally some secret agents and scouts in the group, but Xiao Yu didn’t care. One or two scouts had little influence on Xiao Yu.

Therefore, when all the preparations were almost over, Xiao Yu led his mighty army and blatantly proceed to the Weigong.


At this time, in Weigong.

“Reporting to marshal, the Lion King Army had set out, wanting attack the Weigong. Army consists of at least 100,000 soldiers.” The scouts came to report.

“Well, how many groups do they have?” Zanetti looked unchanged and asked faintly.

“Single!” The scout replied.

“What? Just Single?” When Zanetti heard that, his eyebrows frowned suddenly. Territory of the Weigong was very large. There were many places ranging from less important to more important. Some were highly protected while others were not. If a duchy attacks such a large principality, their army must be divided into several groups to attack several key points, but Xiao Yu was leading his army of 100,000.

“Yes, their army had no meaning to separate. The place they reach should be the cold city.” The scout said again.

“This Xiao Yu doesn’t know the art of war at all. Is there such a strategy in the war? Isn’t he afraid that we will pincer him from other directions? There is no countermeasure at all, so it is easy to be attacked from behind and side.” Zanetti brows wrinkled, frowning over Xiao Yu’s strange strategy.

“This Xiao Yu wins with strange soldiers every time. Maybe there are some other tricks this time. We must be careful.” Zanetti raised his eyebrows.

He believed that Xiao Yu was insulting the glory of the Scarlet Crusade. Therefore, he took the initiative to ask for permission to catch Xiao Yu and then personally send him to the stake.

Chris Mo had a high weight in the church. Of course, the church would not say that Chris Mo had rebelled, but that he was killed by Xiao Yu with tricks and Alonso was accomplice.

So now the whole church hated Alonso and Xiao Yu.

“Hey, I want to see what tricks he wants to play. Tell the defenders of the cold city that I will send soldiers to attack from the flank. As long as they can hold on for one day, Xiao Yu will definitely fail.” Zanetti passed down the order.

“Yes.” And scouts departed quickly.

At this time, Xiao Yu’s army was marching and singing. Xiao Yu adapted the “Self-Improvement” song as a military song, let everyone sing it loudly to boost morale.

The “Self-improvement” was originally an ancient song. It was a kind of song that was very suitable for improving morale. So it was very suitable for current situation.

The morale was the most important thing for any army. Xiao Yu attached great importance to this aspect and tries his best to improve morale. Singing was undoubtedly a very good way to improve morale.

After two days of marching, they finally reached the bottom of the cold city. They watched the cold city that had been reinforced by Zanetti. Xiao Yu did not order to attack immediately, but let the troops rest in place, and then eat and drink for a while.

Everyone was extremely surprised. Why didn’t you attack? However, as everyone knew, Xiao Yu was someone who had never lost. In doing so, he must some intentions.

At this time, the Zanetti who was expecting Xiao Yu’s attack, seeing Xiao Yu not attacking, could not help but frown. He could not fathom what Xiao Yu was thinking.

However, he did not dare to neglect Xiao Yu, so he kept everyone at high degree of alert. Even he himself did not dare to go back to his house to sleep. He was feeling sleepy for a while.

“What is this Xiao Yu doing? Is it because he wants to lead us out?” Zanetti was going crazy. If it was for just first few days, it would still be okay but it had been more than one month. Xiao Yu was playing chess there comfortably, enjoying dance, having no intension to attack the city at all. let him feel that his nerves are about to collapse.

After another half a month, Zanetti couldn’t help it. The other 100,000 troops were still stationed outside and not attacking. This was definitely tormenting.

“No, I can find a way to get them out.” Zanetti’s eyes flashed a glimpse.

So Zanetti wrote a challenge letter that was written in extremely arrogant tone and with intension to insult and sent it to Xiao Yu. This letter was honed by Zanetti’s advisers. If an average person read this letter, he would surely flare up and become violent.

However, after Xiao Yu read it, he just wrote a reply letter. This letter had only three words: F*ck your mother!

Zanetti looked at the four words and spit it out with a sigh of blood.

Therefore, in the future, no matter how Zanetti tried to provoke him, Xiao Yu only sent a letter with three words:  F*ck your mother!

Moreover, Xiao Yu also made his 100,000 soldiers shout in unison: F*ck your mother! It sent chill down bystander’s spine. How could a person be so evil?

So, since then, Zanetti no longer attempted to provoke Xiao Yu, he finally recognized the fact that he was no match for Xiao Yu in this regard.

However, Zanetti did not dare to relax his alert. He believed that Xiao Yu was scheming and planning to launch sneak attack, so he always kept the soldiers in high alert and did not let them slack off.

After another half a month, the commander of the church was unable to sit still. The he said in cold voice said: “I really don’t know what you are afraid of? Are we really afraid of them? I am going to take people. The attack can definitely give him a fatal blow.”

“I can understand your mood, but I have to remind you that previously we attacked Xiao Yu along with Alonso and the Master Modric, our strength at that time was stronger than now, but we still lost. Do you think that with these people you can kill Xiao Yu?” Zanetti was also very angry recently so can’t help but be rude.

“What should we do? Do we have to wait?” Commander snorted and actually knew that this was the truth. If Xiao Yu was not good, he would not be here now.

As time passed, Xiao Yu along with his soldiers began to different games; there were many times they ran out of the camp to play, because the space in the camp was not big enough.

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