World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 507

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In the past few days, Xiao Yu began to slowly settle the matters concerning the defence of the City. Although the Weigong Principality still had the Kennedy family stationed, the current Lion king city’s strength was completely on different level from the previous one. There was no problem with the defending.

Now, the entire territory was filled with high morale. For the coming war, everyone was gearing up and ready to show their talents.

Xiao Yu’s policy of encouraging military made everyone want to fight against the enemy. So that case, they could get some profits.

Scarlett and Michele had been arranged by Xiao Yu. They were ready to wait until the defeat of Weigong Principality. After that, Scarlett could proceed to open chamber of commerce with Mr Xia Shan to trade between Yunmeng and Tiens Dynasty to make money.

Scarlett and Michelle were very well-behaved, and Xiao Yu’s sisters-in-law were very fond of them. However, Xiao Yu’s eldest sisters-in-law called Xiao Yu; she said as she glared at him, “Hey, I don’t have any opinions on them, but you can’t have more than this. Moreover, you can’t treat them badly.”

“This… this… haha, rest assured, I will not treat them badly.” replied Xiao Yu with even thinking. As such whole matter was finished.

The entire territory began to mobilize, and all the soldiers were sharpening their swords and ready to attack.

A big battle was about to commence here, the Kennedy family might not know that Xiao Yu was not afraid of them. In the face of absolute strength, all strategies were in vain.

Now, Xiao Yu had confidence to beat the other party directly.

100 Double-Headed Chimaera had already been summoned, but Xiao Yu did not let them show up, this was what Xiao Yu always liked, to held some trump card behind.

Even if the Kennedy family knew that they were about to attack, but when so many Chimaera would appear, it would certainly make them fall in chaos, this morale would decrease.

Chimaera had not appeared on this continent for a long time. Everyone remembered the dragon, but about the creatures like Double-headed Chimera, very few people really knew about them.

Once they appeared on the battlefield, they were easy to be confused as a dragon. 100 of them were enough to destroy a city.

In addition to the 100 Chimaera, Xiao Yu distributed the remaining 4000 units, adding 500 Headhunters, 500 Soul walkers, 500 wyverns, 500 elves archers, 500 Grunts, 500 Elf hunters, 1000 Riding Wolfs.

In the past, units Xiao could summon were very limited so he could summon only more practical once. He could summon very limited amount of powerful creatures which rendered them useless.

This was the case with Headhunters, Soul walkers, and Wyverns. At that time, Xiao Yu considered that Headhunter’s spear throwing was not as good as the archery of the Elf archers so he chose the Elf archer, so he had not summoned the Headhunters last time. But now, he was ready to make use of Headhunters.

He believed that there were no useless arms in the base.

After summoning, these Headhunters did not let Xiao Yu disappoint. The spears thrown by these Headhunters were deadly, especially within a distance of 30 meters, it could almost pierce through everyone.

The Soul walker had unique ability to connect several units in series through a soul chain to share the damage.

In this case, once a soldier was seriously injured on the battlefield, he could be saved through the soul link because damage would distributed among the other soldiers. In the large-scale battle, this method could reduce the chance of the soldier being seriously injured.

Among the Orcish branch, there was a powerful beast, the Grunt. If they were positioned correctly, the vitality of orc infantry would increase several times immediately.

This was also the reason that Xiao Yu had made 500 Grunts. The Grunts seemed to be only an auxiliary unit, mainly used to increase the momentum of the Orc troops. But in fact, Grunts could be a fatal weapon of war.

The Wyvern was an Air unit, similar to the Hippogryph Knight, but the Hippogryph was better at tracking, detecting and moving freely, while the knights on the Wyvern could throw spears, seriously inflict damage on enemies below. Wyvern had good melee abilities. They could also grab some soldiers and then throw them from above.

Letting them cooperate with the bombing squad was very effective.

After three days, when Xiao Yu was basically ready to attack, Mu Huali sent him a message. Now the Crusaders of the church were occupying more and more places. Their forces were developing extremely fast, and recently they secretly sent a lot of Scarlet Crusaders to Weigong Kingdom to enhance the strength of the Kennedy family and to curb the expansion of Xiao Yu’s strength.

Now, the church forces had not yet come here. Since there were several forces in the middle, they could only slowly transport some troops.

“Has church’s strength reached the point where no one can stop it?” Xiao Yu brows furrowed.

“The church’s power is getting bigger and bigger, and naturally it has also caused resistance from some forces. However, these forces are not united and no one will ever touch the nail first, so the church is getting more and more lawless,” Mu Huali said worriedly.

He knew that the ultimate goal of the church must be the lion king city, because Uther was here, and if they did not eradicate Uther, pope would not be able to sit still.

The greater the strength of the church, the more dangerous it was for Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “I don’t have to personally deal with the church. The church is not only a threat to us, but also to other forces. Now, they are completely a group of madmen. If they are let free, it’s no good for anyone. Moreover, Gul’dan is now starting to make waves, and the situation is complicated. If they are still guarding each other, then everyone will be finished.”

“What are you going to do?” Mu Huali was now very convinced of Xiao Yu’s abilities. Xiao Yu seemed to have solution of every question.

“What should I do? Hey, let’s start with Nicolas. That guy’s ambitions are big and his abilities are strong. He will be convinced first.” Xiao Yu smiled and said.

“Nicholas? That person is very smart and his family strength is too strong, we must be wary of him.” Mu Huali cautioned.

“Haha, I am not afraid, I like to cooperate with savvy people. What I feared is also feared by savvy people haha…” Xiao Yu said with a laugh.

“Well, where do we find him?” Mu Huali had long been used to Xiao Yu’s character. Sometimes, Xiao Yu’s way of doing things was really impossible for people to think of.

Xiao Yu mysteriously smile and said: “Why are we going to find him? Just put a notice on Lion King City’s Bulletin, saying that there is a big treasure waiting to be explored. He will come to us in person soon. ”

“Will that work?” Mu Huali’s eyes widened. Xiao Yu did not work according to common sense.

“Of course, it will work.” Xiao Yu smiled, not saying anything else.

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  1. Okay, this is getting confusing with all your changes… The standard orc infantry was called Grunts. Now you have another unit called Grunts. So which is which? Also, the proper unit name for Riding wolves is Raiders. As for the soul walker, it’s aminor thing but the correct designation is Spirit Walker.
    In fact just check here next time:

    1. Thanks for informing i will check it out next time. Bro even i am confused regarding these names. I have started to translate it in the middle so i don’t have extensive info about previously used names. I also read the novel form beginning but i cant remember all of them.

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