World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 504

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The meeting went on for a long time but Xiao Yu understood the recent changes in the territory because of it. Basically, the news reported at the meeting were all good ones. The population of the territory had increased. The grain harvest of the territory was superb and the military strength had increased and so on. The only bad news was that the activities of the undeads in the Angola Mountains had become more frequent recently. Many villages had been attacked. The Lion King was spared because of the so-called talisman of Xiao Yu.

Many people are worried about this because it might also threaten the safety of the Lion King City. Mu Huali also sent people to find the reason several times, but all end up with no result.

About this, only Xiao Yu knew the reason. It seemed that under the leadership of Arthas, the undead army had developed well.

When he had time, Xiao Yu really wanted to see how the current undead troops were. Since the summoning of Arthas, Xiao Yu had not put much effort into undead army.

After all, secret about undead must not be revealed so Xiao Yu was very cautious every time he used them.

Now that Xiao Yu’s rank had once again upgraded, he could summon more than 5,000 soldiers and he could also upgrade a base to level 3 and summon a real level 3 unit.

After pondering for some time, Xiao Yu chose elves’ base to rise to level 3. Because of the double-headed Chimera, Xiao Yu was very much looking forward to it.

Although the various tanks and mortars were also useful for Xiao Yu, in this era, the Air Force still held great advantages.

Especially the two-headed Chimera looks very much like a dragon, and it’s shocking skills were enough to send chill to everyone’s spine.

Xiao Yu spared some time and ran to the Elf base to upgrade it. It took a long time for upgrade to finish. After finishing the Xiao Yu returned back.

In the evening, Xiao Yu held a grand dinner not only to celebrate the victory of his adventure, but also to celebrate the lion king city’s feet of achieving such great achievements.

After the banquet, Xiao Yu took Theodor to the back of an independent house, where Lin Bixue now lived.

After attending the party for a while, Aegwynn went back. The old antique Aegwynn obviously did not like this kind of banquet very much.

The mood of Theodore was very nervous.

“Wife, husband is coming.” Xiao Yu entered the door and shouted loudly.


A magic wave hit, causing Xiao Yu to be sent flying and hit the wall heavily.

“What the hell, you are Aegwynn. Does it feel good to bully a junior? Really, are you not the guardian of the continent? You have the ability to kill Gul’dan. Now Gul’dan has begun to mess up with entire continent, why don’t you kill him?” Xiao Yu could not help but resort save some face.

Aegwynn said softly: “This era is not mine. Naturally, someone will guard this continent. Some people will kill Gul’dan. I don’t need to worry.”

“Cut the crap, I think you just can’t beat him. I am going to find someone to kill him.” Xiao Yu said as he walked into the house with Theodore.

“Hey?” When Aegwynn saw Theodore coming in, Aegwynn was somewhat surprised because she could feel the power of Theodore at one glance.

Not only mana in Theodore’s body was immense, but also because Theodore’s subtle control over his magic mana.

This was the hallmark of a true master.

“You are a sixth-order magician?” Aegwynn’s pupil narrowed. When faced with other people like Xiao Yu, she always act indifferent, but in the face of Theodore, her face obviously wore solemn look.

Because she knew that Theodore could pose a threat to her.

“Yes, I am Theodore, nice to see the Archmage Aegwynn.” Theodore took off his hat and said very humbly.

Seeing that Theodore was so humble and sincere, Aegwynn nodded and said, “You know that I am Aegwynn. It seems that there are indeed some legends about me on this continent.”

Theodore quickly said: “Of course, once the greatest magician on the mainland, how could your legend not be transmitted.”

Aegwynn nodded but didn’t say anything; she turned her face to Xiao Yu and said: “I want to talk to him about something, you go out.”

“Why so secretive? Do I really have to go out? You know, it’s my city.” Xiao Yu argued back. After all she wanted hear dialogue between Theodore and Aegwynn.

“You are someone who doesn’t even know about magic runes. What can you understand? You will only bother us so go out.” Aegwynn said with solemn face.

“Forget it, you two old fogey talk yourself.” Xiao Yu snorted before turning back and leaving.

If he did not leave, probably Aegwynn would throw him out.

However, Xiao Yu did not go far, but sat down in a living room not far away, waiting for the old man Theodore to come out. After all, he was very concerned about Lin Bixue (real one), so he had to have to conversation with Theodore.

As a result, Xiao Yu went so far as to wait until dawn, but Theodore had not yet come out. Xiao Yu tried to go sneak inside which resulted in being thrown out by Aegwynn.

“F#ck, what these two are talking about?” Xiao Yu could not help it anymore. He went to the base to see if the elf base had upgraded.

When Xiao Yu came to the base, he found that it was just about to upgrade. He just needed to wait a little longer.

Xiao Yu was bored so he decided to take a stroll. He found that the elves that had been brought out from the Angola Mountains had completely settled down and built many house and their number was still increasing.

Just as Xiao Yu admired the elegant and peaceful life of these elves, a soft ding was heard signalling that the base of the elves had been upgraded.

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