World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 503

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“It’s really you.” When Xiao Yu saw Theodore, he was very happy deep down in his heart. This master, after all, had helped him a lot.

“Oh, of course it is me. Besides me, who else is thinking about you? I recently looked at the astrology and figured out that there is something wrong about my little apprentice but even I could not see through it properly. “Theodore smiled and walked two steps forward as he said.

“About that… It’s a long story. It’s hard to say in short time…” Xiao Yu replied with a sigh. He didn’t have any good ideas to cure Lin Bixue’s condition so it’s better to ask for Theodore’s help. Now Lin Bixue’s body was occupied by Aegwynn. Although Aegwynn did not seem to have malicious intention right now, he still had to guard against her. If he could get Lin Bixue back to normal earlier, it would be better.

Just when Xiao Yu was about to pull Theodore into the room to talk, Higgins rushed in and yelled at Theodore: “Theodore, I have no time to accompany you. There are a lot of good materials here; I can do my experiments this time.”

“Well, you should continue your research but don’t forget to show me some good results.” Just as Higgins was to depart, Xiao Yu said to Higgins while waving his hand.

“Hey, do you really think that this old man is not working? Also, my manpower is not enough now so quickly get me a group of apprentices.” Higgins looks like a straightforward, with Xiao Yu VIP.

“No problem, I will go to give you a batch of goblin in a few days.” Goblins were very qualified mechanic. Moreover, it did not cost much to appoint them.

“Not those goblins, they are good mechanics, but they are not magicians. Many of my experiments require experienced magic apprentices,” Higgins emphasized.

“Don’t worry; you can rest assured that you will definitely get a batch of them in a few days.” Xiao Yu agreed without hesitation. After that Higgins left the scene, leaving Xiao Yu Theodore alone.

For Xiao Yu looking for a group of magic apprentices was not too difficult. Xiao Yu had various methods to get them. It was easy to get a batch.

“Oh, how are you going to find magic apprentices?” Theodore said with smiled.

“It’s not easy. I will post an announcement on the magic Institute in your name. I am sure a lot of magic apprentices will come rushing over.” Xiao Yu said casually.

“Rely, you damn kid, you are using my name to swindle people?” Theodore was so angry that his beard flew up.

“Don’t you use your name? It’s not like I will ruin you reputation. What are you afraid of? When they come here, just give them some benefits, so that they can’t bear to leave. It’s that simple. In my current situation, as long as group of magic apprentices remained here, I will make want to stay here forever.” Xiao Yu said very confidently.

Indeed, now Xiao Yu had capital to say this. At first, he would slowly kill their will to leave through various incentives, and then slowly brainwash them over time to make them loyal to Lion King City.

“What proof do you have say that I am recruiting them?” Theodore’s eyes turned into as he asked that question.

“Hey, I don’t have any proof. That’s why I need your few signatures.” Xiao Yu said with laugh.

“No way!” Theodore refused directly. He didn’t want his reputation to be ruined by Xiao Yu.

“Cough, Master Theodore, you have been staying at the peak of the sixth stage for so many years. If I say that there is a way to make you reach the seventh-order, would you like to cooperate?” as Xiao Yu proposed that offer a cunning light flashed in his eyes.

“What do you say? Let me reach seventh order? Are you telling the truth?” Theodare’s tone was visible trembling when he asked those questions.

Seventh order, how many magicians dreamed of reaching it? How long had it been since last seventh-order magician appeared on this continent?

“Oh, of course, it is true; you only need to sign a few documents.” Xiao Yu continued to tempt Theodore.

“Hey, do you think that I who has lived for so many years? Will it be fooled by your nonsense?” Theodore soon calmed down. How could such method exits? Even he couldn’t touch the threshold of the seventh order then how could Xiao have such method?

Although he admits that Xiao Yu is indeed strange and has many incredible things, but in the field of magic, he believes that he is still authoritative.

“You still don’t believe me. When I went out to adventure this time, do you know what good things I have got?” Xiao Yu pretended to be unaffected. “I went to the dark temple. You have to know that I am quite familiar with the Dark Temple. Moreover, I also met directly with Gul’dan. Although I couldn’t kill him in the end, I also fought with him for a long time. And most importantly, I also met another person, a real big magician, the Archmagician.”

“Who did you meet?” Theodore’s hands were slightly trembling. He did some divination but for some reason, it didn’t prove fruitful.

“If you want to know, sign it.” After speaking, Xiao Yu took out some documents and gave them to Theodore for signing.

“Bastard boy, if what you said proved wrong, I will directly blow up your lion king city.” Theodore squinted at Xiao Yu and directly threatened them.

“Do not worry, I dare to lie to anyone but I dare not to lie to you.” Xiao Yu said with a smile.

“Well, in fact, this thing has a lot to do with your apprentice, my future wife Lin Bixue.” Xiao Yu said with helpless expressions on his face.

“What the hell is it? How is it related to Lin Bixue?” Theodore frowned.

“Oh, don’t mention it, it’s a bad luck. We went to the dark temple to find Gul’dan’s skull, but there we accidentally found another altar. This altar…” Xiao Yu gave detailed information about everything.

When Xiao Yu mentioned Aegwynn, Theodore grabbed Xiao Yu’s hand.

“What do you say? Aegwynn? The mother of the great magician Medivh, the guardian of the mainland, Aegwynn?” Theodore’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, you must know that Aegwynn is an old guy who has lived for thousands of years. Her understanding of magic is very powerful. If you communicated with her, it will be greatly beneficial for you. How? I did not lie to you, right?” said Xiao Yu with calm look.

“Take me to see Master Aegwynn, oh no, I have to take bath first.” Theodore was excited like a child who was going to candy shop. Stars were shining in his eyes.

“Well, you should wash your hair first. Don’t worry, wait until the evening, I will arrange private meeting for you with Aegwynn. When talking, be sure to keep a high profile, after all, she is in your disciple’s body. I still have a lot of things to deal with. I will make move first.”

In fact, Xiao Yu actually hoped that Theodore could reach the seventh order. After all, Theodore had a very good relationship with him. Moreover, the moral character of this old man was very good. If he reached the seventh order, it was good for the whole continent.

Xiao Yu returned to the administrative hall. After a series of various greetings, Xiao Yu called some of the main leaders of the territory and asked details about a series of recent events.

During the meeting, Xiao Yu discovered that a conference room had been set up in the castle. It was very large and luxurious, and it could accommodate forty to fifty people.

So, during the meeting, Xiao Yu gradually understood the changes that took place during his absence. At the same time, he began to discuss future plans with everyone.

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