World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 502

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“I have finally come back.” Xiao Yu looked at the sentry tower of the Lion King City set up by the Orc infantry not far away ​​ and said with a laugh.

After such a long period of adventure, he had finally returned to his own territory. It really felt good. Moreover, this time, he had returned to his territory with countless treasures.

The Hippogryph Knight had already notified Xiao Hong, Mu Huali, Long Hui and others who stayed in the territory. Therefore, they had led the large forces to welcome Xiao Yu.

“Young Master.” Xiao Hong first came up and inspected Xiao. Watching Xiao Yu return safely, his hands trembled and his eyes became wet.

“Oh, Uncle, what are you doing? Have I not come back safely? Don’t worry anymore!” Xiao Yu knew that Xiao Hong was too concerned about him.

Xiao Hong had guarded (served) Xiao family for so years. Now, Xiao family had left a single heir, how could he not worry?

“Yeah, come back, just come back.” Xiao Hong wiped his tears and a smile flashed on his old face.

“Well, let’s go back and talk slowly.” Xiao Yu knows that it is not a place to talk here. After going back, he could slowly understand the situation of the Lion King City.

As Xiao Yu proceeded inside city, he looked at the disciplined and neat soldiers and nodded in his secretly. Soldiers’ behaviour indicates the cities environment. After all if soldiers acted as ruffians, citizen would not live peacefully.

Saar and other heroes who did not go with him also came to welcome him, but they did not say much.

Xiao Yu’s several sisters-in-law also came and complained to Xiao Yu, saying that he had not sent any news back.

Scarlett, Michele, Mr Xia Shan, and others, saw the peaceful but prosperous lion king city filled with all type of races, patrolling armed and disciplined soldiers which also consist of different races.

What kind of place was this? It seemed that they were in the legendary fairyland. How did Xiao have so many races? This kind of prosperity could only be found in ancient times.

Scarlett and Michele couldn’t help but feel amazed. They felt that they didn’t follow the wrong person.

Although Xiao Yu knew that he shouldn’t ask too many things here, he should look for another opportunity to ask. However, he still couldn’t help but ask Mu Huali a question: “How is Qin Che now?”

When Mu Huali heard this, his face immediately showed a rare smile, and his eyes flashed with excitement. He said: “My lord, you will not believe it; Qin Che is a great child. He took the army to Yunmeng and reversed the entire situation. I am afraid that it will not take Qin Che long time to become the emperor of Yunmeng.”

“What? He single-handedly reversed the situation in Yunmeng?” Xiao Yu was a bit stunned. Although he had high expectations for Qin Che, he did not think that Qin Che could achieve so much in such short time.

“Yeah, now his name has become legendary in entire Cloadmist. He is regarded as god of war. Since entering Yunmeng, he won every battle, not failed even once. The wolf cavalry led by him has become Yunmeng’s citizen’s object of worship.”

Xiao Yu nodded while listening. It seems that his road to hegemony is much smoother.

Entering the Lion King City, Mu Huali suddenly whispered in Xiao Yu’s ear: “The Lord, there is an important news which I forget to tell you. Recently, One of Higgins’s friend has moved to Lion King City. It is said that his name is Theodore.”

“What?” Hearing the name, Xiao Yu almost jumped in surprise. That old man Theodore actually ran over here, how unexpected.

Xiao Yu naturally knew the power of that fogy Theodore so how could he neglect that fogy. He didn’t even go to the Executive Office but directly went to see the old man Theodore. Not only Xiao Yu, but even the king of a duchy, had pay visit to Theodore.

Xiao Yu took Ceria and went to the institute where Higgins was. In order to facilitate Higgins’ research, Xiao Yu specially made a research institute for him so that he could not be disturbed by anyone.

As a result, just as he entered the Institute, he heard Higgins complaining loudly: “What? Does not have Dragon Bone? What about glistening Gem? What about the tungsten sand? What the damn Xiao Yu is doing? Does he not said to satisfy my all needs? Now that there is nothing, how can proceed in my research?”

“This old man is still short-tempered.” Xiao Yu thought to himself.

“Who said no? I am afraid that you can’t use all the treasures I brought.” Xiao Yu responded in loud voice.


A figure instantly appeared in front of Xiao Yu’s face. Naturally, it was the old man Higgins. At this time, he was covered with dust, his hair was messy, his fingers were black, and his robe didn’t was crumbled. This man looked like a beggar on the street.

However, his eyes contained gleaming light that made people almost scared. He said loudly: “Boy you finally fucking came back. You said that you want to bring back the countless materials? Have you brought them? Don’t try to fool me.”

Xiao Yu sneered with arrogant look as he said: “Look yourself!”

After saying so, Xiao Yu threw all the materials out of the space ring, piling them into the yard.

“Ah…this…what is this? Is it the body of the sixth-order monster? Oh, there are even several of them. What is this monster? So powerful? And these, is it… Is it the essence of heaven? Arcane Crystal, Arcane Dust, so many materials…”‘

When Higgins saw these things, his excited hands trembled. His two eyes were fixed at the hills. He no longer looked at Xiao Yu.

“This is only one-tenth but it can make you happy like this.” Xiao Yu said with disdain.

“What? One-tenth? How many good things you have got this time? Quickly hand them over to me.” Higgins grabbed Xiao Yu’s shoulder and said in threatening matter.

“They are carriage outside, take it yourself.” Xiao Yu quickly said.

When Xiao Yu finished speaking, Higgins disappeared with a scream.

“Old man, how are you?” Xiao Yu touched his nose and asked.

“Oh, are you talking about me?” At this time, a familiar voice came out of the house. Then, a figure appeared in front of Xiao Yu like it was always standing there.

This person was non other than sixth-order great magician, Theodore.

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