World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 501

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Just as Sieck died pressure on Mordel increased. Mordel didn’t hesitate anymore and took out an teleportation scroll. He immediately used and ran away.

“Day, turned out to be a reel, this guy actually has this kind of storage.” Xiao Yu suddenly snorted.

At this point, Xiao Yu looked around and found that the entire Meg City was in the midst of a sea of ​​fire. Soon after, other people came over. They had already completed the task of Xiao Yu. At this time, entire city was in Xiao Yu’s control.

“Master, what should we do next?” Grom asked.

“Do you have to ask? Of course, plunder all the valuable things. Leave this matter to Scarlett and Mr Xia Shan and others. They are better than us in this respect.” Xiao Yu said directly.

Mr Xia Shan had already been rescued. He had swore loyalty to him.

The people of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce who once betrayed Scarlett were all arrested by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu left this matter to Scarlett. After all, this was internal matter of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce; he would not interfere with it.

By now, Xiao Yu was very tired. He laughed a few times and went to the mansion once gifted by Miranda to sleep.

Night passed by and day came.

Xiao Yu woke up early in the morning and took a fulfilling bath. After dressing up he came out.

“Reporting to the master, those soldiers outside the city are back. They are ready to attack the city.” At this time, Alonso ran over and said.

Now, Alonso was also the manager of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu waved his hand and said: “You and Caso will deal with them.”

Alonso said: “Yes!”

After that, Alonso turned around and left.

Xiao Yu did not have to worry about it, because he knew that both Alonso and Caso were be able to handle it. Defending a city was easier then conquering one.

There were so many guarding devices on the top of the walls of the city. Although there were few people, they were sure to be able to hold them.

When the order arrived to Caso, Caso nodded firmly and said nothing. Xiao Yu was trusting him. He only needs not to disappoint Xiao Yu.

He had been a mercenary for many years. He had fought everywhere. It could be said that he was very experienced and the average person was not his opponent. As long as disparity in strength was not too big, he had enough confidence to win.

Looking at the troops outside the city who were now crazily trying to break into the city, Caso sneered aloud and said: “First team has to defend; the second team has to supervise these Lance soldiers operating Magic Equipments.”

Caso’s soldiers were not too high in numbers. There were many Magic equipments on the city walls. They couldn’t operate them all. Although they were all powerful in one on one combat, they had not received specialised training for operating them.

Therefore, Caso directly escorted the soldiers who were captured last night and took off their armour and weapons. He forced them to control the Magic Equipment.

This method was very effective. This completely compensated for the inadequacy of their numbers. The soldiers who were attack the city suffered heavy casualties.

Xiao Yu was enjoying wine leisurely in the City hall. Suddenly Scarlett came running and threw herself in his arms and burst into tears.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Seeing Scarlett crying Xiao Yu immediately became nervous. “Who bullied my Scarlett? Say it; I will cut him into pieces.” ”

Scarlett cried in Xiao Yu’s arms for a long time before replying: “No, no one bullied me; I just punished all those scums so I felt good. Thank you. If you have not come, I would not be able to take revenge. My whole family will suffer endless difficulties and abuse.”

Xiao Yu suddenly smiled and said: “So it turned out to be this. Okay, it’s good to punish the enemies. Once everything goes well, we will return to the Lion King tomorrow, and the Lion King will be your new one home.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes were shining. This trip was full of rewards. The harvest was too rich. Not only did he harvest a lot of treasures, but also get two beautiful wives like Scarlett and Michele.

So, under the command of Xiao Yu, everyone constantly searched and plundered everything valuable. They almost filled all the carriages in Meg City. Although Xiao Yu had a lot of space rings, these things were too many, so they could only be loaded in carriages.

As for the battle, Caso and Alonso successfully defeated the troops outside the city. After the death of Asto, the resistance of these people gradually weakened. Many soldiers were slowly escaping.

After discussing, Caso and Alonso sent troops out of the city to pursue and kill the remaining ramparts of these soldiers.

Because Xiao Yu said that he would leave the next day, they had to clean up the soldiers outside the city. Otherwise, they might be pursued by these soldiers tomorrow.

The soldiers were cleared smoothly. The next day, Xiao Yu took the people and left the city of Meg with great enthusiasm.

The reason why he left so quickly was because Xiao Yu knew that if he didn’t leave, it was likely that army of the Lance Empire would attack.

At the beginning, Miranda did not ask for help because he felt that Xiao Yu couldn’t do anything. If with their hundreds of thousands soldiers, they couldn’t even beat thousands of soldiers of Xiao Yu, would they still have face left?

But in the end, he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be able to drill out from under the city, and came to a centre of the city, which led to their defeat.

Miranda would certainly not be reconciled and would definitely send someone to chase down Xiao Yu, so he must leave as soon as possible.

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