World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 500

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But why would the Bloodhoof let him go? After all, he was good sparring partner to hone his fighting skills. This kind of opponent was hard to find so how could they be willing to let him flee?

Little dragon was also thinking same. He finally met a suitable opponent so how could he not enjoy himself. So, Little dragon put away his nunchaku and began to fight Sieck barehanded.

Knowing his current situation, Sieck suddenly took out a weird bone needle and inserted it behind his neck.

Weird sounds sounded from the body of Sieck. A completely another force gushed in his body.

Sieck’s eyes completely turned blood red and two sharp horns grew on his head, which looked extraordinarily weird.

His entire body began to change as if something was inflating inside. His skin was no longer looked like human skin, but instead becomes a gray- coloured and also covered with thin scales.

“Hey, what is this monster?” Little Dragon immediately screamed and took few steps back to make safe distance.

“You… all die.” At this time, Sieck was obviously no longer the former Sieck but became a kind of demon.

“Ilidan, you got a relative here, you have to deal with it.” Grom yelled at Illidan, then ran to fight against Mordel. He wanted to let Illidan deal with Sieck.

After all, now that Sieck looked like a demon, it was better to leave it to Illidan, who was also a demon. Having heard what Grom said, Illidan didn’t say much. He just turned around and rushed toward Sieck.

At this time, Sieck’s body was also covered by flames, looking like a full-fledged demon.

A strong flame broke out from Sieck’s body, directly blocking Illidan’s attack.


The stones under Sieck’s feet began to shake. In the blink of an eye, several tall stone statues formed around him. Each one was three meters high and had distorted face. They held a huge stone hammer in their hand. They all looked quite powerful.

“Oh.” When Illidan saw it here, he simply snorted. It was obviously a little dissatisfied. In front of him, a real demon, this half-assed demon was showing off.

“Hellfire, obey my call!” shouted Illidan. Suddenly, a huge portal opened in the sky and several huge fireballs fell from above.


After the fireballs fell from above, they formed a huge hellfire, burning with flames, and the head was bigger than the stone people.

Sieck just had a special way to turn himself into a demon but Illidan was a real demon. Moreover his strength was constantly improving. Now he finally had awakened his ability to summon Hellfire.

The strength of these hellfires was higher than these stone people, rushing forward, and these stone people are hit, and the rumbling looks extraordinarily intense.

“Oh yeah… look at my swing kick.” Little Dragon snorted threw a kick at Sieck without any prior warning.

Sieck had become a demon  by now. He did not have clear conscious like before. So, when he saw the dragon coming over, he did not try to evade it but slashed his weapon at Little Dragon.


Even if little dragon was bare handed, he was not afraid of Sieck’s weapon. You must know that the dragon’s claw were its most powerful weapon. Moreover, little dragon’s claws had been specially honed by Xiao Yu. They were extremely resilient.

After Sieck became a demon, his strength had greatly improved. However, in the face of a dragon like little dragon, he still could not win quickly.

At this time, the Bloodhoof and Illidan were not sitting idle. The both launched an pincer attack from Sieck’s both sides.


Sieck was fighting carelessly at this time. It seemed to have taken chicken blood. He was not afraid of injuries. His injuries got serious by every moment.

Mordel also wants to flee, but it was too difficult to escape in front of Maiev. Maiev was the most powerful assassin. How could Mordel escape so easily?

Moreover there was also Grom so he was completely incapable of escape.

Xiao Yu had absolute advantage over Yin Ke’er. If not for Xiao Yu’s pity, Yin Ke’er would have already killed by him.

Seeing Sieck’s unexpected move, Xiao Yu was not in mood to tease Yin Ke’er any further. So he just took out a magic scroll and tore it. Just as it was torn, a light beam ran and hit Yin keer.

With a soft bang, Yin Ker’s body got immediately bound by a layer of magical light. She could no longer move.

This magic scroll was the latest thing that Xiao Yu got from the Psychic College but it had many limitations.

“Wow, my wife, come over and let husband kiss.” Xiao Yu laughed and kissed Yin Keer’s face.

Yin Keer’s angry eyes were spitting fire, but at this time she couldn’t move at all.

Sieck’s body could take brunt of attacks of anymore. Side-effects of using that weird needle also began to show up. His body began to torn and split and began to bleed. Soon under constant attacks and side-effects his body, he died in some time.

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