World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 499

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Just when Maiev was gone to assassinate Astu, Xiao Yu along with Grom, Illidan, Bloodhoof and the little dragon went to City Hall. He knew that Miranda had two sixth-order masters around him, so he dare not take it lightly.

Sure enough, just as Xiao Yu wanted to go to Miranda’s room, the bald headed Sieck appeared in front of Xiao Yu and yelled in surprise: “How do you get here?”

Xiao Yu laughed happily: “It doesn’t matter. Haha…”

“You escaped last time but that will not this time.” Sieck said coldly.

Sieck didn’t give Xiao Yu time to reply. He summoned soldiers and attacked without any prior indication. At the same time, countless soldiers equipped with various magic weapons suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

Xiao Yu waved his hand at little dragon and said, “Go and level them.”

So, little dragon quickly pulled out his nunchaku and attacked the soldiers. The magic weapons of those guys could cause damage to the little dragon to a certain extent. However, the little dragon could fly, plus his attack speed was fast, violent, unexpected.


Although these soldiers were armed with magical weapons, their strength was not so high. They were insanely attacked by Little Dragon and immediately suffered heavy casualties. At this time, they also realized why the legendary dragons were at the top of the world pyramid.

The dragons had strong body as well as magic. They were powerful in both.

At this time, some other guards also rushed over and attacked Xiao Yu from the side. However, Illidan, Grom, and the Bloodhoof were not sitting idle. They also attacked together.

Xiao Yu himself was not idle at this time. He was looking for Miranda.

“Oh, I didn’t expect to meet you again today. Today, you cannot escape from me.” Suddenly, a very familiar voice rang from some distance away.

“Hey? Yin Ke’er, my dear wife, how can you talk your husband like this? Well, we are a couple. You are my first woman, how can you treat me like this? As long as you surrender and follow me back, I, your husband promise you to give spicy juice. How?”

This person was none other than Red beard (Yin Ke’er).

He and Yin Ke’er could be said to be enemies but Xiao Yu did not want to kill Yin Ke’er. He thought of her as his woman, he wanted to find a way to bring her back.

“Shameless!” Yin Ke’er screamed and attacked Xiao Yu to kill him.

Xiao Yu shook his head helplessly and unleashed blast step and dodged the attacks effortlessly. However, just as he evaded the attack of Yin Ke’er, a dagger suddenly stabbed from behind.

Xiao Yu quickly used teleportation and the fatal strike.

It was the sixth-order assassin, Mordel.

At this point, Mordel looked at Xiao Yu who had teleported not far away, his eyes were flashing. Last time, he was not able to kill Xiao Yu. It was always been a thorn in his heart. As a sixth-order assassin, he must succeed in his goals.

“Maiev and Illidan come here and kill this guy.” Xiao Yu waved and said.

Xiao Yu knew that he was not the opponent of this Mordel, but Maiev and Illidan were both extremely powerful, even if they couldn’t kill Mordel, they could definitely stop him in his tracks.

Grom and Bloodhoof were dealing with Sieck while Little Dragon was dealing with the other guards. Once everything was settled, he would help Grom and Bloodhoof.

At this time, Xiao Yu was facing a Yin Ke’er. Xiao Yu was constantly teasing Yin Ke’er with words. Looking at the smile on the face of Xiao Yu, Yin Ke’er anger was reaching a terrifying level.

Her mind was clouded by anger, she could not think straight. Yin Ke’er was very good at being calm in any situation. Under normal circumstances, nothing could distract her, but Xiao Yu was the only flaw in her heart.

She hated Xiao Yu to her bone. Therefore, at this time, in the face of Xiao Yu’s teasing, she could not calm down.

He didn’t want to hurt Yin Ke’er too much so he occasionally unleashed several powerful attacks and then he once again kept teasing her.

Xiao Yu’s current strength was also very strong. In the fifth order, he had absolutely no rivals. Unless it was a sixth-order powerhouse, no one could pose threat to him.

At this time, little dragon had already killed those guards. Xiao Yu ordered him to look for the Miranda, but even after searching for a long time, he could not find him.

So in the end, Xiao Yu ordered him to help Grom and the Bloodhoof in killing this bald Sieck.

Sieck’s strength was not weak. However, in front of Bloodhoof and Grom, he was really nothing. The strength of the Bloodhoof was really powerful. Although he was only a five-order worrier, he was not inferior to him.

Although Grom’s attacks were not strong, every sneak attack was difficult to look after.

Now with the addition of little dragon, Sieck knew that he had reached the end of the road. At this time, he knew that Miranda must have been safely transferred. Now that his mission had been completed, he wanted to flee.

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