World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 498

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There was nothing except a huge golden statue in the hall.

In front of the statue, there was a very large coffin.

“That’s tomb of Uther.” When Xiao Yu saw coffin, he immediately understood whose it was. It was the tomb of Uther that he had been looking for.

The distance between Uther’s Tomb and the Physic was not that far. Unexpectedly, Uther’s tomb was here, they actually dug into the tomb of Uther.

Since it was the tomb of Uther, it was not surprising that Uther had rushed to this place. This place must have inheritance left by Uther. Now that Uther had arrived here, he had naturally felt that.

Xiao Yu finally came back to his senses. He inspected his surroundings and saw Uther floating in front of tall stone statue with his eyes closed.

From the top of the statue, the golden light was sprinkling. Uther was completely wrapped in it. Uther is like a baby, enjoying the glory of this light.

“This time, Uther is really back.” Xiao Yu was sighing, knowing that Uther was like Maiev, they had got their own inheritances.

This was definitely a good thing for Xiao Yu.

At this point, everyone began to arrive there. When the members of the silver hand saw this scene, one by one, they all kneeled down.

Now, they were more certain that this follow was not fraud, he was their real Uther. Everyone was looking for the Uther’s tomb for countless years but no succeeded.

No one thought that Uther’s tomb was actually near the Meg city.

“Where are we now?” Xiao Yu looked at the huge hall and asked.

“I don’t know, Master, but according to my calculations, we should be underneath the Meg City.” Goblin jumped out at this time and give his advise.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Maiev, go out and explore the road.”

Ma Wei nodded and then walked away, without replying.

Xiao Yu ordered everyone not to disturb Uther. So everyone sat quietly on the side, waiting for Xiao Yu’s order.

At this point they also knew that they were inside Psychic College and huge battle was awaiting them outside. Now, they must be ready to fight.

Soon after, Maiev came back and reported: “Master, I have found way out. It opens at the hill in the corner of the Meg City.”

“Sure enough!” Xiao Yu was delighted at Maiev’s finding. Bastard Miranda, you even dare to have idea against my woman. You really do not want to live.

Xiao Yu, Grom, Caso and others discussed and finally came up with strategy. After finalising the plan, his face showed a strange smile.

In Xiao Yu’s eyes Meg city was a big pile of gold but he could not obtain it without suffering heavy causalities. But now he finally had a way to get what he wanted without much casulities.

After more than half an hour had passed, Uther’s body released dazzling golden light, making people incapable of seeing anything.

“I finally came back.” Uther’s lips parted as he murmured. Obviously, Uther’s dormant soul had awakened.

Uther fell from the sky to the ground. At this time, his body was giving sacred feel. All the paladins of silver hand burst into tears as greeted Uther’s return.

With Uther’s landing, the originally tall statue collapsed. Then, the entire hall began to shake.

“Everyone, hall is going to collapse so quickly leave this place.” Xiao Yu immediately ordered soldiers to rush.

Everyone immediately responded and ran to the exit. Fortunately, Xiao Yu’s soldiers were disciplined so they did not block the exit, but left in small teams.

When they were rushing out, the hall began to shake more violently.

“Once the hall collapsed, they will definitely find out. Therefore, we must hurry up and launch sneak attack.” Xiao Yu said loudly.

“Yes.” Everyone loudly responded.

Therefore everyone hurriedly exited the hall and followed the path found by Maiev. Soon they exited tunnel and sight of forest once again greeted them.

“Go and find that bastard Miranda.” Xiao Yu ordered.

Soon scout came back and reported to Xiao Yu that Astu, Miranda and Sieck are in the City Hall while most of the army was still outside waiting for them to exit from the mountain from which they entered. Xiao Yu found this best chance to siege the Meg City.

Xiao Yu immediately took action without any further delay. He sent Maiev to assassinate Astu and then meet him at City Hall.

“Well? What’s going on?” Astu frowned and inspected the surroundings and felt somewhat uncomfortable. Even after looking around Astu did not find hence further intensifying that uncomfortable feeling.

“What is happening? Why am I feeling so uncomfortable? Astu instantly became nervous. Suddenly, he felt cold on his neck. Before he could take any action, his head was sent flying.

“Aaa…” His body was still on the ground, but his head had already severed and sent flying.

Maiev’s sneak attack directly sent Astu to hell.

Now, Maiev’s strength had greatly improved, unless it was the sixth-order powerhouse, otherwise anyone could basically be killed by her.

After killing Astu, Maiev rushed to Xiao Yu’s group. After all, she knew that Xiao Yu’s gone to kill Miranda.

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