World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 497

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Although Xiao Yu didn’t know where the entrance was located, Xiao Yu believed that Miranda must have sent people here. If they went back, they had to fight a huge battle.

However, Xiao Yu felt that there should be some other treasure in this psychic college.

At this time, the goblin suddenly looked at a place and shouted sharply: “Master, there is weird here.”

To be honest, Xiao Yu was not accustomed to the sharp voice of the goblin, every time he hear it, he felt uncomfortable. However, these guys were really useful.

Hearing goblin’s words, Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed with a keen light as he asked: “What is weird?”

The goblin immediately ran up and said: “The structure here is a bit off. Look here, this is made of iron and then see this part it is made of Pyroxenite while other past of walls are made of ordinary rocks.”

Goblin analysed with great expertise.

Xiao Yu knew nothing about these rocks. This wall was, in his opinion, very simple. However, in the eyes of the experts, it was completely different.

“Do not talk nonsense; just say how can we open it.” Xiao Yu still prefer to do things directly.

“I don’t know this.” The goblin threw his hands and said innocently.

“You don’t know how to do it?” Xiao Yu suddenly turned his eyes.

“This… although I don’t know how it opens, but I know there is definitely something wrong here. Let me study it first. If it doesn’t work, we can try to force it through.” The goblin was afraid of the owner’s anger, and said quickly.

Xiao Yu waved his hand and said: “Go to research. If the research is not successful, just open it by force.”

“Master, this kind of place is generally very hard, not so easy to open.” Goblin said after inspecting once again.

This time Xiao Yu did not say anything to Goblin but raised his eye brow at Bloodhoof. Bloodhoof immediately understood Xiao Yu’s intention and directly slashed at wall with his axe.

“This…this…can be done like this also?” The goblin stood there, watching the wall collapse, with wide eyes and unbelievable expreassion.

“It is open now, let’s go.” Xiao Yu waved his hand and began to move forward with crowd. Xiao Yu didn’t worry about having anything dangerous ahead. He had been to Dark Temple. Wasn’t this place better than the dark temple?

Everyone followed the passage and went forward. It was dark inside because there was no light in the passage. But everyone didn’t care very much. They just took out some gems or used some magic to lighten the passage and easily advance inside.

Road was getting narrower and narrower as they proceeded inside. At some point it could only accommodate a few people to pass together.

“There is no road ahead.” Maiev and Caso, who were in charge of exploring the road, said.

Although Caso was not a scout for the path, but because he had great shield, he could defend against any unexpected attack.

His Essinos barrier could basically withstand any sudden attack.

“Goblin go ahead and find the exit” Xiao Yu said to the goblin.

“This was originally a door, but it was blocked for too long, and then it was obviously blocked by something. There is no mechanism here, just need to dig it out slowly.” This time Goblin proved his ability.

Soldiers who had strong physical body and were suitable for digging started to dig the ground. This time, the judgment of the goblin was not wrong. After digging a huge door revealed itself, but because it was too old, it had decayed, and merged with the soil layer. There was no way to open it. They could only dig.

After digging the door, they did not find anything useful but only lot of messy things. They had even occasionally dug out bottles and cans

“Rely, can this be dug out? How deep is this?” Xiao Yu asked Goblin again. if they dug for a long time and did not dig out a result, they would have just wasted a lot of precious time.

“Surely master! You can see that these excavated things are obviously used by humans. If this is the case, then it should be artificially dumped. So, this is not a congenital soil layer, so as long as we continued to dig, we definitely find something good.” The goblin said while observing the excavated soil.

After digging for a long time they finally entered an underground space which looked more like tomb of someone. At this moment, Uther suddenly got covered by extremely blazing light.

“Ah…” Uther suddenly screamed loudly, and the rushed toward the tomb.

“Follow Uther immediately.” Xiao Yu ordered impatiently and chased Uther with everyone. Nothing could be allowed to happen to Uther, you should know, Uther was too important for Xiao Yu.

If something happened to Uther, Xiao Yu’s loss would be too great. The silver hand that had just been recovered would once again ruin.

Without hesitating for even a second Xiao Yu, Grom, Maiev and others entered the tome. What greeted them was a magnificent hall.

The entire hall was full of gemstones, emitting and reflecting. Hall‘s grandness lobby made it seem like a five-star hotel that Xiao Yu had been to before.

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