World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 496

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“Little guy, you have been playing for so long. Your performance is disappointing.” At this time, Aegwynn who had been watching the battle while enjoying wine, suddenly stood up and walked toward the battlefield. She pointed her finger at Dean Gading.

Dean Gading got enveloped by Aegwynn’s magic, forcing him to halt in his tracks. He couldn’t move at all but everyone else could attack him without any worry of retaliation.

“WOW!” Everyone was staring at Aegwynn with admiring gaze. They spent so much effort on the controlling Dean Gading’s movements but Aegwynn could immobilize him with just her finger.

That was power of true Archmage.

“Ah…ah…you…you…” words got stuck in the Dean Gading’s throat, he wanted to say something but he could not say it. Then Aegwynn began to cast spell, soon Dean Gading’s face began to twist as if he was in great agony.

Then Dean Gading’s body began to twist and his eyes began to lose their lustre. His body fell down with a thud and a strange fire drilled out of centre of his eyebrows. Aegwynn snapped his finger and strange fire flew toward her finger. Aegwynn grabbed that fire and extinguished it.

That strange fire was soul of Dean Gading. Dean Gading had used an ancient art to turn his soul in fire to flee. But Aegwynn easily saw throw his intension and caught that strange fire before it could flee.

The battle was over just like that.

Xiao Yu looked at Aegwynn with silly look. He was shocked by the power of Aegwynn.

Aegwynn looked at stunned Xiao Yu and said in faint voice: “Battle is over. Don’t you want to loot? There are definitely a lot of good things here.”

After that, Aegwynn continued to lie down on the couch with her eyes closed.

Xiao Yu snorted but did not dare to say anything to Aegwynn. He waved his hand and let everyone start search Psychic College.

As the largest intuition for undead (dark) magic, it would be strange if there was no good thing in Psychic College.

“Haha, I have made a fortune.” At this time, Xiao Yu smiled unscrupulously and looked at the treasures of the Psychic College. How could he be upset?

They were many magic weapons and other stuff but one thing particularly caught his attention.

Xiao Yu opened one of the boxes and saw densely packed white bone armours. Although they looked exactly like one that was born by Dean Gading, but in terms of quality, they were much worse than the one worn by Dean Gading.

However, even if their quality was bad, they were still much stronger than the average armours.

Xiao Yu counted those armours and found that there were more than 400 sets.

With so many armours, it was enough to form a small infantry regiment.

Xiao Yu looked back at the group of the Iron Brotherhood led by Caso. He smiled and said: “Caso, do you want to form an infantry regiment?”

Caso was been watching everything from side-lines. He also ordered his men not to snatch the spoils of war, so his men were standing there from beginning to end.

At this time, when Caso heard what Xiao Yu said, Caso was surprised, causing him to stutter a bit: “You…you mean to give us all these armours?”

Xiao Yu looked at the armours of Iron Brotherhood and said: “Yours subordinates armours are good, but the quality of these white bone armours is much better than yours.”

“But…but these things are too expensive.” Although Caso said that he was already used to the generosity of Xiao Yu, this kind of big hand still shocked him.

Xiao Yu ​​smiled and said: “Everyone has contributed during fight so everyone should receive benefit. These armours are very suitable for infantry. If infantry wore such armours, they will definitely perform better. I can’t wait to see it, haha…”

“But… this… Xiao Brothers, these things are too precious…” Caso felt it somewhat unacceptable even if he had previously accepted armour from Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu laughed and said: “Brother Caso, I have already benefitted a lot from the loot. Moreover, you can repay me later.”

“This…” Caso still hesitated for some time but in the end he grudgingly accepted it.

After looting everything, Xiao Yu decided to explore more. The Physic College had a lot of chambers. Anyway, the strongest expert Dean Gading had been killed. There should be no great danger in other places.

Xiao Yu was in a good mood. He was beaming and singing all the way.

Although Xiao Yu had been to the Psychic College many times before (in the game), sometimes searching correct pathway would still give him headache after all they were too complicated.

After walking around half-day, Xiao Yu still couldn’t find other effective things. Xiao Yu had to take people back.

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