World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 495

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On the other side of battlefield, Maiev, Illidan and others had encircled Dean Gading. Although the dean Gading summoned many black shadows to guard him, some people were still able to attack now and then. All kinds of weapons were continually attacking the white bone armour of the Dean Gading.

White bone armour’s defence was indeed powerful.

Even with many people attacking him, Dean Gading was still unharmed. The magic of Dean Gading had caused great trouble to everyone.

Although the Dean Gading was a Necromancer and his best skill was to summon the dead creatures, Dean Gading was not weak in other magical aspects.

“Hahaha… my enemies, listen to me.” At this time, Dean Gading burst into laughter, with a powerful charm in his voice.

Everyone’s head felt dizzy at this time, as if their soul was being pulled by something.

Everyone’s movement also came to halt and Bloodhoof’s eyes glowed green. He then looked at heroes nearby him.

The Bloodhoof who was wielding an axe rushed at Grom.

“What?” Grom was shocked at unexpected attack but he quickly recovered and quickly side stepped. Missing the attack, Bloodhoof turned to attack Maiev.

With his agility, Maiev easily dodged the attack, casing Bloodhoof to attack the wall.

“Sure enough, he still have triumph card.” This skill of Dean Gading was really powerful.

“Caso, come over and stop him. Bloodhoof is getting controlled. You only need to keep him busy but don’t hurt him while doing so.”

By now, those black shadows had been wiped out by the crowd, so pressure on Caso was not high. The Bloodhoof was being controlled by the Dean Gading at this time. Because of dark magic of Dean Gading, Bloodhoof was much stronger than usual.

Only Caso can handle Bloodhoof because of his shield. Moreover, Caso was already a sixth-order powerhouse and Bloodhoof was only a fifth-order warrior. Although the dark magic of the Dean Gading had enhanced the strength of Bloodhoof, Caso could handle him.

“Everyone attack Dean Gading and finish him off as soon as possible.” shouted Xiao Yu.

But before they could attack, green coloured light ball shot out of Dean Gading’s hand and hit the centre of Kael’thas’s eyebrows. Soon Kael’thas’s eyes flashed green before turning normal. A strange smile appeared on his face as he began to attack warriors on his own side side.

This really shocked Xiao Yu.

Kael’thas was different from the Bloodhoof. Bloodhoof did not have any wide-range attack so it was enough to be restrained by Caso, but Kael’thas was a powerful magician.

Especially after getting enhancements from dark power of Dean’s Dean, his magic was even stronger. If he definitely pose a greater threat then Bloodhoof.

“Everyone spread out, all Druids surround Kael’thas and use sleeping magic on him.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly. For now, there was no better option to deal with Kael’thas then putting him to sleep.

Although Kael’thas was powerful, he was still not immune to magic skill especially since so many sleeping spells were used at the same time. Although it would not cause him to sleep for long, it was still to deal with Dean Grading.

As Xiao Yu planed, Kael’thas began to feel sleepy and finally drop down because of intense magic effect.

However looking the current situation, Dean Gading only sneered and then used charm on Illidan. Illidan’s strength was also unquestionable; if he got controlled then result would be disastrous..

But soon, sneer on the face of Dean Gading got replaced by confusion. After he used charm Illidan, there was no response at all.

“How? How come?” Dean Gading said incredulously.

Illidan snorted and said: “I am a soulless person. If you want to control my soul, then it is just your wishful thinking.”

“Ah, you are a demon, how can you have such a powerful evil power in your body? Who are you?”

Dean Gading suddenly felt the even power hidden in the Illidan’s body and shouted loudly.

Illidan did not answer him but he continued to unleash his attack.

“Ah… you bastard.” Dean Gading was caught unprepared by Illidan, dealing him a great damage.

Illidan’s attacks became more and more fierce; Dean Grading could not dodge all the attacks, causing some of them to land on his body. Moreover, Illidan could absorb the mana of opponent during the fight, as fight continued Dean Grading’s mana reserve began to deplete with frightening speed.

“You bastards, die for me.” At this time, Dean Gading shouted again.

“Everyone attack together.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly, and then Xiao Yu himself took out his wepon and rushed up.

At this time, Dean Gading was already at the end of the rope, they just have to land final decisive attack and kill Dean Gading in one fell swipe.

Various kind of powerful skill was being displayed, against the common enemy Dean Gading. At this time, the Bloodhoof had been freed from the charm because of Dean Grading’s lack of mana.  Being controlled by Dean Gading caused Blood hoof to seethe in anger, he brandished his axe and then rushed at Dean Gading.

Although everyone was attacking hard, but Dean Gading’s white bone armour was very powerful, it was still difficult to kill Dean Gading quickly. Among the crowds, Maiev and Illidan attacked with greatest power, causing the greatest damage to the Dean Gading.

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