World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 494

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Attacking speed was extremely fast and it was too late to react. Many people were wounded.

“Be careful.” Xiao Yu shouted and teleported behind the one of black shadows.

Xiao Yu attacked the black shadow only to find out that none of his attacks worked. They simply passed Black Shadow’s body as if they were only made of smoke. But soon an idea stuck Xiao Yu’s head.

“Uther try your light (holy) magic on them!” Xiao Yu felt that these things were made of dark magic so decided to make Uther attack them with his light magic.

With the command of Xiao Yu, Uther waved his hand indicating members of Silver Hand to attack together with him. Then he and silver hand started to recite the spell.

The light of a trial is on the top of these shadows, letting the shadows burst into horror, but their swords are still sharp.

Many ordinary soldiers touched their knives and they were all killed or injured.

These black shadows were in the air, and the director of Gading was not idle. His face was a strange smile. A burst of spells came out, and a burst of fire and rain fell over the crowd.

“Distributed.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly. However, everyone just had to dodge, but it was violently found that many things exploded under the feet, and everyone was in a hurry.

“I rely on, what is this?” Xiao Yu looked at some strange beetles that suddenly came out of the ground. These beetles don’t look so conspicuous, they are dark and look very strange.

However, just now, these beetles suddenly came to a big bang, and they were caught off guard by Xiao Yu, and many injured.

“This father only wants tigers not kittens. Even if Dean Gading has powerful skill, I don’t believe he cannot be killed. Caso don’t try to kill these Black Shadows, you just have to hold them back while others will attack Dean Grading.” Xiao Yu immediately made some arrangements.

The attack Dean Gading just unleashed was an AOI magic attack, not the kind of fierce single target attack. Although shield of Caso did not have any offensive power, he was best candidate to buy them some valuable time to deal with Dean Grading.


A phoenix made of magic smashed on the body of Dean Gading, forcing few step back. Naturally, it was Kael’thas’s fire phoenix.

At this time, there was no better way than launching full-strike attack and killing Dean Gading in the shortest time possible.

Xiao Yu was not lacking in strong subordinates. Maiev, Grom, Tyrande, Illidan and Kael’thas were all strong attackers. At this time, Xiao Yu did not alloy little dragon to attack Dean Grading but asked him finish off those shadows.

Xiao Yu knew that the skills of Dean Grading certainly did not stop there. He must have some other trick. Little dragon was Xiao Yu’s hidden card. What else could be better than dragon?

“Come out from your graves, my apprentices! My apprentices come out and fight them.” At this time, Dean Gading roared and his body released a strange energy.

“For the glory of Psychic College!” with the Dean Grading’s load shout, countless apprentices of Physic college dig out of ground. All of them were dressed in black uniform, releasing gloomy aura. All of them were already dead. Right now, they were just undead creatures.

“Little dragon and Uther, kill these guys.” Xiao Yu did not put too much thought and directly ordered Xiao Yu to attack.

The number of apprentices in the psychic College was very high, making it difficult to deal with them. Not only that, since they were already dead, they did not feel any pain, nor did they know any fear. They launched completely suicidal attack.

If they were killed soon, it would definitely cause a lot of harm. Not because of their individual strength but because of their sheer number.

Although the hands of the silver have now received Uther’s training, the number of opponents was too high. They were simply unable to deal with them at all.

However, the morale of new members of silver hands was very high, under the blessing of Uther, they bravely started to kill these undead. It was their greatest glory to be able to fight under Uther’s command to kill the undeads.

Therefore, with Alonso as the lead, the silver hand was responsible for resisting these undead apprentices. The other arms are to cooperate with them, to form a good battle, and to intercept, so as to avoid the formation being washed away.

The countless light magic fell on the bodies of these undead apprentices, turning them into fly ashes. Every time when a member of silver hand killed an undead, they would recite “I wish you rest in peace” instead of the “Clean dirty creatures” that they used to say as the member of Scarlet Crusade.

Different way of reciting showed the transformation of their mentality. They were no longer Scarlet Crusaders who only wants to kill, but the silver hand that exist in order to safeguard justice and protect all human beings.

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