World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 493

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Since Xiao Yu had already decided to pull Caso to his side, he would definitely spend money and make due investment.

Since you wants to get something, you have to give something.

If Caso became his subordinate in the future, wouldn’t these things come back again?

After waiting for a long time, Caso quietly put away these two things and said to Xiao Yu in faint voice: “I owe you a favour.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Okay.”

After that, Caso did not say anything else but showed his gratitude by fighting.

Soon they reached main hall and saw Dean Gading standing there waiting for them.

Seeing the Dean Gading again, Xiao Yu felt like he had returned to the era of glorious Psychic Institute.

Unexpectedly, He met this guy here.

The Dean Gading looked like a gentle scholar by appearance but his being releases endless power of darkness.

After a while, Xiao Yu pulled himself back and ordered his subordinates: “This guy is very powerful. Everyone be careful. We will follow same strategy as we did previously. There are a lot of undead in every room and everyone be careful while killing them. Don’t worry, you can do it.”

Xiao Yu still followed same strategy as he did previously. He didn’t know if Dean Gading had made any progress.

Many bosses had evolved. He believed that this Dean Gading would not be overpowered; at least he would not be as powerful as Gorloc leader or Augustus.

Xiao Yu had killed both guys, was he still afraid of them? Of course not, although at that time, he received help from Leonardo and Nicholas, he still had confidence in his team.

Now Xiao Yu also had Iron Horse Brotherhood.

The Iron Horse Brotherhood undoubtedly had strong melee abilities, but their heritage was not as powerful as Nicholas and Leonardo’s family.

Therefore, they were basically relying on Xiao Yu’s inventory (treasury) to fight. When there was a problem, Xiao Yu’s scrolls, bombs, and bombs were used out not there’s.

In fact, the consumption was indeed very large. Now, Xiao Yu was really envious of those big families. Even after using so many things, Leonardo and Nicholas only felt slight pinch.

It seemed that the gap between the big family and Xiao Yu was still very big.

Xiao Yu knew that war for hegemony would begin soon and at that time, he would face the pressure from these big families.

Looking at the current situation, Xiao Yu’s situation was not very optimistic. His relationship with several big families was not so good. It seemed that everyone wanted to kill Xiao Yu, a variable.

However, in reality, there were many conflicts of interests between several big families. Everyone knew that there could only be one king of this continent. So, everyone else was their enemy.

Let’s not talk about this now. For now, Xiao Yu must kill the Dean Gading. With the glorious history of the Psychic College, how could there treasury be small.  As long as the Dean Gading was killed, Xiao Yu Xiao Yu believed that he would certainly make a huge profit.

“Who are you? Why do you want to break into the Psychic College?” At this time, the voice of Dean Gading came out, containing infinite charm within it. It forced everyone halt in their tracks for a moment.

“What a powerful spell.” Everyone immediately felt it. Dean Gading had definitely used some extremely powerful charm spell.

Even few casual words of Dean Gading contained powerful spell, showcasing his abilities in spell-casting.

It seemed that this Dean Gading was not easy to deal with.

Xiao Yu knew that such enemies were the most difficult to fight because their various spells disturb thought process, causing opponent to be distracted for some time. In this case, in fight between powerful warriors distraction of even single second proved fatal.

“F#ck, you dare to charm me. You think we will be charmed you? We all are great warriors as well as pure men. Find a woman to charm, why charm a man. Everyone kill this as soon as possible. “Xiao Yu thought for a long time but could not find any way to deal with this spell so in the end he command to launch attack.

When he heard Xiao Yu’s order, Caso attacked without thinking. With treasures given by Xiao Yu, only he might be able to take on Dean Gading head on.

“Are you trying to challenge the majesty of my Psychic College? This is not doable. I will let you have the taste of real undead magic.” Dean Gading let out sinister laugh and a powerful energy burst out of his body. In the blink of an eye, force behind violent energy swept forced Caso to step back.

With a thud, all things in the room were turned into ash. Dean Gading’s body was now covered with very strange white bone armour, which was releasing a sinister aura.

And then, few black shadows with knife in their hand suddenly appeared beside him, making people feel cold as if placed in freezer. These black shadows were fluttering and look like smoke, but their movement speed was extremely fast.

At next moment that these black shadows rushed toward the crowd and when they reached the crowd, these shadows attacked with knifes.

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