World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 492

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This big guy seemed to be particularly angry with little dragon. Maybe it is because little dragon’s attack hurt too much. He chased after little dragon.

“Little dragon, keep running, don’t let him catch up with you.” Xiao Yu sent several people to attract the attention of this big guy again, but he couldn’t get his attention.

This guy seemed to hate little dragon extremely. Therefore, Xiao Yu could only let little dragon continue to escape and consume the physical strength of this big guy.

Sure enough, after chasing for a while of, this big guy could not keep up his phase and his speed began to slow down.

Xiao Yu’s plan was pretty simple. They were just going to randomly attack this big guy, causing Big guy’s mana to constantly deplete.

You should know although this big guy was powerful, it was not a completely undead creature. It was an undead wizard made through magic.

Last time, when Augustus summoned demon (Doomsday messenger) from different hell, demons were real living entity so naturally they did not have to worry about this. Because they were a complete life form they could replenish their mana.

The huge Skeleton in front of them was not a complete life form, but a product similar to the phoenix of Kael’thas.

This kind of thing requires strong magic support.


Everything was going according to Xiao Yu’s plan. With every passing second, the big guy’s mana reserve was depleting, weakening him slowly.

Feeling its action getting slower and slower, the undead magician became more and more anxious. Xiao Yu stood next to Aegwynn, drinking leisurely.

After a while, watching the big guy getting slower and slower, Xiao Yu ordered his soldiers to go up together and tire this big guy.

By now, the strength of the big guy had been greatly reduced. It got surrounded by people and got attacked but he had no other way.

Finally, after getting attacked by little dragon countless times, the soul fire of this big guy finally began to crack down.

The undead magician understood its body’s situation so it decided tried to escape, but Maiev, who was lurking around waiting for opportunity, suddenly slashed her axe and beheading big guy.

This battle was finally finished.

“Give these bones to me!” Xiao Yu looked at the huge bones of this giant Skeleton and kept it, knowing that it was a rare alchemy material. It could be used make many things.

After searching entire hall, Xiao Yu continued to move forward.

In the past, this place was considered as treasure trove, but Xiao Yu did not find many good things here. This made Xiao Yu regret for a while. But he knew that if there was any great treasure here, it must be in the dean’s room.

Xiao Yu kept moving forward with the crowd.

Psychic college’s most popular person was naturally Chief Dean.

This guy was the ultimate boss here. Xiao Yu did not know whether this guy was still here or not.

Although they encountered several powerful undead creatures including even stronger skeletons along the way, with everyone’s combined strength it, they slayed every one of them.

In the process of killing these undeads, Caso was in limelight. He restricted the movements of the undeads, letting others to the undead skeleton. With his shield, he single-handed countered every attack of undeads.

Finally they met a new powerful undead. This undead had a unique skill, which was his bone needle. This bone needle was extremely thin like a spike but it had high penetrative power.

They decided same strategy as previous one. It was Caso’s job to attract undead while other’s had to kill this guy.

At first, Caso did well but soon his shield could no longer bear accumulating damage and finally broke. Bone needle penetrated the shield and destroyed with continuous barrage of attacks. When Xiao Yu saw the situation, he threw the Essinos barrier directly to Caso.

Seeing Essinos barrier, an unsurpassable excitement shined in the Caso’s eyes. As a shield warrior, a good shield held extraordinary meaning for him.

The Essinos barrier given by Xiao Yu was definitely one of the best shields. How could it not excite him?

With the Essinos barrier, Caso did not have any fear, and even he took lead in counter attacking. He directly attacked the undead and finally him off.

Although Caso liked this shield, he also knew its worth. He also wanted to keep it but since it did not belong to him, he had to return it back. Just as these were going through Caso’s mind, Xiao Yu waved his hand and said: “A good weapon needed to be wielded by good warrior to show its powers. This shield is more suited than anyone else.”

Then, Xiao Yu walked away directly and did not give Caso any chance to reply. Wasn’t Xiao Yu being a bit too generous, right?

After all, that thing was Essinos barrier. This shield definitely worth a lot but he gave it to Caso for free.

“You…you gave it to me?” Caso chased Xiao Yu and asked incredulously.

“Not only that, this is also for you.” Xiao Yu threw out the Titan pendant.

Titan Pendant plus Essinos barrier, it was an invincible combination. Caso was completely dumbfounded.

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