World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 491

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“Despicable mortals, you all should be killed.” At this time, a strong magic wave burst out of big guy’s body. The dust on the ground flew several dozen feet. The ground began to vibrate. The gravels were sent flying by shockwave.


“Run, run.” Everyone shouted and immediately retreated quickly toward the corners. Xiao Yu had already told them that while fighting a BOSS. They should be careful of AOE skill. The AOE magics had a certain range. It was impossible for them to cover all places.

As long as you are careful and fast enough, you could definitely escape.

Sure enough, effective range of magic was huge. a powerful boulder storm is set up in an area. This magic was quite powerful, even if a fifth-order warrior was hit, he would be seriously injured if not dead.

“Attack again” After watching this strong magic, Xiao Yu immediately waved his hand and shouted loudly.

When everyone heard the shout of Xiao Yu, they immediately rushed up again.

All sorts of attacks were constantly thrown on this big guy. Although everyone’s attack was incomparably strong, it’s still difficult to break the body of this big guy.


This big skeleton was too powerful. With a loud thud, everyone one was sent flying.

“This will not work. How can we kill him?” Xiao Yu asked loudly. Although he did not name the person whom he was asking, everyone understood that this question was directed at Aegwynn.

In current situation, only Aegwynn was qualified to answer the question.

Aegwynn looked at Xiao Yu while drinking red wine. She was acting as if she was watching a movie.

Aegwynn took a look at Xiao Yu and said faintly: “You can’t even kill such a big fool. It’s too bad.”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and said: “Can we compare with you old timers? If you attack, a magic can kill it.”

“I am very old?” Women were really sensitive to their age so was Aegwynn. Hearing Xiao Yu call her ‘old timer’ Aegwynn immediately became angry.

“Sigh, age is woman’s reverse scale, no matter who that woman is. If someone called them old, they would not take it lying down.” Xiao Yu thought to himself and helpless shook his head.

“Hey madam, you will always be the number one beauty on the mainland. No matter whether it is before or now, no one on the mainland dares to say that any other woman is more beautiful than you. In fact, I have always admired you very much. You are the eternal goddess in my heart.”

To deal with women, you should flatter them.

Sure enough, as Aegwynn heard the words of Xiao Yu, the expression on her face immediately eased a lot. Although she knew that Xiao Yu’s words didn’t have any sincerity, she still enjoyed it.

“This big guy looks very powerful, but in fact magical array protecting his soul is not perfect. There is big loophole in it.” Aegwynn said slowly.

Hearing Aegwynn said, Xiao Yu suddenly turned his head and began to look at this big guy. Sure enough, Xiao Yu found that this big guy hadn’t moved around since they started fighting. It’s always there.

Because of huge built, movability was difficult. This guy seemed to have huge weakness in terms of mobility.

You should know, if such huge guy wanted to move, it needed to consume a lot of energy. The undeads magician certainly did not have such a powerful mana.

“Everyone stop attacking head-on and utilise guerrilla strategy.” Xiao Yu said loudly.

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s shouting, everyone immediately began to retreat. It was enough distance to make this big guy unable to hit.


When big guy saw that everyone had retired, it immediately roared and looked around wondering which side to attack first.

In the end, this big guy did not act rashly, but stood in the same place, waiting for the reaction of everyone.

“This big guy is not stupid. Do you think we are unable to deal with you?” Xiao Yu snorted and said coldly. Then he turned around and said to Grom: “Grom, go and seduce him to attack you. Let him chase you, but don’t counterattack.”

Having heard Xiao Yu say so, Grom nodded and rushed ahead, leaving behind afterimages.

Grom was like a ghost. He slashed few times at big guy’s bones and then retreated back.

Grom’s strength was getting stronger and stronger. Although he couldn’t really hurt this big guy, it’s still possible to annoy this big guy.

Big guy was immediately angered by Grom; he roared and chased after Grom. Without further ado, Grom quickly ran.

The big guy threw boulders at Glom, but they were all avoided by Grom.

Rumble… Finally, the big guy chased Grom with heavy step. This big guy was slow at moving, but because of his huge built, he caught up with Grom in a few steps.

At this time, Xiao Yu ordered Maiev: “Maiev, attack him now.”

After receiving order of Xiao Yu, Maiev immediately rushed up. Her body seemed to be as light as feather floating in the air. Then she threw his axe at big guy.


The axe made a beautiful arc and hit the big guy’s head, stunning big guy.

The current attack power of Maiev was absolutely powerful.

“Oh…” The big guy screamed in pain and rushed over to Maiev. Seeing big guy rushing at her, Maiev took back the axe and quickly fled.

With Maiev’s speed, how could this big guy catch him.

At this time, Xiao Yu signalled small dragon, little dragon with nunchaku in his hand, attacked big guy from behind and then quickly escaped.

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