World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 490

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The crowds entered into battle mode, relying on their superior personal abilities as well as their super cooperation, they completely suppressed undeads.

Bang… Bang…

The magic of Kael’thas was unleashed one after another, often burning undeads to piles of ashes. With the Xinduolei golden rod, his strength was almost doubled.

Although his strength had not been restored to peak, he also could not unleash the level of strength as he did in Dark temple, but his current strength was also extremely terrifying.

These knights under Caso looked at Kael’thas’s powerful magical attack with amazement. This strength had almost sixth-order.

It was really tarrying for a fifth-order magician to have such strength. The blood elves were worthy of being called the most powerful magical race.

The strength of the blood elf was really extremely powerful.

Were these people really legendary heroes of the ancient times?

In the dark temple, they had also seen them with their own eyes; many of them had heard that ancient heroes were now returning back.

If that’s the case, it was not surprising that they had such power. However, if they were really ancient heroes, fighting with them was really a great honour.

Under the army’s continued assault, it was one sided slaughter.

“You, the despicable mortals, dare to invade the territory of the Barov family. You all are looking for a death.” At this time, a low but ice cold voice resounded.

Ground began to split apart as if something was trying to climb up from below. In fact, it didn’t take long before countless bones began to come out of slit area. These bones climbed out one by one. They did not attack Xiao Yu immediately, but gathered together.

After a while, these bones began to pile up. Soon pile of bones began to release green gas, which looked very strange.

That mist contains countless bizarre patters (Runes). These patterns were complicated unlike ordinary patterns. These patterns were obviously forming a huge array.

“What is this?” By now, all the dead souls had basically been killed. Xiao Yu saw that and immediately screamed. It was not looking something good at first glance.

“This is the most evil undead magic. This can be considered as undead magic created by Psychic Institute so it is naturally powerful.” Aegwynn came over and said faintly.

“What weaknesses does this guy have?” Xiao Yu directly asked main thing. They didn’t have luxury to devolve into its history. Aegwynn was a powerful magician. Knowledge she had was not comparable to Xiao Yu.

“Soul Fire is biggest weakness of Undead magic. As long as its soul fire is extinguished, it will be finished.” Aegwynn looked at the huge magical array and said.

“How can we extinguish the soul fire?” Xiao Yu asked again.

“An ordinary undead can be killed just by destroying the body part where its soul fire is located. They don’t have much protection, making it easy to kill them. However if it is a powerful undead, their soul fire has been condensed and formed protection array (law). For killing them, we first have to destroy its protection array.” Aegwynn looked at the huge pile of white bones that were gradually taking shape.

“How can we destroy protection array?” Xiao Yu asked again.

“If you can find place where array is located, you can simply destroy it with magic.” Aegwynn raised her chin and said proudly.

“If don’t know?” Xiao Yu grinned.

Xiao Yu did not know what to say.

By now, green mist had been cleared, revealing a giant monster consisting of white bones of more than ten meters height.

“Such a big beast!” Xiao Yu could not help but say so. This guy was really just too big.

Looks like it was not going to be smooth battle.


At this moment, the huge skeleton rushed toward Xiao Yu. A necromancer was sitting on the huge skeleton, being protected by it.

A huge monster, plus a necromancer, was definitely not a good combo.

“Everyone fight!” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

Caso was the first to take action. He was after all a sixth-order warrior. It was best time for him to perform.

Xiao Yu also sent the little dragon to help. He knew that this guy was too strong, and Caso couldn’t kill him by himself.

Little dragon also did not hesitate and went ahead. He took out his nunchaku and attacked this big guy.

Bang bang bang……

The big guy was indeed very powerful but even it was stunned by little dragon’s power. The power behind little dragon’s nunchaks was really too strong.

Little dragon’s body was too big to fight with ordinary humans, it was very inconvenient, but this large thing was best match for him. The last time when he fought powerful Gorloc leader, the other party was even stronger then this guy. Although he suffered loss last time, he was now even more powerful than before.

This big guy was far worse than the Gorloc leader.


At first that big guy was stunned by little dragon’s display of power, but soon he became angry. He immediately exerted even more power.

Little dragon had followed Xiao Yu for so long. How could he accept this loss.

“Although your power is strong, you cannot definitely defeat me relying on your low IQ.” Little dragon mumbled talked to himself.

Having heard Little dragon say so, Big guy could not take it lying down anymore.

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