World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 489

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Gradually, the Psychic Institute revealed itself to everyone. Everyone was extremely shocked by this huge Institute. This was once the home of the Barov family. Later it became the Institute that had trained the Necromancers.

At this point, Xiao Yu looked at Astu who was fleeing from the falling boulders. Xiao Yu waved his hand and ordered, “Charge inside.”

“This… Brother Xiao, should we really go inside? It’s obviously a dangerous place.” asked Caso while looking at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “Brother Caso, have you forgotten? I am very familiar with such ancient buildings. This place was not that dangerous. ”

“How?” Caso asked in confused tone.

“Just follow me, there is nothing dangerous here. At most, there will be some undead. I have Uther as well as paladins. What are you afraid of?”

Now, Xiao Yu had the silver hand led by Alonso, which also filled him with confidant. After all, the paladins were the nemesis of the undead.

When Caso heard Xiao Yu reply, he smiled and followed Xiao Yu inside without saying anything.

He also knew that Xiao Yu’s original plan was to use the boulder to kill the enemy troops. It must be said that although Xiao Yu looked very careless person, he was actually a very careful person. He thought very thoroughly.

Since Xiao Yu dared to say this, then there was definitely no problem.

As a result, everyone entered the Psychic Institute. Moreover going further in, Xiao Yu ordered Tyrande set a lot of traps at the entrance.

Now, after the Tyrande level reached high level, the effects of trap became even more powerful.

As long as you dared to step into the trap of Tyrande, even if you didn’t die, you would definitely loose a layer of skin.

Just as they proceed bit ahead inside tunnel, two 45 meters high skeleton rushed at Xiao Yu’s team while throwing its fist at them. Xiao Yu’s team narrowly dodged the incoming fist, causing it to poke a hole in stone wall.


Alonso walked in front of skeleton and then used his cursed torch. Cursed Torch released a terrifying power at Skeleton.

The bones of the skeleton which were thicker than the trunk were smashed by the power released by cursed torch.

Body of the skeleton immediately emitted blue smoke while making crumbling sounds. Skeleton howled in pain caused by injured hand bone.

Taking advantage of skeleton’s distraction, Alonso turned around and appeared behind skeleton. Then he used cursed torch at the thigh of skeleton.

With a load thud, the tall skeleton fell to the ground and body of the skeleton began to burn causing to scream in pain. Soon painful screams of skeleton died down.

Obviously, its soul fire was extinguished.

On the other hand, Caso was fighting with other skeleton while holding his shield. He was a sixth order warrior. With him blocking skeleton, he could reduce unnecessary casualties. Therefore, he took the initiative to fight. Xiao Yu also approved Caso’s initiative.

Caso slammed forward his shield and blocked the skeleton’s attack. Then, he stepped aside and dashed at the back of skeleton. He directly stabbed the backbone of skeleton with his sword.

These skeletons seemed to be fragile under the sword of Caso. In fact, the toughness of skeletons’ bones was inferior to the armour made of steel.

However, even after getting his backbone pierced by a sword, it did not die immediately. After all they were originally undead creatures, unless their soul fire were extinguished, otherwise it was not so easy to kill them.

Taking this chance, Alonso used his cursed torch and extinguished the soul fire of skeleton.

The two skeleton bones were so powerful, causing everyone to become more cautious surroundings.

Xiao Yu was indifferent. He had been to the Dark temple so could this place be more dangerous than the dark temple? In addition, there was better than Dark Temple. Now they had Aegwynn. Who could harm them?

In those days, Aegwynn was the guardian of this continent, specifically renowned for her massacre of demons and undead.

This was why Xiao Yu was not afraid to come here.

It was very difficult for Xiao Yu to convince Aegwynn to help him beat Meg City. After all, he couldn’t order Aegwynn around.

However, if there was danger then Aegwynn would have to take action.

Xiao Yu’s small calculations were really true to a point. Therefore, having Aegwynn as his bodyguard, he was not worried.

Soon they reached inner area of Psychic Institute.

Inside the hall, they saw countless undeads wandering here and there.

If they were just the ordinary undeads, there’s nothing to worry about it, because Xiao Yu had seen many undeads in the Under City. These undeads were not same. They were clothed in black cloaks. They were obviously the necromancer, which was not that right.

Necromancers were not easy to kill, it was not easy to fight against them.

When undeads saw Xiao Yu’s team’s arrival, they growled and rushed toward Xiao Yu.

“Brother Xiao, what tactics should we employ?” Looking at undeads rushing over, Caso couldn’t help but ask.

Xiao Yu replied, “What tactics? Kill them directly!”

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