World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 488

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“F#ck!” Xiao Yu shouted in anger. What would happen of his strategy? He planned to lead other party to the mountain and then through bombs on the mountain to make countless rocks roll down, completely destroying the enemy army.

But who could forecast the future? This unexpected event destroyed Xiao Yu’s whole plan. You must know that Xiao Yu have to employ his plan when the other party was completely under the range of falling rocks. But now that it happened ahead of schedule, although it could kill a large number of enemy soldiers, it certainly could not produce the desired effect.


Countless boulders fell from the mountains, rolled out toward Astu’s army. Many of these boulders were hundreds of tons heavy. Moreover, they fell from the mountain, gaining fierce momentum. The power was definitely no worse than the sixth-order magic.

Moreover, the key was area covered, the area covered was too big. Even for Theodore, it was not an easy thing to cast magic of this scale.

Astu’s face was green. He didn’t expect such a situation at all.

“Withdraw, withdraw fast.” He couldn’t help but be glad that his infantry had not reached yet. Otherwise, once these boulders rolled down, most of his infantry would have crushed directly.

But, even if they ran, it was Impossible.

As the result, the soldiers wearing hard armour were directly smashed into the piece. Although the cavalry rode horses, quite a number of them was still killed or injured by the boulders.

However, after rolling for a while, boulders were blocked by the tall trees, which led to a significant decline in the lethality of the boulders.

Despite this, the Astu’s soldiers were also suffering a lot.

At this time, the lightning was still thundering in the sky.               Suddenly, from the places where the boulders fell down, a sudden radiance emerged, as if a huge flashlight was placed underneath.

“Powerful magical elements!” At this time, a person suddenly jumped up and looked at everything in front of her with incredible eyes.

This person was none other than Aegwynn.

“What is going on?” Xiao Yu immediately understood that Aegwynn knew something. After all, she had lived for at least 10,000 years ago.

“This energy is very familiar to me. I seem to have seen it.” Aegwynn looked at the light, thoughtful.

“Where is it? Think about it.” Xiao Yu’s eyes widened. It must be an ancient place. Such places often had many treasures.


Soon with thunder causing destruction, the mountain rocks either exploded or fell down, revealing an ancient-looking roof.

Xiao Yu was very familiar with such ancient but beautiful looking building. After all, many of the buildings in Warcraft were like this.

At this time, Aegwynn was also in deep thoughts. The lightning still continued to fall but it was not so dense and was no longer targeting the crowd.

The building was in ruin, but it was covered by a magical shield. Lightings falling on magical shield didn’t cause any harm at all.

What was this place? Who made such a magical shield for such a huge building?

After more and more stones fell down, Xiao Yu gradually saw the appearance of the building.

“This… this is the Psychic Institute…” Xiao Yu suddenly cried out loud.

“What? That legendary psychic Institute which specializes in training undead magicians?” Celia came to Xiao Yu’s side and exclaimed in shock.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Yes, I am sure, this is the Psychic Institute, but how did the Psychic Institute arrive here?”

“This continent has many things that you can’t imagine. It’s not strange that Psychic Institute is here.” Aegwynn said suddenly.

“What are they?” Xiao Yu asked in shock. It seems that Aegwynn knew something.

Aegwynn looked at Xiao Yu with disdain and said: “With your strength, you are not qualified to know these things.”

“…” Xiao Yu was extremely dissatisfied with Aegwynn’s attitude.

Recently, Xiao Yu and Aegwynn were always fighting each other. He always wanted to get close to Lin Bixue, but every time he took a step forward, Aegwynn appeared and hindered his good deeds.

Xiao Yu couldn’t do anything about Aegwynn. Xiao Yu didn’t know exactly how much Aegwynn’s strength had recovered, but in short, people including Caso, could not even withstand her single attack. Aegwynn casually threw them away with a wave of her hand.

But Aegwynn didn’t really hurt them. At most, it made them writhe in pain for a few days. They were not really hurt or killed. This was also the reason why Xiao Yu bearing it.

He felt that Aegwynn did not have any malicious though at least for time being. Otherwise, with the power of Aegwynn, they all would be killed.

The horrible magician, Theodore could even resist a country. However, Aegwynn was much more powerful than Theodore. No one could estimate her strength.

At this time, all rocks covering Psychic Institute fell down. Psychic Institute gradually appeared in front of everyone.

Looking at the familiar door, Xiao Yu could not help but sigh, the Psychic Institute was once the home of the Barov family.

Since Psychic Institute was here, then… an even more important place should be nearby.

That was the tomb of Uther.

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