World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 487

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With the death of these soldiers, guerrilla warfare had officially started.

Xiao Yu ordered the soldiers to attack, kill and then flee. The guerrilla warfare was absolutely useful in woods.

Although these cavalries undeniably had strong strength, it was impossible for them to withstand the attacks of the little dragon and gryphon knights.

Xiao Yu’s soldiers sneak attacked enemy and then fled. They didn’t remain at the same location instea they kept changing it.

At the other hand, Maiev and other heroes began to carry out strategic bombarding. Bombarding caught many soldiers off-guard and killed them.

However, not long after, more and more enemy soldiers came in (woods), they used magic cannons and targeted Gryphon Knights flying in the air.

“Withdraw!” Sensing the threat of magical cannons, Xiao Yu ordered to withdraw further in.

The guerrilla warfare deeply prohibits head-on confrontation.

Astu sent a scout to continue the investigation, although most of them were killed, many others still reported back. There was a waterfall ahead.

When they reach there, Xiao Yu would be cornered and would have no way to escape.

When Astu heard that, he was overjoyed. He knew that Xiao Yu was unfamiliar with the terrain here, so although he made his troops retreat in the woods, it was very likely to for him not about the waterfall.

Astu did not think that Xiao Yu was so shrewd that he might not notice this detail? Before Xiao Yu, it was planned that many days began to attack.

Soon, Astu released a series of orders.

When the strength of one party was far stronger on the other side, then the tactics of the surrounding was most appropriate.

Xiao Yu’s team had already reached the cliff. On the other side, Astu had already ordered his people to be ready to attack with magical instruments.

He knew that Xiao Yu had fewer people, but their strength was definitely very strong. Moreover, he knew that Xiao Yu’s soldiers could not be dealt with by his army. They could only be fatal by relying on magical instruments.

“Haha, guys, you really have some ability.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

“Hey, Xiao Yu, what kind of trick are you playing? But no matter what trick you play, in the face of absolute strength, you will still be finished.”

“Have you seen my magic cannons and magic equipment’s? I only need to make soldiers attack you, and then you will be minced into pieces immediately. As long as you surrender now, I guarantee your safety …” Asto said in a resolute voice. Although he said that, he didn’t really plan to keep his words. He was just waiting for Xiao Yu to let his guard down so that he could annihilate Xiao Yu in one fell swipe.

However, how could Xiao Yu not see through this simple trick?

Xiao Yu disdained the road: “do you think I need to surrender? Do you really think I will be killed? Have you seen the bombs I used just before? If you dare to attack me, I will throw all the mines at you. Even if your magical cannons are powerful, they need a lot of magic crystals. How many magic crystals can you have? I can make up for quality with quantity. My bombs versus your magic cannons, let’s see who have the last laugh. Haha…”

“Hey, you don’t have to care how much magic crystals I have, but it’s definitely enough to kill you,” Astu replied.

Morale was a very important thing. In war, the general must not let his army’s morale palmate. Otherwise, the army will not be able to release its full potential. Astu knew this principle well. To deal with Xiao Yu who only had not more than 1000 soldiers, they come with 10,000 soldiers. These small things had significant impact on the morale of the army.

Previously, he did not believe that Xiao Yu actually had a dragon.

We are talking about a dragon. How many dragons are there in this world? The Dragon Knight had become legendary existence. However, a dragon had appeared now.

This was a big blow to morale.

Although everyone was very eager to slaughter a Dragon Warrior, when it comes to the dragon, it was another matter.

The dragons were on the top of the pyramid on this continent. Imbued with powerful physic and magical ability, they were like demons.


At this time, suddenly, the thunder appeared in the sky, countless lightning descended from the sky.

“How can it suddenly thunder in clear day” Xiao Yu and others were very surprised.

In fact, not only Xiao Yu but even Astu was shocked. This phenomenon was really strange.

How could it suddenly thunder in a clear day?

It was not rainy season, the sky was completely clear. How could it suddenly thunder? Moreover, the lightning was so powerful that it shattered many of the rocks where it stuck.


At this time, with another flash, it directly charred soldiers wearing armour. The power of this lightning was much stronger.

The lightning of the Griffin Knight was just a kind of magic, but this was the real deal.

“Everyone, take off your armour right now.” Xiao Yu shouted loudly.

Currently, if they still wore armour, then they were just looking for death. Everyone immediately began to put off their armour, but Astu did not respond.

Then, another lightning fell down.

“What the hell is happening here?” Xiao Yu roared. Originally, he had prepared a plan to deal with Astu. But now, it was completely messed up by the lightning.


There was another violent noise, but this time, it was not thunder. Mountain here began to collapse in a large area, and countless rocks rolled down the towering cliffs.

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