World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 486

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Astu looked at Xiao Yu with a sneer. After that with his troops, he marched at Xiao Yu’s camp.

However, this time he did not blindly pursue Xiao Yu as Aswan did just a while ago. He divided his troops into two parts, although it dropped their speed, it made easy to control the army.

He already knew that Xiao Yu’s soldiers’ individual combat power was extremely strong. If he took head-on-confrontation, he was definitely not an opponent.

However, his advantage lay in numbers and the possession of a large number of magical instruments.

Even with so many people, if he still couldn’t kill them then they were jokes. As he pursued, Astu ordered the team to start unleashing attacks with magic equipment.

With a loud bang, many huge fireballs flew in the sky, and finally landed at Xiao Yu’s campsite, causing a series of explosions.

This was a low-level magical cannon; it mainly composed of a fire type magical array. It used the nucleus of fire type beasts to launch a powerful fireball.

This technology was used to be the proudest discovery of the legendary gnomes. Now that materials were not easy to obtain and the refining process was also quite hard, their quantity was not very much.

However, their power was definitely not low.

Of course, this magical guide gun and Nikolay’s magical guide gun, the power is not in a grade.

If magical cannons continued to fire, it would be catastrophic for Xiao Yu.

“Nima, they actually have such a thing.” Xiao Yu’s eye gleamed. He knew Miranda have strong backing but he did not expect him to have magical cannons.

“Everyone spread out.” Xiao Yu did not order the Air Force (Griffins) to go and destroy these magical cannons, because he knew that since the other party took out the magical cannon, they there must have something to ensure their safety likely some magic equipment.

That magical equipment was likely to have a way to deal with his air force. When he fought against the Kennedy family, Xiao Yu’s Air Force had suffered heavy losses by something like a magic cannon.

At this time, Xiao Yu did not have any good methods. He could only command the army to spread out to avoid high casualties. In fact, they were few in number and were scattered so the threat of magical cannons was not very high.

Xiao Yu had just more than 1,000 people and each one had superior strength. Xiao Yu made everyone scatter and waited for magic cannons to consume all ammo. Since this kind of attack was ineffective, Astu did not dare to continue to use it too much. After all, the power of magical cannon was huge but the cost was not small either.

Using these magical cannons cost many demonic nuclei, it was like burning money. If it wasn’t for the permission of Prince Miranda this time, he would not dare to use so many magic cannons to attack.

“Advance” Seeing enemy scatter around, Astu immediately ordered the troops to move quickly. He didn’t want to give any chance to Xiao Yu to counterattack.

“The cavalry quickly chase them.” Astu also understood that it was almost impossible for heavy infantry to catch up with Xiao Yu.

He had already seen the plot of Xiao Yu, so this time he did not bring a lot of heavy infantry. He preferred

In this case, when the position is stabilized and the heavy infantry is rushed forward, it will achieve good results.

Under the command of Astu, cavalry rushed toward Xiao Yu. These cavalries were equipped with all magical armours; they held magic weapons in their hands. They were the elite in the elite.

Xiao Yu looked at the cavalry and thought to himself: “if I can get my hands on these magic equipment, my soldiers’ strength will…”

The soldiers summoned by Xiao Yu were equipped with equipment produced by the base, but the general soldiers didn’t have such an advantage, but he had to buy them.

He had purchased several weapons and equipment, but he found that this kind of arms trading was fucking too money consuming. His wealth was not enough to equip every soldier.

So, in this situation, robbing was the best option.

Xiao Yu soon surpassed his momentary greed and looked at the powerful forces of the enemy. He was also thinking about a way to retreat safely. Now, he did not dare to think about conquering the Meg city.

Xiao Yu’s soldiers could not deal with the enemy. Although they were all elite, they were outnumbered.

The situation was very tricky. At this time, cavalry began to lessen the distance between themselves and Xiao Yu’s warriors. Once they caught up to them, Xiao Yu’s warriors would be in deep trouble.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Yu snorted and ordered: “Enter into the forest.”

Having heard the order of Xiao Yu, everyone immediately rushed to the forest. Vicinity of Meg City had mountains and forests.

Seeing Xiao Yu entering into woods, the leading cavalry immediately stopped, not daring to pursue further. Forests were not good for cavalry. They might be ambushed.

When Astu saw the situation, he immediately yelled, “What are you doing? Quickly enter inside! I have already sent a scout to explore, there is no ambush.”

Hearing the shout of Astu, cavalry immediately rushed into the woods.

However, because there were too many trees in the woods, the cavalry was unable to maintain its formation. They were forced to divide into small groups. But they were not too worried after all each of them was equipped with magical equipment.


Just as they moved deep inside, they saw a huge red dragon rushing toward them.

“Ah… a dragon? How can there be a dragon?” The soldiers were shocked by what they saw. After all, on this continent, the dragon had almost disappeared.

What shocked them more was altogether another thing.

“What is going on here? How can a dragon use weapon?” everyone was shocked beyond words. Without waiting for the enemy to recover from shock, the little dragon attacked with nunchaku.

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