World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 485

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“Bastard! What’s going on? Are we going to lose so many people for nothing?” Prince Miranda’s face turned blue and green. In fact, even after the battle, he didn’t understand how so many people died. What was going on? Had the strength of the other side really reached this horrible state?

No one could understand why the disparity between both sides was that huge.

Astu was really mad at this time. His brother Aswan was killed before his eyes but he could not do anything. Maiev’s assassination skills were too strong.

Maiev could assassinate people in the dark and battlefield most easily. On the battlefield, she hid among the thousands of people, showcasing her terrifying assassination skills.

“I want to kill them,” Astu said with a distorted face. He looked at Miranda and said: “His Highness, this guy is clearly provoking and insulting the army of our Lance Empire. I suggest sending our real military power and annihilating them in one fell swoop. According to the scout’s report, there is really no other military force in the vicinity. That is to say, they have only so few people. If we really get scared of them, where will our Lance Empire’s face go?”

Miranda wanted to tear Xiao Yu into pieces but he was a cautious person and would never take action lightly. He knew that if he made a mistake, he would lose everything.

“Is there really no other army in the vicinity?” Miranda asked again.

The reason why he did not dare to make a large-scale move against Xiao Yu was he thought that Xiao Yu had large army hidden as triumph card. To clear his suspicions he sent many scouts to check every direction. According to the scouts’ report, there was no hidden reinforcement nearby.

In other words, the army of Xiao Yu only consist of people in front of him. Although their strength was strong, he could simply overpower them by numbers.

“His Highness I can guarantee that there is no other army in the vicinity. I think, this Xiao Yu is trying to scare us by putting a brave front. In fact, they may be thinking about other plots. I suggest that we should eliminate them quickly. If their reinforcements arrived, it will put us at a disadvantage,” Astu analysed.

Miranda thought for a while, slowly said: “Well, bring back those whores (Scarlett and Michele), want to enjoy them. As for others, kill them directly.”

“Yes, His Highness. This subordinate requests the magician troops and all kinds of magical instruments to participate in the battle. The other side has several strong warriors. The subordinates also want to ask Master Sieck and Master Modell’s help in the attack.” Asto replied.

Miranda waved his hand and said: “All for you, as long as you can kill him.”

“Yes.” Astu’s face showed a cruel smile as he replied.

In order to avoid the recurrence of things that year, a lot of magical instruments were stored here. With magical instruments, magician’s power could be increased by a level.


After the fight, everyone (Xiao Yu’s soldiers) lied on the ground as if they were here for a picnic. Originally, Scarlet Crusades was renowned for their strict discipline, but under the guidance of Xiao Yu, these new silver hand troops also learned the rogue habits of the orc infantry. They sat anywhere, eat and drink everywhere.

If this was done before, Alonso would be facepalmed. Not to mention sitting, even if a soldier’s armour was slightly disordered or if the sword was not polished, it was considered as great disrespect.

But now, army was looking like a group of bandits.

Both Caso and Alonso could only shake their heads helplessly; they could not blame Xiao Yu for this. After all, Xiao Yu was the chief command and never lost any battle.

After getting along with each other for so long, the orc infantry also told them about the glorious history of Xiao Yu. The more they listened, the more shocked they were.

With so few casualties, they had achieved such an impressive record. They won every fight without exception. They do not take war as a game.

Caso and Alonso were also observing whole battle. They found that although these soldiers seemed to be lazing, but in reality, they were dispelling the tension of the war in this way. This increased their morale.

In fact, after being with Xiao Yu for some time, they did find that Xiao Yu was a rogue.

However, although he was hooligan, he was rogue with great skills and forthright. He didn’t follow regular means, always comes up with new ideas. These ideas were not only innovative but also very effective.

This method was indeed very rogue, not a gentleman, but Caso believed that this kind of tactic was indeed the most correct method to ease tension. This method was also great for teasing enemies.

Perhaps this was why Xiao Yu had never lost.

“If this time, I can really capture the city of Meg, I will follow him afterwards. This kind of person is definitely a wonderful wizard.”

Caso thought so in his heart.

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