World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 484

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Getting orders of Miranda, infantry immediately began to march at Xiao Yu. However, these heavy infantries were slow, making it difficult to catch up with Xiao Yu.

The cavalry did not dare to attack, so they could only follow slowly.

Xiao Yu did not withdraw quickly. It seemed that chaos had affected their travelling speed. This pursuit continued for two or three miles.

This place was used by Xiao Yu and his army for the past few days. A lot of pits were dug by them for cooking and other purposes. All this slowed down infantries’ speed.

Xiao Yu along with his army continued to run, but after running for a certain time, they suddenly stopped.

“Haha, F#ck you!” Several orc soldiers ran to the front and spat out abuses at the heavy infantry that was chasing them.

Being taunted and insulted by enemy soldiers made the soldiers of Meg City burn in anger. Who are these people? Are they really soldiers? They were just a group of goons.

Aswan did not dare to go too far. He commanded the soldiers to continue to advance. But terrain made it difficult to maintain any formation. Troops had been split into small groups, completely unable to maintain formation.

The situation of the infantry was not good. The horses were jumping back and forth. Often they would collide with each other because of terrain and confusion.

At this time, Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed the light of deceitfulness as he shouted: “Explode now!”


With a violent explosion, mushroom-shaped clouds rose in the air. The explosion not only killed many cavalries but also heavy injured other soldiers.

“Brother Caso look!” Xiao Yu said while looking excitedly at Caso.

Caso always found Xiao Yu’s actions strange. However, he did not know why he had an inexplicable trust in Xiao Yu.

Aswan was shocked by the unexpected turn of events but he soon recovered and commanded: “Retreat, retreat…”

Just as he finished saying, he felt a chill run down his spine, he unconsciously turned back to look to see those pair of purple eyes of the black-cloaked man who was riding the horse. Then he saw a blade hacking at him. At next moment, his mind went black and his body fell down, turning into a cold dead body.


Since the integration with that Shadow, the strength of Maiev had greatly improved. She had practically become a powerful assassin who had no flaw.

Without the leader, the soldiers had no one to give directions. They wanted to retreat but the terrain was extremely complicated. They simply did not know where to go. Many of them stepped on mines in chaos.

Under chaos, gryphons (griffins) knights also bombarded the army from above, causing mass casualties and chaos.

Xiao Yu had not deployed many people at all. A total of only more than 1,000 soldiers were deployed including Silver hand.

The original soldiers of the silver hand also got boost by Uther’s aura. Originally, their strength was not that strong.

The Scarlet Crusade, which relied on faith to enhance its strength, now had Uther, causing their strength to almost double.

Under the blessing of Uther, each of them had at least second-order peak strength and some high-level paladins could even reach the third-order even fourth-order peak.

At this point, they were absolutely unstoppable. Because they had experienced the killing training under Scarlet Crusade, their performance was extremely good on the battlefield. Seeing blood, blood in their body also boiled.

Xiao Yu took out a chair from his space ring and sat on it while enjoying Michele and Scarlett’s massage.

At this time, Xiao Yu was observing the battle with ease. It was undeniable that Caso and his Iron Horse Brotherhood were indeed powerful.

None of the knights was below the third order. Under the blessing of Uther, their strength had also increased.

In particular, Caso himself, a powerful sixth-order fighter, was like a tiger into a flock of sheep’s.

The hard armour of the heavy infantries was not enough to withstand attacks of Caso. With his strength, no one could hurt him at all.

The 5,000 heavy cavalry was like lambs on chopping board ready to be slaughtered. Although they were fleeing, Xiao Yu’s side was attacking with its full strength.

Just less than in ten minutes, the other party almost lost half of his soldiers, showing how strong fighting power of Xiao Yu was.

At this time, Caso’s blood was boiling. Because of Uther’s blessings, a warm current of energy was running through his body, causing him to feel full of power. It was very intoxicating like taking drugs.

Every warrior desires an increase in his strength. However, after reaching the sixth stage, moving further forward was harder than going to heaven. He always thought that he might not be able to experience more powerful power in his life.

However, with Uther’s blessing, he felt that his strength had at least doubled. The strong feeling made him feel that he was completely in another order. He may even break through to another realm at any time.

When Sik saw Caso, he couldn’t take his eyes of Caso. He naturally felt the power of Caso.

He wanted to fight with Caso, but when he saw that Caso’s strength was boosted by the blessing of Uther. He knew that he was not the opponent of Caso.

If he really fought head-on, he would be defeated in few rounds.

Who was this Xiao Yu? How did he have such a powerful general? No wonder he dared to attack Meg City with such a small amount of people.

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