World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 483

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At this time, Xiao Yu began to eat and drink. Miranda who was watching the whole scene from the top of the wall was completely stunned. He had already sent a squad to hear Xiao Yu’s actions. When he learned that Xiao Yu really brought troops to fight, he was very cautious. Although he was not afraid, he also knew that Xiao Yu shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since Xiao Yu dared to attack him, he must have a hidden card.

Therefore, Miranda woke up early and did all the preparations, waiting for Xiao Yu to attack the city.

However, he did not think that after Xiao Yu came, they did not attack the city at all. Instead, they began to set up camps in the local area and then began to barbecue.

The smell of the barbecue even drifted to the city, causing soldiers to lick their lips.

Miranda could not believe it.

He thought that Xiao Yu must be planning. There must be some troops behind him. Therefore, Miranda ordered to wait and see what Xiao Yu would do.

People on the top of the wall looked at Xiao Yu with a silly look. Xiao Yu’s soldiers ate and danced.

Xiao Yu looked at Miranda and did not send troops out. His face showed a mysterious smile. He continued to eat and drink. He did not talk about the war.

Next day, Xiao Yu sent Griffins to bombard the city. At the same time, the explosions rang in different parts of the city. Meg city was in a complete mess. Soldiers immediately got in firing position and aimed at Xiao Yu’s troop to cope with any surprise attack.

But even after a long time, no one attacked.

Miranda could not fell asleep whole night. He was very afraid that Xiao Yu would attack in the night. Suddenly he heard the drumming sound; he immediately got up and went to the city wall, but found that there was nothing.

Miranda was a clever person. He understood that Xiao Yu wanted him to attack, not another way around. But he didn’t take the bait and suppressed his anger.

Miranda gnashed his teeth and decided not to sleep. He just sat on the city wall, waiting for Xiao Yu to attack. However, Xiao Yu never attacked. Soon it was dawn. There was a burst of shouting sound on all sides, and the explosion sounded again everywhere. A huge fire phoenix flew and directly hit city wall, blasting it open. The whole city wall was blown leaving behind gravel.

Then, a figure suddenly popped out and directly killed the two soldiers on the wall.

“There are assassins, be careful.” Someone from soldiers shouted loudly and pointed at the assassin. However, the assassin jumped off the wall. In the blink of an eye, it surrounded into the darkness leaving without a trace.

This assassin was undoubtedly Maiev.

“Bastard!” Miranda was very angry. Miranda knew that he got played again.

In the daytime, Miranda did not dare to be negligent, because he believed that Xiao Yu would attack them when they were exhausted.

However, beyond his expectations, Xiao Yu still did not attack and continued to take eat, drink, and play. Not only that, from time to time, he also threw a few words against the city.

“Miranda, let’s have a drink together. See, I have a good drink here, there are beautiful people to accompany me, haha…” Xiao Yu deliberately let Scarlett and Michele sit beside him.

“Xiao Yu.” Miranda’s eyes were red, but he had no choice but to be patient.

“Prince, this guy is too arrogant. Let me annihilate him.” At this time, a general of the Meg City, Aswan spoke.

For general, Xiao Yu’s behaviour was really irritating. He was mocking them without stopping.

“Hey, he just wants us to do so. If we go out now, we will fall for his scheme.” Miranda said very calmly.

Aswan could just nod in reply.

In the night, Xiao Yu continued to send people to harass and set fire in the city, causing soldiers in the city to be exhausted.

Miranda also didn’t sleep well at all, his eyes were red. He couldn’t wait to eat Xiao Yu.

“His Royal Highness, if things continue like this, our soldiers will definitely be physically and mentally exhausted. When the enemy attacked, it will certainly be difficult to defend.” Aswan said.

“Asto take 5,000 elite heavy infantry and check their abilities.” Miranda finally ordered.

The soldiers in Meg City were all fine soldiers. 5000 heavy infantry were absolutely rare in other places, but it was not rare here.

“Yes.” Asto immediately nodded and gave a look to Aswan. Asto was a brother of Aswan. He was a brave and powerful general. He was a fighter of the fifth-order peak.

Soon after, the gates opened wide and a fully armed heavy infantry unit marched out.

Seeing the situation, Caso, who had been playing chess with Xiao Yu in the past few days, immediately took out his weapon and looked at the heavy infantry. There was coldness in his eyes.

Xiao Yu said to Caso with a slight smile: “Brother Caso, don’t worry. Let’s wait and see the situation.”

Caso had fought many wars. Having heard what Xiao Yu said, his eyes wrinkled as he said: “Brother Xiao, are we still not playing? We have spent a few days playing chess here. if we let them charge, we will be in trouble.”

Xiao Yu ​​smiled and said: “Do not worry, Brother Caso, I have a plan. Let’s first retreat”

Xiao Yu let everyone stand up, began to pack their bags, ready to retreat.

Xiao Yu’s most of the necessary and valuable things were in the space ring, so there was nothing to pack up.

The other’s heavy infantry charged forward in a neat and uniform manner as if it was a tumultuous thunder with extremely powerful momentum.

“Let me attack, I can definitely destroy heavy infantry,” Caso said coldly.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “Don’t worry about Brother. You will have your chance to show your strength. Now, let’s retreat first.”

Seeing Xiao Yu retreat along with his soldiers, the Miranda was stunned. Originally, they thought it would be a fierce battle.

However, Xiao Yu immediately fled.

Astu was also stunned. He could not help but look at the wall, asking for Miranda’s opinion, whether to pursue.

Miranda frowned and then ordered coldly: “Follow, but don’t go too far.”

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