World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 482

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The next day, Xiao Yu got up early and began to discuss strategy. He was going to attack Meg City. Maiev reported that their army was attacked several times at night. It was not all-out attack but small surprise assaults.

Xiao Yu had already predicted it. He knew that Miranda would not let him be at ease. However, he also understood that this kind of attacks did not need him to pay at all. Now, his heroes were mature so they could handle it on their own without his help.

Xiao Yu along with others went to have breakfast. At this time, Lin Muxue whose real soul had returned to her body again came to Xiao Yu’s side. Her face was very upset and she apologized to Xiao Yu.

Last time when they were kissing each other, Aegwynn’s soul took over and broke their good time.

Xiao Yu saw that Lin Muxue was blaming herself with a pitiful look. He immediately comforted Lin Muxue. He even cracked jokes and told a variety of funny things.

Lin Muxue was his official wife. How could he take it lightly? A man could be passionate, but he must be good to his wife.

Moreover, that incident was not mistake of Lin Muxue.

After Xiao Yu’s comfort, Lin Muxue finally broke into laughter and happily ate with Xiao Yu. When Scarlett’s mother and sister saw Lin Muxue, they were somewhat cautious. They even did not dare to sit down.

Lin Muxue greeted Scarlett’s mother and sister with a smile. Scarlett knew that Lin Muxue was the official fiancée of Xiao Yu. In the future, she must be the master of the Lion King.

However, Lin Muxue was generous to them, causing Scarlett to feel goodwill for her. Scarlett and Michele both thought, maybe, it was very correct choice to entrust themselves to Xiao Yu.

“Duke Xiao, how are you going to attack this Meg City?” asked Caso at the dinner table.

When Xiao Yu heard what Caso asked, he smiled and said, “I don’t know.”

Caso was left speechless by hearing Xiao Yu’s reply. Commander had to come up with strategies to deal with enemies. As the commander, it was necessary to be prepared at the beginning to be able to win the war.

War was not a game. If you were not careful, you would be completely ruined.

However, Caso looked at Xiao Yu’s expression and found that Xiao Yu was not the kind of person who was reckless. Therefore, after asking this question, he did not ask more but waited to see how Xiao Yu fares in war.

Xiao Yu and Caso happily drunk wine and exchanged some pleasantry. They didn’t mention the war at all. After eating the meal, Xiao Yu stood up and looked at the people under his command. He said loudly: “Brothers, get ready for war!”

When everyone heard Xiao Yu’s command, they immediately began to wipe their weapons one by one and then began to get ready to go to the city with Xiao Yu. Caso looked at the scene. They were going to war after eating. This was absolutely a bad way to fight.

Caso couldn’t help but exclaim at it. The soldiers of Xiao Yu were also too afraid. As far as war was concerned, it seemed that it was just like going park. No one showed even a shred of fear or hesitation.

Caso did not know how such an army was trained.

No way, Caso looked at the people under his command and found them looking at each other in disarray.

Xiao Yu did not take the carriage again. Instead, he rode a horse and walked side by side with Caso. As they rode, Xiao Yu asked: “Caso, are you the descendants of the Iron Horse Brotherhood?”

Caso was not surprised by Xiao Yu’s question: “Young Master Xiao, what you said is correct. We are the last one left of Iron Horse Brotherhood. Over the years, we have experienced a lot of things and great changes have also taken place. However, we still follow the Knights’ Rules of the Iron Horse Brotherhood.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Right, you are all real knights. That’s why I have a good impression of you.”

“Actually, our Iron Horse Brotherhood has been almost forgotten by people of the continent. In the Dark Temple, we heard Brother Xiao telling stories about history so I hope Brother Xiao can tell us something about the history of our Iron Horse Brotherhood.” Caso said.

Xiao Yu replied: “Although history has been forgotten, it doesn’t matter if the inheritance is not broken. If you just follow the Knights’ Rules of the Iron Horse Brotherhood, it is enough.”

So, while Xiao Yu chatted with Caso, he explained some things to Caso about the Iron Horse Brotherhood.

Caso listened very seriously. Every word of Xiao Yu felt like he was listening to the Bible. Caso even wanted to write these stories and then use them as their classics.

After their talk, Xiao Yu explained his plan to Caso. After listening to the strategy, Caso couldn’t help but admire Xiao Yu.

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