World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 481

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Soon, Xiao Yu reached the place where his army was located. After landing, Xiao Yu looked at his own troops with a satisfied look.

With these people, no matter where he went, he had a lot of confidence.

Xiao Yu was surprised to find that not only his troops came, but also a man from Iron Horse Brotherhood came.

At this point, that person came over first and smiled at Xiao Yu: “Duke Xiao!”

This person was a powerful warrior.

Xiao Yu quickly said: “It turned out to be Brother Caso, how come you are here?”

Xiao Yu was relatively at ease while dealing with these people. They felt that they were a group of more decent people. Not only that, they were strong.

When Caso heard Xiao Yu’s reply, there was no unhappiness on his face, but he was even happier. “When we heard that you are in trouble, we come over to help.”

Xiao Yu immediately understood that other party had some request, that’s why he (Cesa) took the initiative to help.

However, Xiao Yu could not refuse because he really needed some soldiers. If other requested something, he would try his best to do fulfil it.

With these people, he was more confident in taking down Meg City. Iron Horse Brotherhood brought hundreds of people this time, and each one was quite strong.

“Great, I need help. Brother Caso came over to help, this is really timely rainy.” Xiao Yu said and invited Caso for good talk later.

“This…good.” Caso did not say what he wanted to ask. If you wanted to ask for help, you should first take some initiative.

At this time, Scarlett came over, watching Xiao Yu, her eyes watered as she said: “Young Master Xiao, thank you, thank you very much. I don’t know how I will be able to repay you. You can be rest assured, I will explain everything to her at a later date.”

“Oh… this… cough… In fact, Lin Shuxue is not an unreasonable woman. Scarlett, don’t worry, I will explain everything myself, after all, I am a man.” When Xiao Yu saw Scarlett being so understanding, his impression of Scarlett was improved.

He had to say that Scarlett, her sister and mother were many times better than some ungrateful bastard. They knew how to be grateful.

Soon Scarlett remembered what happened between Xiao Yu and her sister, her face became bright red. She found about this from her sister, but Scarlett had no complaints. She (Michele) would only be spoiled by others. It was better to give her to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was way better than else. More importantly, he was a responsible person.

“Young Master Xiao, now my mother and sister are all right, we can leave here. You just need to give us a place to live in the Sky Lion Dynasty.” Scarlett said. Xiao Yu was able to save her mother and her sister. She was already contented and did not dare to have too much extravagant hope. After all, if Xiao Yu had to save her subordinates, he had to conquer Meg city which was even harder than ascending heaven.

Xiao Yu listened to Scarlett and then waved his hand: “How can that be? Since I promised to save those people, I will definitely save them. I will need some business talents to help me in the future, Mr Xia Shan and others will be of great help.”

Scarlett listened to Xiao Yu’s words and felt elated but she didn’t show it on her face. “But it’s too difficult to save them in Meg City.”

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “For others, it may be absurdly difficult, but for me, it is nothing. Don’t you know who I am? I am the son of Xiao Zhantian. My father was able to take down his city that year. I will also do the same.”

When Scarlett heard Xiao Yu’s reply, she suddenly knelt down and said in sobbing voice: “Young Master Xiao, this Scarlett will not be able to repay your grace.”

When Xiao Yu saw this, he immediately hugged Scarlett and said softly: “What are you talking about? You are my woman. You don’t need to repay me, after all, we are family. But you can make me happy in bed haha…”

Scarlett nodded with the blushing face.

“Oh, since I am not here, you are womanising everywhere.” At this time, a voice resounded.

Xiao Yu looked back and found Lin Biao’s snowy and beautiful standing not far away, a pair of beautiful eyes, with three points of anger, seven points of play, watching Xiao Yu.

Hearing Lin Muxue’s tone, Xiao Yu understood that this was the soul of Lin Muxue, not Aegwynn. Before meeting Scarlett, Alonso informed him that Lin Muxue’s body was sometimes possessed by her own soul or sometimes by Aegwynn. Xiao Yu hadn’t seen Lin Muxue for a long time. Now when he suddenly Lin Muxue’s business, his heart suddenly swayed. He went to Lin Muxue’s side and held Lin Muxue in her arms.

“I love very much.” Xiao Yu knew that at this time, he didn’t need to explain too much. More he explained more complicated things would become. At this time, He just needed to express his love for Lin Muxue. Women like to listen to sweet words. Without saying nonsense, he just let her know that he loves her.

Although Lin Muxue said so, she was obviously not very angry; she just wanted to punish Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “Hey, there are many twists and turns in this matter. Don’t think too much. I haven’t seen you for so long. Let me kiss you.”

When Lin heard Xiao Yu say so, Lin Muxue snorted, but it still allowed Xiao Yu to kiss her. Two people tweaked around. Others who were around at this time immediately shifted their eyes and went to other places.

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