World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 480

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The reason why Xiao Yu was so surprised was that he met the most unexpected person at this time. This person had a very close and subtle relationship with him, but they didn’t have too much intersection.

Today, in this completely strange place, he saw her. This world is surely small. Other than this, there were no words to express Xiao Yu’s mood.

This woman was very important to Xiao Yu because this woman took Xiao Yu’s first time.

Yes, this woman was ‘Red beard’.

How could she be here? Shouldn’t this girl be in Cloudmist?

Xiao Yu was very surprised. At the same time, Xiao Yu had a strange feeling in his heart. After all, this was her first woman.

When Red beard saw Xiao Yu, her face flushed with shame as she remembering the things happened between them. But soon that shame got replaced by extreme fury to the point where she couldn’t wait to shred his body into pieces.

“Bastard, die for me.” Red beard looked at Xiao Yu fleeing around with two beautiful women; obviously, the relationship between them was extremely close, taking it for granted that Xiao Yu was definitely here to grab women.

Now, not only sixth-order assassin but also Red beard was coming after him. Xiao Yu really felt that there was no way to fight.

However, at this time, a figure suddenly appeared and attacked Red beard from the side.

Red beard did not dare to neglect the attack so she immediately defended against the attack. Then her gaze fell on a black-clothed woman who was none other than Maiev.

Maiev knew that the situation was critical. After firing flare outside the city, she immediately returned. There was a lot of noise here, so it was easy for her to find where Xiao Yu was.

“Well?” When Red beard saw Maiev, she suddenly frowned. She was also an agile-oriented assassin, but in front of Maiev, she felt a completely inexplicable horror.

Bone-chilling aura was released by Maiev, this was a type of aura which an assassin have.

Hide completely so that no one could perceive your existence and then kill the enemy in one stroke.

This was the assassin’s creed.

Red Beard didn’t dare to move at this time, but she looked at Maiev with full concentration. She knew that once she showed any flaw, she would be killed by a single but fatal strike.

Even when sixth-order assassin saw Maiev, he felt dangerous aura Maiev.


At this time, the house near Xiao Yu collapsed and Illidan descended in front of Xiao Yu. Without saying anything, his knifes waved and attacked the sixth-order assassin.

Illidan’s sudden attack forced sixth-order assassin to take a few steps back. Although Illidan had only reached Fifth order, his strength was enough to fight against Sixth order warrior for some time.


With another loud noise, another house crumbled and a figure slowly appeared. It was Sieck who was chasing Illidan.

Sieck wore a murderous face at this time. Illidan had thoroughly incited his fighting spirit, this kind of battle made his blood boil.


Sieck roared and a powerful aura erupted from his body. At this time, other soldiers also encircled Xiao Yu’s team.

“Xiao Yu, today you will not be able to escape.” Miranda also came over and said in fury.

“Do you think that you can stop me from escaping? I am not afraid to tell you that my army has already arrived outside your city. It would be good for you to let me leave. Otherwise, I will lead my army to conquer this Meg City again. Do you believe it or not?” Xiao Yu squinted his eyes and said to Miranda.

Miranda gnashed his teeth: “Is it? Then try it and see how I cut you into pieces.”

At this time, in order to deal with Xiao Yu, all soldiers were equipped with various magic arrows with a variety of magic effects. Miranda had put a lot of effort to ensure that Xiao Yu couldn’t leave this place.

Xiao Yu was not afraid of the situation. He turned his head and said to the Red beard: “Hey, how come you are here? You are the Red Beard of Yunmeng. For you to come to Lance Empire, what kind of conspiracy are you brewing? Hey, Miranda, it seems that someone has already been planning against you. Even if I don’t kill you today, you will definitely be killed by them.”

When Miranda heard Xiao Yu say this, his eyes squinted. He waved his hand and ordered soldiers to halt. He frowned: “Miss Yin Keer, why are you here?”

Obviously, Miranda recognized the Red beard. Red beard had a name, called Yin Keer.

Xiao Yu wondered this name was true or not. Xiao Yu still didn’t know the real name of her first woman.

Red Beard saw Miranda, suddenly smiled and said: “Prince Miranda, I was just about to find you to cooperate in a big deal. I didn’t expect to be messed up by this guy. He is also my enemy. It’s better to catch him together and hand it over to me. I can give you the benefits you can’t imagine.”

“Oh? Miss Yin Keer, you have been in Meg City for a long time. If you really want to cooperate with me, you can have told me earlier. Why do you say it now?” Miranda was not a fool. Yin Keer was always very mysterious, strange. He felt that this woman was not simple.

“This is because the time has not yet arrived. Prince Miranda and I have common interests, we can cooperate. I promise that when you get immense benefits. I can let you be the emperor of Lance Empire.” Red beard replied.

“Is this really true?” Miranda did not immediately express his opinion, but his eyes were clearly carrying a greedy desire.

He was not a sheep but a greedy wolf. He felt that this woman have some weight in her words but he didn’t her completely. They both want to catch Xiao Yu so he didn’t have anything to lose.

“Xiao Yu! You are going to die now.” Miranda snorted and knew that Xiao Yu was delaying the time, so he made a gesture to shoot arrows.

However, at this time, countless electric lights came down from the air and shot down at the soldiers who had surrounded Xiao Yu.

The Griffin Knight arrived.

Xiao Yu finally felt at ease. He quickly threw all the remaining bombs in the space ring, aiming at the place where Miranda was.

The mushroom cloud was continually spurred on the scene. The violent explosions were taking place everywhere. Dust was flying, disabling people to see clearly.

In the midst of chaos, Michele and her mother felt that their body being hugged by someone. At next moment, they disappeared and appeared onto some huge flying beast.

Michele looked around and found that Xiao Yu was sitting on the top of Griffin not far away, smiling at her. Seeing Xiao Yu’s smile, Michele suddenly felt warm. With Xiao Yu around, she felt safe.

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