World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 479

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Miranda had enough capital to be arrogant. He had two sixth-order powerhouses.  One of them was the fighter while other was an assassin.

Sixth order fighter was a bald man with a huge axe in his hand which was releasing light blue light. Magical elements were jumping cheerfully around him. This bald man was famous in the Lance Empire.

He was called the bald Sieck. When Shieck was a child, he lived in the wild alone. He survived by killing beasts and feeding on them. Therefore, he was extremely strong in physical fitness and was good at killing.

Later, a general discovered him, brought him into the army and through continuous killing, fighting, and honing his own martial arts, he finally reached the sixth-order realm.

It could be said that his martial skills were most suitable for killing. On the battlefield, he was like a God of Death.

At this time, Sieck’s axe was constantly waving and colliding with Illidan’s dual knife. If Illidan was replaced by another person, he would be hacked into two by the axe.

Moreover, the most shocking thing for Sieck was that Illidan’s body was wrapped in strange flames. Every time he touched Illidan, he would feel his soul shuddering.

His soul was extremely tough, it had been honed from mountains of corpses, and even magician’s soul skills could not affect his soul.

However, that strange flames could make his soul tremble, shocking him extremely.

Generally, those who could use soul attacks were magicians. Illidan was obviously a melee fighter. Why did he have this strange soul attack?

Because his soul was constantly attacked by Illidan, violent side of Sieck revealed itself. He screamed and his big axe jerked up. There was a strong blue light enveloping it. That blue light turned into innumerable blue coloured small swords.

Innumerable blue coloured swords surrounded Illidan from all side. Because of the close distance and Sieck’s attack being too sudden, Illidan could not dodge in time.

Therefore, Illidan could only defend.

Illidan also unleashed his full strength. Strange flames enveloping his body burned fiercely. The black robes wore by him instantly turned into ashes.

Everyone was shocked. Illidan’s appearance was too shocking for them. No one thought that Illidan was a demon.

There was a demon under the command of Duke of Xiao.

This was so shocking.

Miranda was also shocked. This scene undoubtedly proved Xiao Yu’s powerful. How could ordinary people had a demon as his subordinate?

Although Illidan had unleashed all his strengths, he was still hurt by the other side. After all, the other side was a powerful sixth-order fighter. The gap between the realms was not so easy to make up for.

Illidan looked at the people who were constantly rushing up. Flapping his wings in the air, Illidan flew in the direction of Xiao Yu.

Now, his main task was not to defeat the opponent but to protect Xiao Yu.

After reaching the fifth order, Illidan had not completely restored his previous consciousness, but his IQ was the same as that of a normal person. No longer like a rigid NPC.

Xiao Yu was apparently finding it difficult to escape with two people. Especially since so many warriors were chasing him.

Fortunately, Xiao Yu was no stranger to the street fighting. He set fire everywhere and destroyed various buildings so that the other party could not chase him.

Xiao Yu took out bombs and threw them everywhere, wanting to blow up whole Meg City.

At this time, Xiao Yu suddenly felt unease and immediately utilised hand of protection.

Sure enough, a short knife stabbed Xiao Yu’s body but it didn’t inflict any damage to Xiao Yu.

“Hey?” The assassin apparently made an exclamation. In his opinion, that attack should have killed Xiao Yu. However, Xiao Yu was fine.

Assassin didn’t pause for even a second. He was not all that surprised. It was not a rare thing for big families descendant to have some protective treasures. So he stabbed again and again. What surprised him was that it didn’t matter how many times stabbed, it didn’t have any effect.

This time, he felt even more puzzled. Generally, protective treasures could be used a few times, but it couldn’t be used at all time. As the attack continued, it would definitely weaken and got destroyed.

Xiao Yu’s hand of protection was completely immune to all physical attacks. The assassin had no way to attack at all.

“Oh, world is surely small!” At this time, a woman’s voice resounded. Xiao Yu turned around and was surprised.

Who is she?

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