World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 477

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“Fu#k! Michele turned out to be Scarlett’s sister. This is big trouble. I slept with Michele. How can I explain this to Scarlett?” Xiao Yu groaned. He didn’t know how to face Scarlett.

After all, he came here to save Scarlett’s mother and sister, but instead, he ended up bedding Scarlett’s sister. This was really embarrassing.

However, after Xiao Yu put some more thought to it, he found the situation not that bad. After all, if he hadn’t met Michele, Michele would most likely end up enjoyed by Miranda himself or given to someone else. Now he had enjoyed it, at least it was better than being ruined by someone else. After all, they were family.

Thinking of this, Xiao Yu was a bit relieved.

“There is also Scarlett’s mother. Although she is very old, she is definitely one of the best women. Is Young Master Xiao interested?” Miranda was obviously planning to gift them together. Since he had made up his mind to win over Xiao Yu, he had to spend some money.

Having heard what Miranda said, Xiao Yu was shocked. He had already enjoyed Scarlett’s sister. If he also did that with her mother, it would be too sinful.

However, if he didn’t accept it, he didn’t know whether Miranda would give Scarlett’s mother to someone else. In this case, it was safer to receive her for himself.

“Well, having a mother and daughters together will indeed give a different taste; haha ​​… Prince Miranda is very generous.” Xiao Yu’s face looked fascinated, seemingly extremely interested in Scarlett’s mother.

“Haha… I will get her sent to the house of Young Master Xiao. Young Master Xiao will definitely remember today.” Miranda laughed and thought of the things that Xiao Yu would do tonight.

However, Xiao Yu was sneering in his heart. Wait for this father to kill you.

Xiao Yu and everyone present here talked with each other and drank. Finally, after Xiao Yu and Miranda specifically agreed on the details of the business, they returned to their residence.

When Xiao Yu returned to his residence, the female officer greeted him and told Xiao Yu that Scarlett’s mother had already been sent. Xiao Yu nodded. Miranda’s work efficiency is quite high.

Now that he had got Scarlett’s mother and sister, Xiao Yu could leave. However, the purpose of Xiao Yu was not simply to save their mother and daughter.

The goal of Xiao Yu of finding Mr Xia Shan and the business talents of the Scarlett faction was still unfinished.

When he came to the house, Michele and her mother who were weeping saw Xiao Yu coming in. Michele immediately bowed to Xiao Yu and said: “Young Master, I beg you. Please, don’t bully my mother; I am willing to do everything for you.”

Xiao Yu looked at Michele and sighed in his heart. Fortunately, they met him, if not; they would end up in a situation worse than death.

Xiao Yu waved at the women officers behind him, let them go out, and then he closed the door.

Michele and her mother looked at Xiao Yu’s act. Thinking about what Xiao Yu was going to do, they immediately hug each other in fear.

Xiao Yu touched his nose and said innocently: “Do I look so bad?”

Michele suddenly cried and said: “Young Master, I beg you, don’t…”

Michele’s mother was also desperate. She was looking at Xiao Yu with a fearful look.

Xiao Yu sat down helplessly and said: “Do not worry, I am definitely not a beast, I will not do that kind of thing.”

After that, Xiao Yu took a cup of tea and said: “Do you know Scarlett?”

Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Michele and her mother were both stunned. They stared at Xiao Yu with eyes full of shock. They don’t understand what Xiao Yu said.

“Cough… In fact, this… I was commissioned by Scarlett to save you, but I didn’t know that you were Scarlett’s sister, so… oh… I really didn’t mean it.”

Xiao Yu still felt a little embarrassed about mentioning it. After all, they were thinking that he was going to force them. The situation was really awkward.

“You… what are you talking about? Are you commissioned by Scarlett?” Michele’s mother who experienced too many betrayals during this time obviously wasn’t going to believe Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu knew that they didn’t believe it so he took out the same token that Scarlett gave, which was a small ornament.

When Michele’s mother saw it, strong sorrow appeared in her eyes. She grabbed the ornament and cried.

For Scarlett, she has been very worried. She was afraid that Scarlett would also be caught. Now, she did not want Scarlett to save them. As long as Scarlett was fine, it didn’t matter how they were. Seeing Scarlett’s most personal thing, she was very excited because it meant that Scarlett was safe.

“You… are you really sent by my sister?” Michele found it unbelievable. Now, she was not that desperate about her situation.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Yes! I will take you both to Scarlett after saving Mr Xia Shan.”

“You want to save Mr Xia Shan? This is too difficult. The dungeon is heavily guarded. Unless the city is conquered, it is absolutely impossible to rescue him.” Michele immediately shook her head and said sadly. She was also kept there for a long time and deeply feared that dungeon.

Xiao Yu said: “You think that I can’t conquer Meg city. Do you know who I am? I am Xiao Yu, the descendant of Marshal Xiao Zhantian, my father.”

“What? You… are you the son of Xiao Zhantian?” Michele and her mother were shocked beyond words.

Xiao Yu said in proud tone: “That is, otherwise, why is Miranda so respectful to me? He even *cough* give you to me.”

“If that’s the case, do you have an army that can take down this place?” Michele was still very surprised.

After all, if he really attacked Meg City, it would be equivalent to attacking Lance Empire.

Xiao Yu smiled and grabbed Michele while saying: “For my little beauty, even if I flattened this city, why not?”

At this time, with a flash a figure appeared beside Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu was slightly surprised. He immediately turned around and felt relieved.


The person who came was none other than Maiev. She slowly came out of the shadows, bowed to Xiao Yu.

“Subordinate greets Master.”

When Michele and her mother saw Maiev, they were taken aback. Although Maiev wore a mask, but because of her pointed ears as well as the slender figure, they understood that person in front of them was an elf.

However, this elf called Xiao Yu Master?

Was Xiao Yu so powerful?

“Is everyone present?” Xiao Yu looked at Maiev and understood that she must be informed by a horned beast knight.

“No, I took some people with me and came to protect the owner first. The other troops are still behind. However, everyone has already joined so there will be no accident.”

Xiao Yu listened and nodded.

“Look, I wasn’t bragging. Don’t worry about Scarlett, she is safe. I will also save Mr Xia Shan.”

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