World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 476

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“This girl is especially sent by Prince Miranda, I hope Young Master enjoy it.” The female officer said with a smile.

Xiao Yu was surprised. Miranda had really worked hard. He even sent a beautiful girl to enjoy.

It seemed that Miranda was really concerned about the deal. In fact, what Xiao Yu didn’t know was that this kind of etiquette was nothing special among the nobility.

Beauties, in this era, had always been gifted to a powerful man.

Xiao Yu didn’t want to do anything to this girl. After all, this girl was different from other maids. She was definitely a virgin who was carefully selected and given to him. If Xiao Yu accepted this woman, he would feel some burden in his heart.

At this time, the female officer had already withdrawn, leaving only Xiao Yu and the girl in the room. Illidan was guarding the room, ready to deal with any potential dangers from all sides.

Illidan had already noticed that several people wanted to investigate here, but in the end, they held back. Obviously, those people noticed Illidan’s power and voluntarily gave up.

Xiao Yu looked at the girl and hesitated for a while. However, the girl came to his side. She reluctantly smiled and said: “Young Master, my name is Michele. I hope I will make you happy, today.”

Xiao Yu saw woman’s stubborn face and understood that she had been forced. However, this kind of thing was common everywhere in the whole continent. Many girls from poor families met such an end.

Toward this girl, Xiao Yu was full of sympathy. He said: “I know that you are very unwilling to do this. You can rest assured, I am not that kind of person and I will not force you.”

When girl heard What Xiao Yu said, she immediately panicked. Her eyes teared up as she said: “Young Master, I will do everything to serve master so please don’t do so.”

Seeing this girl’s nervous look, Xiao Yu was surprised at first but soon he understood everything. if she did not serve him tonight, she would be severely punished.

Such life was indeed tragic.

Xiao Yu walked around the room for a few whiles and made a decision in his heart. Even if Xiao Yu didn’t take possession of this girl tonight, then surely she would be given to someone else. But if Xiao Yu took her for himself, he could at least keep her safe.

In that case, the fate of this girl would be even better.

After figuring everything out, Xiao Yu said: “From now on, you are mine. Rest assured, I will not chase you away. I will keep you by my side and protect you.”

Having heard what Xiao Yu said, Michele wiped tears and stopped crying. Then she slowly stood up and untied Xiao Yu. However, Michele was obviously inexperienced, she gingerly undressed Xiao Yu. Watching Xiao Yu’s naked body, her lovely face flushed. She did not know where to start.

When Xiao Yu saw this, he laughed aloud and took initiative.

Michele was so shy, innocent, pure and lovely, that made people fall for her. This was completely different from Scarlett’s mature charm. Scarlett was like a fully bloomed rose while was is like a sunflower in the valley.

The night passed by and the day arrived.

Xiao Yu woke up and saw Michele sleeping beside him. Michele, who had tears on her face, was still asleep. Xiao Yu couldn’t help but kiss Michele’s cheek gently. After a night of tossing, Michele was too tired.

“Young Master… you woke up.” Michele woke up and panicked. Xiao Yu looked at trembling Michele and felt sad from bottom of his heart.

Xiao Yu nodded and smiled: “Yeah, Michele, don’t be afraid. From now on, you are my woman so I will protect you. With me, no one can hurt you.”

Michele was somewhat startled by Xiao Yu’s words. In her opinion, this man, after getting her body, should have thrown her aside like a worn-out dress.

How can he say this? Maybe, because I am very beautiful, I got the love of this man. But how long can this love be maintained?

Growing up in a big family from a young age, she knew best in her heart that a woman like her was just a plaything for man.

Therefore, although Xiao Yu said so, she still did not have high hopes. With a slight smile, she said: “As long as Young Master is satisfied and don’t go to Prince Miranda to complain about me, Michele will be content.”

Xiao Yu gently stroked Michele’s back and smiled: “How come? You are my woman and there is no relationship with Miranda. From now on, you are free. You can go wherever you want to go. Tell me what you want; I will give it to you.”

After saying this, Xiao Yu felt a sense of delight. A man, who has enough ability to protect his woman, was indeed a best man.

At noon, the female officer came to Xiao Yu and said: “Young Master, Miranda Prince wants to meet you in the main hall of the city.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Got it!”

Xiao Yu knew that Miranda was not going to give him any gift but definitely going to talk about business, so Xiao Yu had to go and see.

So, Xiao Yu got dressed and let Michele wait here, and then he went out with Illidan.

The carriage had already been parked outside the door. Xiao Yu sat comfortably in the carriage and watched the scenery along the road. After about ten minutes, he arrived outside the tall building.

Xiao Yu looked at the main city hall. It was really very stylish, much better than his own city.

At the door, Prince Miranda was standing with a smile, and behind Miranda, many people were standing who came to meet Xiao Yu.

This shows how much attention Miranda paid to Xiao Yu.

“Prince Miranda, you are too polite.” Xiao Yu said to Miranda with enthusiasm, but his body didn’t show any sign of curtsey, showing that he wasn’t afraid of Miranda’s identity.

The people behind Miranda, seeing the gesture of Xiao Yu, all showed a look of surprise and awe. Being able to be disrespectful to Miranda showed that this person must have sufficient capital.

“Young Master Xiao has come the first time to the city’s main hall, I certainly have to personally greet.” Miranda smiled and went to Xiao Yu’s side. Then he pulled Xiao Yu’s hand with a very mysterious look and said in Xiao Yu’s ear: “Young Master Xiao, how about the beauty last night?”

Xiao Yu immediately showed a very enjoyable smile and replied: “Miranda Prince is really magical. I don’t know where you get such a little beauty. I really like it. I don’t want to meet Miranda Prince today but wanted to taste her more.”

Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Miranda showed a painful appearance but he quickly adjusted himself and said with a smile: “Since Young Master Xiao like her, she is Young Master Xiao’s woman in the future.”

Xiao Yu nodded and smiled and said: “Then I will be disrespectful, thank you, Prince Miranda.”

Then Miranda introduced everyone to Xiao Yu. Some of them were general under Miranda while others were from Cheerful Fortune Chamber Of Commerce.

After meeting everyone, Xiao Yu asked: “Prince Miranda, I heard that the former president of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce, Scarlett, is very beautiful. I don’t know where she is now?”

When Xiao Yu mentioned Scarlett, Miranda was not surprised. Scarlett was a famous beauty in the entire Lance Empire.

“Scarlett hasn’t arrived here yet, but soon, she will be captured. Is Young Master Xiao also interested in this woman? If this is the case, I can let Young Master Xiao enjoy her first.” To grasp the business deal with Xiao Yu, Miranda wouldn’t be stingy.

Xiao Yu laughed and said: “I am very looking forward to it.”

“Young Master Xiao has just tasted the taste of her sister. It is also good. Taking on two sisters together is a real man’s best enjoyment.” Miranda said with a smile.

“What? Michele is Scarlett’s sister?” Xiao Yu heard this sentence, suddenly stopped?

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