World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 475

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Xiao Yu didn’t care about it. He looked at all the people around him. He immediately said: “Since there are no other people here, then in order to show my sincerity, I will not have to hide my identity. However, Prince Miranda, don’t be too surprised.”

Miranda smiled and said: “I am also eager to find your identity”

Xiao Yu didn’t say anything more. He waved his hand and took out a battle flag from the space ring. Then he threw it directly to Miranda and said, “Prince Miranda, have you seen this battle flag?”

When Miranda saw Xiao Yu taking out a battle flag, he didn’t understand what he was doing but when he saw the battle flag, he was shocked.

“The lion king battle flag?” This time Miranda was shocked to the max.

This battle flag could be said to be the unique symbol of the Xiao Zhantian family. Xiao Yu took out this battle flag to show his identity.

“You… are you the descendant of Xiao Zhantian?” Miranda looked at Xiao Yu with full of shock. It is no wonder that Xiao Yu wanted other people to leave. If other people knew that Xiao Yu was a descendant of Xiao Zhantian, it might cause some riot.

However, after Miranda’s initial shock, he eased down and smiled: “It turns out that Young Master Xiao is a descendant of Marshal Xiao Zhantian.”

Xiao Yu smiled slightly and said: “Prince Miranda, do you still want to make a deal? If Miranda is really interested, then I believe that we can make a fortune together.”

Miranda said while squinting his eyes: “Yes, this is a mutually beneficial thing. Now, can Young Master Xiao fill me with the information about the deal?”

Xiao Yu gently took a sip of wine, faintly said: “We just have to use the resources of both sides. The advantage of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce is that it has a huge traded network in the Lance Empire. It can collect unique goods of Lance Empire at a low price and we can transport these goods to Sky Lion Empire at high sales price.”

“So that is the deal!”

Miranda really felt that this was a great opportunity to expand the Chamber of commerce. If he could really strike this deal with Xiao Yu, then he would get huge wealth in the next few years. In this way, his power would grow exponentially.

The cooperation with Xiao Yu had a lot of benefits. On the one hand, he was a strong ally. On the other hand, his own strength would greatly improve.

This was definitely a good deal.

The long-term strategy was the right path.

“However, I had a lot of contact with Mr Xia Shan. I trust him more. I don’t know if Prince Miranda worth trusting?” Xiao Yu suddenly said while squinting his eyes at Miranda.

Xiao Yu’s real purpose behind saying it was to understand the situation of Xia Shan so that he could get more information.

Miranda laughed and said: “Young Master Xiao is too worried. Young Master Xiao wishes to learn more about the Lance Empire and me.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Prince Miranda, in fact, when I was on my way, I heard a rumour that Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce is in internal chaos. I don’t know whether this is true?”

When Xiao Yu mentioned this, Miranda’s eyes slightly squinted but there was no panic in them. “As Young Master Xiao said, there are some problems inside the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce before, but now the problem has been completely solved. Moreover, the strength of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce is stronger than before, which can make Young Master Xiao more reassured.”

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “So Mr Xia Shan did not die, but met some accident?”

Miranda immediately laughed and said: “Young Master Xiao’s intelligence network is really strong, so he can find out what happened here so quickly.”

Xiao Yu was unmoved as said: “If I don’t have any preparations, how do I dare to come to the Lance Empire to do business?”

Miranda looked at Xiao Yu and smiled: “Do you want to save Mr Xia Shan?”

Xiao Yu shook his head and said: “No, there is no need for it. Although I have a good relationship with him, it has not yet reached the point where I make enemies with Miranda for him. After all, Prince Miranda is such a good potential partner.”

“Haha… Young Master Xiao is really a dragon among men.” Xiao Yu’s words settled Miranda’s doubts. Miranda found Xiao Yu’s reply correct because any normal person would not risk being enemies with him to save a useless person.

Xiao Yu smiled slightly and said: “The Miranda Prince is also a smart person. I believe that our future cooperation will definitely be very successful. However, last time when I negotiated with Mr Xia Shan, I gave him my family token as a contact. Now that I am cooperating with Prince Miranda, I want to get it back. After all, that thing is of my family.”

Having heard Xiao Yu’s reply, Prince Miranda immediately puffed out his chest and promised: “That’s not the problem; I will immediately order my subordinates to find it.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Since this is the case, I will find a place to live here and then we will talk about other particulars of the contract.”

Prince Miranda immediately said: “Young Master Xiao, I have a house here. It is clean and can be used as a place for Young Master Xiao.”

Xiao Yu said directly: “Thank you, Prince Miranda!”

Xiao Yu looked at the mansion with admiring gaze. Compared to this mansion, his own mansion was too shabby. But he couldn’t be blamed for it, his situation was very dangerous, he was always fighting and expanding his territory.

In particular, Miranda sent a lot of beautiful women to please Xiao Yu, making Xiao Yu a bit dazzled.

“Master, please take bath.” Xiao Yu just entered into the house and drank a cup of tea, an oval-faced slender lady walked out with a smile and said respectfully.

These gentle gestures set ablaze fire in Xiao Yu’s lower abdomen but Xiao Yu surpassed those desires. For now, he had to focus on finding ways to rescue Scarlett’s mother and sister.

“Sigh, this is the life of a rich man. Compared to it, I am very shabby.” Xiao Yu sighed.

Xiao Yu reluctantly came out of the bath and returned to the bedroom under the leadership of the female official. He discovered that a fifteen or sixteen year’s old beautiful girl with blond hair was waiting for him in bed.

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