World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 474

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Deros listened to Beruth and began to shudder. He still had lingering fear after being slapped by Illidan. Only now, he realised in how dangerous situation he was in.

Now, looking at Illidan behind Xiao Yu, Deros subconsciously retreated a few steps.

“Take Young Master Deros away from here.” Beruth made a group of soldiers guard Deros. In fact, Beruth knew very well that if Illidan wanted to kill Deros, these guards could not stop him.

He was speculating that Illidan had likely reached the sixth order. Otherwise, with his fifth-order strength, he would not feel so danger from Illidan.

Deross snorted and was about to leave, but this time, he saw Illidan under the black cloak staring at him. He suddenly shuddered and almost fell downstairs.

After sending Deros away, Beruth sighed and went to the front of Xiao Yu. “Young Master Xiao, Do you have any matter in Mage City?.”

Now, Beruth was thinking about Xiao Yu’s purpose for coming here. People like Xiao Yu would not walk around just for fun; he must have some goal for coming here.

Xiao Yu said: “It’s nothing big. I just have an appointment with Mr Xia Shan, the general manager of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce, to talk about a big deal. I am waiting for him here.”

“What?” Hearing that Xiao Yu said, Beruth was immediately taken aback.

“This… what business deal do you have?” Beruth asked tentatively.

Xiao Yu took a sip of wine, and the said in low voice: “Just enough to make the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce double their profit.”

“What? Double?” Beruth was shocked again.

Xiao Yu was still enjoying good drink. Beruth quick went to report the matter. How could he not know about the situation of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce?

Mr Xia Shan was none other than Scarlett’s right-hand man but now he had been caught by Miranda.

Xiao Yu came here to find Mr Xia Shan to talk about a big business deal. This was a major matter related to the interests of Miranda Prince. How could Beruth dare to neglect?

Now that Mr Xia Shan has been locked up, then everything was being managed by Miranda. If he informed Miranda about this news, then not only it would help the Miranda Prince to get a big business deal, but also solve his predicament.

Therefore, Beruth was naturally doing his best to inform Miranda as soon as possible.

Xiao Yu continued to drink in the hotel.

After about an hour, loud noises were heard from the street. A huge fleet of a carriage came over. The carriage in lead was extremely luxurious.

Xiao Yu didn’t even blink his eyes. He continued to enjoy singing and dancing. It didn’t take long before a handsome man in Chinese attire walked slowly from the stairs.

Xiao Yu was still enjoying the song and dance, he didn’t pay any heed to other matter. The young man just smiled and didn’t bother. He walked slowly to Xiao Yu’s table and sat down then said: “This Young Master Xiao is really elegant.”

Xiao Yu turned around and looked at the young man, and said: “You are?”

The young man smiled and said: “I am Miranda, the eighth son of the Lance Emperor.”

“Oh? It turned out to be Prince Miranda.” Having heard Miranda say so, Xiao Yu pretended to be surprised. In fact, Xiao Yu knew that Miranda would come.

Mr Xia Shan had already been arrested. Now the person who was the real manager of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce was actually Miranda. How could Miranda let go such a big customer?

Miranda was not a simple person. He was a man of ambition and conspiracy. Such a person would never let go of any opportunity to strengthen his own power.

The reason why he swallowed the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce was, in fact, to increase his power. Therefore, the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce was an important cornerstone of his future empire.

Now, Xiao Yu was a descended of Sky Lion dynasty’s big family, how could he not value him?

“I heard that Young Master Xiao is from the Sky Lion Dynasty?” Miranda asked with a smile.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Yes, I am here to find Mr Xia Shan of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce. We have agreed on a business.”

Miranda poured a glass of wine from himself and began to drink, and then said: “Young Master Xiao may not know; now the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce is not managed by Mr Xia Shan.”

“Oh? Is there such a thing?” Xiao Yu pretended to be very surprised and then said: “That’s a pity; originally Mr Xia Shan wanted me to help him in setting up a branch in Sky Lion Dynasty. Now it seems that it’s impossible.”

“Oh? It turns out that Young Master Xiao and Mr Xia Shan have such a deal. Now Cheerful Fortune Chamber Of Commerce has my aide. Young Master Xiao, I am very interested in doing business with you, can we talk about it?”

Xiao Yu said that Mr Xia Shan wanted to go to the Sky Lion Dynasty to open a branch. Naturally, it was indirectly revealed that Scarlett wanted to escape to the Sky Lion Dynasty. In such case, there was no flaw in his statement.

Miranda was really keen to do business with Xiao Yu, especially after Xiao Yu said that he could double the profit of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce.

Xiao Yu suddenly frowned and then replied: “There are so many people here. It is not a convenient place to talk.”

Hearing Xiao Yu’s reply, Miranda immediately waved his hand indicating everyone to leave. Beruth and soldiers immediately retreated.

Of course, beside Miranda, there were still two people standing. Among two men, one had a gloomy looking face with tall built, while other was a thin man with a sinister and monkey-like face.

Obviously, these two men were masters of high cultivation and could ensure the safety of Miranda. There were two powerful masters around Xiao Yu. If there was no master around Miranda, what should they do if he was assassinated?

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