World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 473

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The waiters in the hotel, including the boss, were shocked and didn’t know what was going on. They had clear understanding of the soldiers that surrounded them.

It was not only the most elite cavalry battalion of the Meg city but also of the entire Lance Empire. Why were they here?

The owner of this hotel thought that he was not qualified to get these people to come and surround his restaurant. It only meant that there was some other guest in the hotel who had provoked these people.

Who was that person?

“General Beruth, What is going on?” The owner of the hotel finally saw an acquaintance, a general of the squatting camp, who had even eaten and drunk in his restaurant.

This Beruth glanced at the owner of the hotel and said, “Nothing much, a fool attacked and injured the city lord’s son. We come over to arrest them.”

Boss let out a sigh of relief and finally felt at ease. This rage not directed at him.

Hotel owner nodded and he was surprised. Who was courageous enough to provoke that person?

After small talk, Beruth along with his subordinates directly went inside the restaurant. When he saw Xiao Yu drinking leisurely and watching the scenery outside the window, he did not take him seriously. But soon his heart tightened.

Especially after he glanced at Illidan, who was behind Xiao Yu, his heart tightened even more. At first glance, he understood that Xiao Yu was not a simple person.

How could a person who was so calm under the siege of such a large army be an ordinary person? Moreover, Illidan behind Xiao Yu gave him an extremely dangerous feeling at first glance. The strength of this person must have reached an extremely terrifying level.

Beruth himself was also a fifth-order fighter. He was very conceited, but in front of Illidan, he had no courage to even attack.

He could feel that if Illidan wanted to kill him, he guessed that he couldn’t resist him for a minute.

Who was this person? He even dared to injure the son of city lord.

Beruth waved his hand at his subordinates and those people immediately put down their weapons.

Beruth took two steps forward and said: “Young Master, where did you come from?”

Beruth was not only an excellent commander but also very proficient in the way of the official. Therefore, he was very skilled in handling the situation.

At this time, he knew that he could not use a hard approach toward Xiao Yu. Otherwise, it would cause great trouble and even put his own future at risk.

Xiao Yu snorted and looked at Beruth: “I came from the Sky Lion Dynasty.”

Having heard Xiao Yu say so, Beruth nodded and found his own guess correct. When he looked at Xiao Yu’s costumes and looks, he knew that he was not a Lance Empire.

In the Lance Empire, he knew all the people who dared to injure City Lord’s son in the street.

When Beruth was young, he once travelled all around to have a greater understanding of neighbour empire’s condition. He knew the situation of the Sky Lion Dynasty.

He knew that only children who were from some big families of Sky Lion Dynasty dared to be so arrogant in Lance Empire. Moreover, the children of such a big family were absolutely untouchable.

At that time, the war between the two empires lasted with the defeat of Lance Empire. On the one hand, it was because of the strong military capabilities of Xiao Zhantian, on the other hand, it was because there were some big family behind it.

Therefore, although Xiao Yu was now in the Lance Empire, Beruth did not dare to despise Xiao Yu. If he dared to hurt Xiao Yu here, then he must bear the anger of those big families.

Therefore, after hearing that Xiao Yu was from Sky Lion Dynasty, Beruth became even more respectful.

“It turns out that Young Master is from Sky Lion dynasty. I don’t know what the young master is called?” Even after being surrounded by many soldiers, there was a lot of momentum in Xiao Yu’s tone, but Beruth was talking with Xiao Yu in a humble tone.

In fact, this kind of thing was not uncommon. Although generals with troops looked very prestigious, in fact, if they offended any high ranked official, then their official post would be gone.

People like them, even if they are met by a country’s monarch, they must be respectful. That is the power that has reached its utmost.

And such a person, it is impossible to go to the official. Since they are officials, they say that they still have what they want. If you have something to ask for, you have to have a shortcoming. You have to use a place of tolerance.

“My surname is Xiao.” Xiao Yu took a sip of wine and chatted with Beruth without hesitation. He knew that at this time, the more confident he was, in the more favourable condition he would be.

“Oh, it turned out to be Young Master Xiao.” Beruth was thinking about the big family with surname Xiao.

“Where is he? If this father does not skin you, I will not be Deros.”

When everyone heard this voice, they knew who was the owner of this voice.

The eyebrows of Beruth immediately wrinkled together. Owner of this voice was none other than Young Master who was famous for being a playboy and good-for-nothing. He didn’t want to let this fellow meet Xiao Yu.

However, he still had no ability to stop this guy, so if he and Xiao Yu were fought, he would definitely suffer. It’s really an unlucky day.

In a blink of an eye, the young man who had been slapped by Illidan walked up-stairs with a nearly twisted face.

This was the first time to suffer such a big loss, how could he not vent his anger.

“Beruth, what are you doing? Hurry up and grab them!” Deros looked at Beruth and said in anger.

Beruth quickly walked to the side of Deros, whispered: “Young Master Deros, those guys are very dangerous, we are afraid that our soldiers could not restrain him. I will call some strong men to subdue him. Young master you most get out of here as soon as possible, otherwise, the other party may hurt you and this subordinate may not be able to protect you.”

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