World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 472

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“Why have we reached Meg city so soon?” Xiao Yu suddenly felt extremely unhappy. But there was no way around, happy time always flies fast.

“After enjoying so many days, it’s time to work.”

Originally, Xiao Yu just had a business attitude toward this matter. He would save these people in order to acquire a batch of commercial talents. But now Scarlett was his, making the situation completely different from before. He did not expect such a turn in the situation.

Moreover, his reinforcements had not arrived yet. Even if he knew where Scarlett’s mother and sister were imprisoned, there was no way to save them.

Arriving at the city of Meg, Scarlett’s eyes reddened and tears fell. Xiao Yu quickly rushed to hold Scarlett’s shoulder and said: “What? Baby.”

If it was difficult for Xiao Yu to say such sweet words in the past, even if it was with Lin Bixue, he would not say so, but to Scarlett, he unknowingly said it.

If this has a substantive relationship, it does mean that it feels different.

“I am worried about my mother and my sister. They are there. They are definitely suffering a lot of pains while I am happy here. I am feeling guilty.” Scarlett spoke while crying on Xiao Yu’s shoulders.

“Oh… baby, your husband is here, what are you worried about? You can rest assured that even if they are imprisoned in hell, your husband can rescue them. You should find a place to hide. I will go inside to inquire about the situation. I will be able to save them in these few days. Don’t worry, baby…”

Xiao Yu felt that he was being a narcissist but he found himself comfortable with it. Sure enough, people in love do not know what the narcissist is.

Hearing what Xiao Yu said, Scarlett pouted while nodding seriously.

Xiao Yu got out of the carriage. He decided to take Illidan with him while he let Kael’thas stay here to avoid accident.

As long as a sixth-order powerhouse did not appear, Kael’thas alone could topple an army.

Scarlett originally wanted to follow, but Xiao Yu resolutely denied it. He didn’t want his woman to suffer even a little injury.

Moreover, if Scarlett went inside, someone might recognise her, but it would be fine if he went in.

Anyway, no one knew him; he could go in and do whatever he wanted to.

So, Xiao Yu rode the horse and went to the city with arrogance. Illidan followed Xiao Yu’s side and he ran faster than Ma.

After about ten minutes, Xiao Yu saw the tall wall of Meg City. Since the last time that Xiao Zhantian had conquered the city, the city was completely repaired.

Xiao Yu looked at the city built on the mountain as he admired it. This was definitely the tallest wall he had ever seen. Even if it was the head of the mountain giant, he couldn’t climb up the wall. It’s too much difference.

Moreover, on the top of the walls, there were all kinds of vehicles, trebuchets and other equipment.

Xiao Yu turned a blind eye to all this and went straight into the city. At the entrance, Xiao Yu took out a token. The guard glanced at it and immediately showed a fearful look. He respectfully let Xiao Yu in.

This was the token that Scarlett gave to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu didn’t know what it was, but it really worked.

Xiao Yu entered the city and found that it was very prosperous. It was not inferior to the city of Benghazi that he had been to before. It was a big trade city.

Xiao Yu leisurely rode the horse, casually looked around to understand the structure of the city.

In his mind, he was constantly thinking about how to get the news of Scarlett’s mother. He was stranger here and he couldn’t go directly to prison.

Although Xiao Yu could be invisible, it was definitely the way to assassinate a prisoner. It was not so easy to save people.

When Xiao Yu was thinking about it, a group of soldiers riding on horse rushed forward. The person in lead looked like a 20 years old youth. His face was full of arrogance. On such a crowded street, he was still riding a horse, not afraid of hitting people. The horse he rode was also a Liangzhu horse, obviously, a good horse found in Yunmeng.

When the pedestrians saw the young man riding on the horse, they immediately retreated. Some hawkers didn’t even dare to remove their stalls and quickly dodged. Obviously, this young man’s practice of trampling humans was happening from time to time.

This young man saw Xiao Yu standing on the path, he waved his whip. In the blink of an eye, he had reached about 30 meters away from Xiao Yu.

“Is he blind? He didn’t make path for this young master.” Crowd discussed among themselves.

When the young man saw that Xiao Yu was completely unmoved, he became angry. He immediately waved his whip to whip Xiao Yu.

His whip did not hit Xiao Yu’s face. On the contrary, he was sent flying by a slap on his face, He slammed into a wooden building on the street.

The wooden building immediately collapsed and the young man got buried underneath.

“Young master, young master.” The guards who followed the young man were shocked and quickly went to save the young man.

Guards immediately became furious when they saw Xiao Yu hurt their young master. Some guards pulled out their magic sword and rushed over.

The person who just attacked was Illidan. Illidan, who reached the fifth order, was very agile and fast. Therefore, at the moment when the young man whipped, Illidan slapped the young man directly.

Then, Illidan immediately returned to Xiao Yu’s side. Those people didn’t even see how Illidan did it.

However, now that Illidan had injured their master, they naturally couldn’t give up. They had to avenge their Young Master. Many of them had taken out the magic bow and began to shoot at Illidan and Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu didn’t even look at these arrows. Seeing those guards rushing over, he didn’t care at all.

Just as these arrows were about to hit Xiao Yu, Illidan jumped up and waved his knives. In a blink of an eye, all the magic arrows broke.

Then guards began to send flying one by one. Guards didn’t even have time to think before they were beaten black and blue.

Illidan was like a tiger in a flock of ships. Guards couldn’t even withstand a single punch.

Illidan was now just relying on his pure physical advantage, he didn’t even use half of his strength. Under the command of Xiao Yu, Illidan did not kill them but just gave them a lesson.

“Ah…he…he was a warrior of at least fourth order warrior. Quickly report everything to the higher ups.” Guards screamed as they ran away.

Xiao Yu did not pay any heed to the whole matter. He continued to ride his horse. Passing by people looked at Xiao Yu with panic and did not dare to stop him.

Xiao Yu just rode a little and then he saw a restaurant. He got off the horse and handed it to the guy in the store. Then he walked in leisurely.

All people looked at Xiao Yu with surprise after all Xiao Yu didn’t run away but instead leisurely entered into the restaurant.

Xiao Yu went upstairs and the waiters of the restaurant looked at him with curiosity, not to mention anything else, Xiao Yu’s walking posture and the look of contempt in his eyes, they knew that Xiao Yu was not a simple man.

Often such people were rich, absolutely could not be provoked, so these waiters were extremely polite. They arranged the best position for Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu just nodded indifferently. After sitting down, he only asked: “Bring best wine and food for the young master.”

Those waiters didn’t dare to waste time as they bought the best wine available in the restaurant.

Xiao Yu was eating food and drinking wine. Not long after, this restaurant was surrounded by a group of soldiers.

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