World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 471

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When Xiao Yu felt Scarlett’s admiration toward him, he felt absolutely comfortable. The Admiration of a woman was definitely the most enjoyable thing for a man.

When everyone was prepared to leave, some soldiers suddenly shouted: “Demonic beast, be careful.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked and immediately looked at the sky. Today, they had experienced an ambush (Torres), so they are extremely sensitive to any potential danger.

Xiao Yu also turned his head, but when he saw those flying demonic beast in the sky, he was pleasantly surprised. That demon beast was none other than Hippogryph Knight.

“You have finally arrived? Where are other people?”

Xiao Yu commanded Kael’thas to use magic to attract the attention of Hippogryph Knight. In fact, this Hippogryph Knight had long seen Xiao Yu.

After all, they were ridden by elves; elves’ eyes were even sharper than the eagle’s. How could they not recognise Xiao Yu?

“Subordinate greets the master!” All of them came down from Hippogryph Knight and bowed to Xiao.

Scarlett and her subordinates were shocked by this scene. Elves? One riding the Hippogryph Knight were elves. What kind of secret does this Xiao Yu have? He even had elves as his subordinate!

Therefore, these people became more respectful to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded and said, “How can you get here? Where are other people?”

One of the elves replied: “Hippogryph Knights were dispatched to various regions to find Master. Later, we inquired here and there, and found that Master was in the Lance Empire, so we began to search the Lance Empire. I didn’t expect to bump into the Master today.”

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “You just have come at the right time. I have a mission for you all.”

“Please tell master.” Elf replied.

Xiao Yu said: “I told everyone to meet in a small town located at the entrance of Sunset Swamp. If they have arrived there, tell them to come to the vicinity of the Meg City in the Lance Empire. We are going to wage a war”

After receiving the Xiao Yu’s order, several of them immediately boarded on the body of Hippogryph Knight and flew away. The remaining few people still stayed and waited for Xiao Yu’s orders.

Xiao Yu said: “You all stay with me for the time being and be responsible for security.”

“Yes!” they replied.

Xiao Yu turned to Scarlett: “Their flying speed is very fast. If everything goes well, it will not be long before my reinforcement arrives at Meg City. It may take about ten days for the arrival of reinforcement. Till then, we will explore Meg city and found its current situation.”

With Xiao Yu’s promise, her chances of saving her mother and sister were much higher.

Originally, she was in a very desperate situation, who knew the situation would take such a favourable turn. She knew that she must seize this opportunity. Otherwise, if she passed this now, she would not have any more chance.

Because she had no bargaining chip, who would take the risk to help her?

Everyone began marching to Meg city. Xiao Yu and Scarlett were sitting in the same carriage, enjoying the beautiful wine and the beautiful scenery around them.

Scarlett took this chance to quietly direct the maids to get out of the carriage, leaving only Xiao Yu and Scarlett behind.

Xiao Yu suddenly felt that atmosphere was a bit strange. After Scarlett drank a few glasses of wine, her face became red and her body excluded a lazy aura, which was extraordinarily charming.

At this time, because they were in the carriage, Scarlett had taken off her long leather boots, her pair of white and small jade-like bare feet gently laid on the carriage, tempting the eyes of Xiao Yu.

Perhaps because of the hot weather, Scarlett untied several buttons of her leather armour, revealing her deep cleavage. That scene was so attractive that Xiao Yu was not able to keep his eyes off.

Unknowingly, Scarlett waved her hand and closed the window of the carriage, causing the light in the entire carriage to slightly dim. The dim light fell on the hot body of Scarlett.

Xiao Yu’s mouth suddenly became dry so he gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine. As the result, his body also became hotter. Heat rose from the lower abdomen and quickly swept the whole body.

Suddenly, the carriage shook, causing Scarlett’s petite body to fall on Xiao Yu.

After that, some adult things happened that shouldn’t be mentioned.


Not knowing how much time had passed, Xiao Yu opened the door and found that it’s already night.

“How much time has passed?” Xiao Yu felt that time seemed to have passed so fast.

“Master six hours have passed. Master, do you want to have some food?” The Hippogryph Knight respectfully asked.

“Six hours!” Xiao Yu was amazed by his own durability.

“Yes master, we have camped now.” The Hippogryph Knight replied.

Xiao Yu nodded and said: “Send the food!”

The Hippogryph Knight nodded and immediately went to get food and sent it to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu directly went inside the carriage and enjoyed the food with Scarlett.

At this time, Scarlett was very reluctant to get off the carriage., she was embarrassed to appear in front of her subordinates.

Xiao Yu was in a good mood at this time, not only he got a beauty like Scarlett but also a lot of subordinates to earn money.

At this time, Scarlett put on a loose trouser. Her hairs were untied and her body was half exposed. Xiao Yu felt hot at his lower abdomen again but he quickly pressed it down.

If you want to eat, you have to eat first.

Scarlett was blushing and she refused to speak. Xiao Yu teased Scarlett and told her some jokes to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Looking at Xiao Yu’s intentions, Scarlett also felt sweet; at least, Xiao Yu was not the kind of man who walks away from his responsibility.

Perhaps her choice this time was correct.

In the evening, the two of them once again have S#x. For the past few days, Xiao Yu’s mood was very good, but it’s a pity that the good things often did not last long. They finally arrived at Meg city.

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