World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 470

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“Scarlett! I beg you, please save me…” knowing that pleading to Xiao Yu wouldn’t work; Torres cried and pleaded to Scarlett.

Scarlett’s eyes were cold. She was not a woman of benevolence. She knew deeply that if Xiao Yu was not here, how miserable she would be.

So she looked at Torres and said faintly: “You are his captive now, not mine, so he has the final say here. Moreover, I am now his slave. How can I beg for you?”

At this time, Scarlett greatly enjoyed Torres’s misery. Her heart felt an inexplicable pleasure. That’s right, it’s pleasure.

“Ah… Scarlett, I am in wrong. I know it isn’t good of me. I will do whatever you want. Please ask him to let me go. I will help you in saving your sister and mother…” Torres shed tears and looked at Scarlett, how much more sorrowful eyes would be.

“What are you doing? Tell me everything you!” Xiao Yu suddenly slapped Torres’s face.

“Yes… yes… I will tell you everything.” Torres did not dare to resist any further. He knew if he angered Xiao Yu any more, then he would meet a tragic end.

So, Xiao Yu took out a chair from the space ring and sat down, and, then slowly tortured Torres.

After more than an hour of torture, Xiao Yu basically got every important information out of Torres, including the current location of Scarlett’s mother and sister. Currently, they were held captive in Meg City.

After listening to Torres’s confession, Xiao Yu’s brow pricked slightly and Scarlett became even more desperate. She did not expect that to get her, Miranda would arm the whole Meg City with army.

In fact, this was not done entirely for the purpose of dealing with Scarlett. Scarlett also knew that Miranda had been competing with other princes for the position of the Crown Prince. He took over the military force of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce so that he could deter the others with it.

“In next life, doesn’t be garbage like now. Learn to be a good man. Good Bye!!”

After getting everything out of Torres, Xiao Yu took a sip of wine and said faintly.

After saying so, Xiao Yu slashed down his axe and directly severed Torres’s head from his body. Onlookers could not help but shudder.

They were increasingly convinced that Xiao Yu was a demon.

Scarlett really appreciated Xiao Yu’s approach at this time. Although Xiao Yu looked like a rogue, he took every decision and step very carefully. He didn’t leave any unnecessary trouble for the future and cut weed from its root.

Perhaps, choosing him was one of the most correct choices of her life.

In fact, besides relying on Xiao Yu, Scarlett really had no other way out. A woman, in such a situation, could only depend on a man.

A woman is to fully exert her own strengths before she can live well in this world.

After killing Torres, Scarlett stood respectfully behind Xiao Yu and said, “Young Master, what should we do now?”

Scarlett was very clever. She no longer called Young Master Xiao but directly called Young Master, indicating that she now regarded herself as a servant of Xiao Yu. In this case, she would push Xiao Yu to help her save her mother and sister.

Really a smart woman!

Xiao Yu liked such a smart woman, but this time, the situation was indeed a little troublesome. According to Torres, the entire Meg city was armed with tens of thousands of soldiers, including many powerful fighters, magicians, etc. Scarlett’s mother and sister were locked in a solid underground prison, making it difficult to save them.

Xiao Yu was having a headache. Now he had only two men on hand. If everyone else was here too, then it would not be a big deal to attack the city directly. But in the current situation, it was not possible to conquer Meg City.

In the past, his old man took his soldiers to capture the Meg city, and he didn’t mind repeating history.

Now since Scarlett had already asked this question. He had to answer this question.

“Cough… I don’t have any specific plans right now, but I can guarantee that I will save your mother, sister and all the loyal people under you. A unit of soldiers is situated at the west of the Meg city, I have to contact them. Then I will attack Meg city with it. I tell you a secret. You always wondered just who I am, Right? I can tell you now; my name is Xiao Yu, the prince of the Lion King, my dad is the Xiao Zhantian who once captured the city of Meg.

At this time, Scarlett could only rely on him. Therefore, Xiao Yu did not mind disclosing his identity.

Xiao Yu also used his father’s name to scare these people.

Xiao Yu knew that the people of the Lance Empire were very afraid of Xiao Zhantian.

Sure enough, after Xiao Yu mentioned Xiao Zhantian’s name, not only Scarlett but also the people next to him, began to gulp their saliva.

“Xiao… Xiao Zhantian… You are the descendant of Xiao Zhantian.” Scarlett said while stuttering. She did not expect that she would found descendant of that famous Xiao Zhantian as her backer.

The name of Xiao Zhantian was too resounding in Lance Empire. When the Lance Empire invaded the Sky Lion Dynasty, they almost captured the capital of the Sky Lion Dynasty. But at the final moment, they were beaten black and blue by Xiao Zhantian. He forced the king of Lance Empire to enter into a peace treaty.

As time passed, the name of Xiao Zhantian had almost become a sacred and inviolable existence in the hearts of everyone in the Lance Empire.

At this moment, everyone was full of self-confidence. In their view, Xiao Zhantian was an invincible God of War, and the descendant of God of War would certainly be God of War.

“The Young Master is the son of Xiao Zhantian! It is really my honour of being able to follow the Young Master.” Scarlett really admired Xiao Zhantian so she also thought highly of Xiao Yu.

After that Xiao Yu began to brag about the deeds done by him.

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