World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 469

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The flames released by Kael’thas swept past. Feeling imminent danger, people under Torres immediately retreated but some of them weren’t fast enough and got directly burned to ashes.

Now that Kael’thas was using flame storm, the power released was absolutely overwhelming.

That kind of great power shocked people. How could this be the magic casted by a sixth-order magician?

The use of the magic by Kael’thas had caused a huge psychological burden to these people in an instant. On the battlefield, the most feared was the magician.

After the firestorm swept past, Illidan jumped up and slashed his knives.

Almost no one could survive these knives. Among these people, there were many fourth-order powerhouses, but in front of Illidan, they were like tofu. In a blink of an eye, they were cut into pieces.

After absorbing the inheritance, Illidan’s strength had reached a terrifying level. Fire enveloping his body was constantly burning anyone close to him.

The situation was like a tiger entering into the flock of ships. He nearly killed 200 people.

Illidan’s destructive power was much stronger than a sixth-order fighter. Now Illidan with his all kinds of outstanding skills would be able to defeat a sixth-order fighter.

Watching those people running away, Xiao Yu directly yelled at the guards around Scarlett: “What the hell are you waiting for? Go and kill them!”

Having heard what Xiao Yu said, these people immediately snap out of daze. They took up their weapons and rushed forward.

At the beginning, these guards were not opponents of people under Torres’s command. If they fought, they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

But now since many of them had been killed by Illidan and Kael’thas, They (guards) had the numerical advantage.

These people under Torres’s command had completely lost their desire to fight and they began to flee. When Torres saw the situation, he knew he had to quickly escape.

However, how could Xiao Yu let Torres escape? Xiao Yu immediately used teleportation and already in front of Torres.

As the level of Xiao Yu increases, the distance of teleporting is getting longer and longer.

Seeing Xiao Yu, this Torres immediately shouted, and Xiao Yu suddenly appeared so suddenly, it was just like a ghost.

Just now he was frightened by Kael’thas and Illidan. Now, when he saw Xiao Yu suddenly appearing in front of him, he was even more fearful.

At this time, Torres became anxious. He screamed and raised the magic sword in his hand, and attacked Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu grinned disdainfully. He unleashed the blast step skill and easily escaped, and then he pulled out the axe and smashed down.

Bang bang bang……

Torres defended against Xiao Yu’s attack. Even after using magic sword to resist, he felt his arms gone numb.

Now, that Xiao Yu was walking on strength route, his body was strong as well as agile. It was just a wonderful thing. This Torres was just a fighter who had just reached the fifth order. How could he be Xiao Yu’s opponent?

After tiring Torres out by launching one attack after another, he put away his axe and began to savagely beat him up by his bare hands.

Although Xiao Yu’s current strength had not reached Bloodhoof’s level, it was definitely higher than the average person. Torres felt dizzy and his whole body was swelled.

There was no unexpected change in the battle. None of the men under Torres command was able to run away under the pursuit of Illidan. Xiao Yu had commanded them to kill everyone. They couldn’t let any of them escape. Otherwise, once they escaped, it would not be easy to save Scarlett’s mother and sister.

Torres was captured and tied up.

After killing everyone, Illidan took out another cloak and put it on, and then silently stood next to Xiao Yu.

However, now everyone looked at Illidan and Kael’thas with eyes full of deep awe. Fortunately, these two people are not their own enemies. Otherwise, they must have finished directly.

“Torres, you didn’t expect that you would have such end.” Scarlett looked at Torres with eyes full of coldness. This Torres was simply heinous. He didn’t even let off her mother and sister. He was too sinister and poisonous.

“Haha…” Hearing what Scarlett said, Torres laughed and looking completely unafraid.

“Scarlett, what if you tied me up? Do you think you can really fight against Miranda and rescue your sister and mother? Haha… Let me tell you, although this guy indeed has a bit of strength. But if you want to challenge the Miranda Prince with only this. It’s just daydream. haha…”

Even at this time, Torres was still so arrogant.

When Xiao Yu saw that Torres was still so arrogant, he couldn’t control himself. What a garbage! Even now he didn’t know how to behave. He really had death wise.

Xiao Yu began to slap Torres cheek nonstop. After Xiao Yu’s series of slaps, the face of Torres was swollen like a pig. However, Xiao Yu still did not stop; he seems to have become addictive. Only when even Torres’s owns mother could not recognize him, Xiao Yu stopped.

Xiao Yu used different types of tortures, making people fearful of him more than anyone else.

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