World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 467

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Next, Scarlett gave detailed information about the situation to Xiao Yu. It turned out that Scarlett was the daughter of the president of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce. Their family was the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce.

Her father only had two daughters, no son. In such a big family, it was absolutely inevitable that there would be infighting.

How many people were coveting the huge wealth of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce?

After Scarlett’s father died, those people began to act brazenly. They openly began to seize the control of the Chamber of Commerce to gain that wealth.

Moreover, these family members also contacted some powerful figures of the Lance Empire to bring down Scarlett and divide the property of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce among them.

Although Scarlett also had enough ability to lead the chamber of commerce, those people would certainly not allow it. In their view, Scarlett was only a weak girl like a lamb on a chopping board.

Scarlett was very clever. She already knew that it was impossible to negotiate with these people now. The other party was already prepared to kill her and then seize the property.

Scarlett now just wanted to delay these people so that they could escape.

Now that, many of the strong warriors of the family had been brought by them, the guards guarding Scarlett were very few. Therefore, after seeing the strength of Illidan and Kael’thas, she could only ask Xiao Yu to serve as a guard for her, to help her through this difficult time.

However, everything was beyond her expectation, Xiao Yu’s strength was so strong that perhaps Xiao Yu might not place any of her treasures in his eyes, which made it very difficult to ask for his help.

At the same time, she was also keenly aware that this was also a good opportunity. If she wanted to go to the Sky Lion Dynasty to build a new foundation, it was bound to be obstructed by the powerful families of the Sky Lion Dynasty.

Xiao Yu was definitely interested in the deal mentioned by Scarlett. After all, he greatly valued the financial strength and potential of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, what Scarlett didn’t know was that Xiao Yu valued Scarlett’s ability and the foundation of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce more than their wealth.

Xiao Yu was very clear in his heart. Although he was now a nouveau riche, there was still a big gap with those ancient families.

These families have invested heavily in the mainland. Their long-term investment was huge.

Although he was not short of money now, once his money was spent. He had no way to earn it back. But these ancient families could continue to make money even if their all money was spent.

This was a huge difference.


Xiao Yu lacked talented people most. At present, Xiao Yu at least had few military talents. During the time of the exploration to Undercity, he absorbed a lot of students from the Knights College and the Magic Academy. However, administrative talents and business talents were too lacking.

Scarlett’s Chamber of Commerce was full of such people. If he could get them, that would be the real wealth.

Therefore, after Scarlett provided him with more details, Xiao Yu had made up his mind to accept Scarlett’ deal. Even if Scarlett did not bring along any wealth, she would bring a lot of talents along with her.

After that Scarlett and Xiao Yu talked for a long while and came to initial agreement. Xiao Yu would help Scarlett to relocate the chamber of commerce away from the Lance Empire and establish it in the Sky Lion Dynasty. In return, Scarlett would serve Xiao Yu and help him in making money.

Scarlett had confidence in the strength of Xiao Yu. If Xiao Yu supported her then it would not be impossible for her to establish in the Sky Lion Dynasty.

After talking about the business, Xiao Yu’s fascinated eyes continued to blatantly roam at Scarlett’s hot body. Scarlett’s body was eyed by many men, so Xiao Yu’s staring didn’t make her feel unwell. She was even trying to seduce Xiao Yu with her body. A powerful woman often knew how to use her body to seduce a man.

Scarlett was also happy to see Xiao Yu fascinated by his beauty, so she deliberately blinked her watery eyes; infinitely teasing Xiao Yu’s certain body part.

Xiao Yu and Scarlett headed to the big city in the west of the Lance Empire, Meg City.

Speaking of Meg City, it was one of the major cities of the Lance Empire, with a population of 1 million. Because it was very close to the Sky Lion Dynasty, merchants often passed through here, making it very prosperous.

Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce was not located in Meg City. The headquarters of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce was in the city of Mora, the Imperial capital of Lance Empire. However, now Scarlett already knew that she must not go to the headquarters now. If she went there, she would definitely be killed by other people of the family.

She had already made some arrangements in advance so that some confidants would bring money to Meg City.

Scarlett had a very luxurious carriage. Xiao Yu sat in Scarlett’s carriage along with two beautiful maids. Xiao Yu faced three beautiful women and drank wine. It was a pleasant time.

Everyone started to march towards Meg City. Xiao Yu looked at a map given by Scarlett on the road and confirmed the escape route.

However, at this time, the sound of weapon collision broke that beautiful atmosphere. Obviously, some people came to use force.

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