World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 466

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Hearing what Scarlett said, Xiao Yu immediately understood that this woman was definitely a thorny rose.

Although it seemed that she was only a flower vase, but from the beginning to end, she saw everything unfolding but she didn’t stop her subordinates. Seeing the power of Illidan and Kael’thas, she immediately changed her approach and chose to take the initiative to seduce Xiao Yu for achieving his goal through the power of Xiao Yu.

This woman was not simple.

“Oh? What deal? I don’t know what you will pay me in return? You know, there is nothing in this world that can touch my heart.” When Xiao Yu said that, he was not exaggerating at all. In the dark temple, all types of treasures had been seen by his eyes.

If the other party wanted to trade with him with only money, he couldn’t even approach Xiao Yu.

“The young master has not said his name yet?” Scarlett asked instead.

Xiao Yu snorted and said: “My name is Xiao Yu. I am not a local.”

Scarlett nodded and said: “I have already noticed. Young master’s clothes are not the same as ours. The accent is also very different. If I guessed right, the young master should be a nobleman from the Sky Lion Dynasty.”

Xiao Yu was not surprised by Scarlett’s ability to figure this out. He simply admitted, “Yes, I am from Sky Lion Dynasty. I came here for some propose but I lost my way and came here. “”

“So I am correct. Does Young master wants to go back to the Sky Lion Dynasty?” Scarlett casted a meaningful glance.

Xiao Yu leaned back on the chair and said: “That’s of course, there is nothing fun here. If there is something special here that can attract me, I don’t mind staying.”

When Scarlett heard what Xiao Yu said, she smiled slightly and said: “It’s better to talk in a private room. Maybe, I have something that you will be interested in.”

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “If you have something which can interest me, then I don’t mind striking deal with you. However, I would like to see what kind of treasure was there that can make me interested.”

When Scarlett saw that Xiao Yu agreed, she ordered the pub’s waiter to prepare an elegant private room

Xiao Yu and Scarlett entered the box one after the other, followed by Kael’thas and Illidan. Scarlett made others wait outside the door.

Scarlett looked at Xiao Yu with her beautiful eyes and said: “Young Master, are you still afraid that a weak woman would hurt you?”

Xiao Yu shook his head solemnly and replied: “This is of course not. Even without them, I am confident enough that there are not many people on the mainland that can hurt me, but they are like my brothers and I couldn’t avoid them.”

Scarlett looked at Illidan and Kael’thas with a slight surprise, but she didn’t say anything more.

In some families, there were some dead soldiers. Such people were cultivated by the family from an early age. They were instilled with the concept of absolute loyalty to the family, so they were very reliable.

Scarlett thought that Kael’thas and Illidan were also such people.

Xiao Yu was naturally recognized as a nobleman of a family in the Sky Lion Dynasty.

“What is the deal you have mentioned, Beautiful Miss Scarlett?” Into the Private Room, Xiao Yu who was sitting on the main seat asked while roaming his gaze at Scarlett’s figure.

It was undeniable that Scarlett’s figure was so hot that not many men could resist it.

Scarlett looked at Xiao Yu’s unconcealed gaze and smiled. She sat down opposite to Xiao Yu and said, “I don’t know if Young Master Xiao Yu has heard of Cheerful Fortune Chamber of the Lance Empire.”

“Cheerful Fortune Chamber?” Xiao Yu muttered as he frowned. It seemed that they were in Lance Empire.

The speculation that Xiao Yu made was unfortunately true. Although he was not transmitted to the other side of the sunset swamp, it was still very far away from the Sky Lion dynasty. Lance Empire was situated on the east side of the sunset swamp. Sky Lion Dynasty and Lance Empire were neighbours.

There were countless military conflicts between the Lance Empire and the Sky Lion Dynasty.

“The Young Master seems to know a lot about the things of the Lance Empire.” Scarlett thought that Xiao Yu would definitely be surprised immediately if she mentioned the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce. But she did not think that Xiao Yu would show such a reaction.

“I naturally have heard about Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce before. I just don’t know what Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce has to do with Miss Scarlett?” Now, Xiao Yu was really interested in this Scarlett.

Although he didn’t know much about the Lance Empire, he had vaguely heard of that Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce. It seemed to be a big chamber of commerce. There were also many semicolons in the Sky Lion Dynasty.

On the mainland, the influence of big families, the large-scale trade unions and large-scale chambers of commerce on the mainland could not be underestimated. They had accumulated thousands of years of riches. They were an extremely powerful force.

Many times, they could even replace the rulers of the dynasty.

All empires hated these chambers of commerce. Although they also wanted to eradicate such chambers of commerce, it was difficult to implement.

When Scarlett heard Xiao Yu said so, she said with a sigh of relief, “I am the heir of the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce.”

“Since the young master knows about Lance Empire, you should be clear about the strength of our Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce. Then, if I give it to the young master, I don’t know if the young master is interested in accepting it?”

After Scarlett finished speaking, she looked at Xiao Yu with a smile.

Xiao Yu picked up his eyebrows. After a while, he replied: “What do you mean by this? Are you giving me the Chamber of Commerce for no reason? Am I so handsome? ”

The last sentence of Xiao Yu fully displayed his hoodlum nature.

“I said that I would give the Chamber of Commerce to the young master. Naturally, I don’t really give you all the wealth of the Chamber of Commerce. But I am willing to let my Chamber of Commerce work for the family of Young master.”

“We can use the power of the young master to protect ourselves. At the same time, the enormous wealth brought by us from the Lance Empire can be utilised to earn huge profits every year. We will give half of the profit to young master every year. How about the deal? “Scarlett silently waited for Xiao Yu’s reply.

Xiao Yu didn’t immediately agree but asked: “Do you want to move the Cheerful Fortune Chamber of Commerce to the Sky Lion Dynasty. Why? Did you offend the Emperor of the Lance Empire?”

If it was not, for this reason, Xiao Yu couldn’t think why would Scarlett pay so much.

Scarlett sighed slightly and replied with a pitiful look: “On the one hand, it is because of the internal struggles of the family. On the other hand, it is also for the reason you have stated. Originally I should be the one to inherit the Chamber of Commerce. However, elders refused to let me inherit it. Instead, they wanted to put me to death and take over the Chamber of Commerce.”

Xiao Yu listened and nodded a little because it was within his expectation.

This kind of family struggle was absolutely common on this continent.

“If that’s the case, I can consider it, but I want to know how much wealth you can take and how much wealth you can create for me every year.” Xiao Yu shrugged his shoulders and said.

Scarlett smiled and said: “As long as the young master can help us to stand in the sky lion Dynasty. This Scarlett will not let down the grace of the young master.”

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