World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 465

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After calming down, Xiao Yu got up and went to find other people in the sunset swamp.

Xiao Yu doesn’t know where he was now. After pondering for a while, he decided to walk in one direction. Now that they were in a small town, not in the mashes, it meant that he was no longer in the sunset marshes.

Even after walking for a day, Xiao Yu did not even see a figure nor did he know where he was. Finally, he once again changed his direction and continued to walk.

After two days, he saw a place with smoke. It’s a small town, but its citizens were wearing strange costumes. They didn’t look like the people of Tianshi dynasty. It is similar to the exotic atmosphere of Yunmeng.

“Was I sent to the other end of the sunset swamp? Why was I sent to such a strange town?” Xiao Yu was speechless. His luck was really worse.

The population of this town was not much. Xiao Yu walked inside with Gul’dan and Kael’thas.

Kael’thas and Illidan have already put on a huge black cloak to hide their original appearance. Otherwise, the appearance of the two would definitely cause a sensation. Xiao Yu did not want to be in any limelight, remaining low-key was a better option.

Xiao Yu walked for a while before finding a small pub. Xiao Yu, Kael’thas and Illidan sat inside, called up some wine and dishes. They decided to eat and drink first before inquiring about the situation here.

Xiao Yu had been walking for such a long time and had not had a good meal. When he got here, he naturally had to fill his stomach first.

For Kael’thas and Illidan, that food was not very fascinating. They stood behind Xiao Yu and acted as bodyguards. Illidan only absorbed magic elements and hardly eats much. Kael’thas only ate elf food made in the blood elf barracks. Even if it was very simple and tasteless, Kael’thas found it elegant.

In this regard, Xiao Yu couldn’t say anything more than blinking his eyes. After all, they were his subordinate; he had to respect their customs and habits.

When Xiao Yu was eating, a lot of people came in the pub, causing noises. Many people with swords rushed to the second floor where Xiao Yu was, one by one, with big axes. Leader of the group walked ahead and said: “Miss of our family is going to eat here so all of you quickly get out of the here. If not, don’t blame me for being rude.”

When everyone heard that, they immediately panicked and in order to not to get into trouble, they quickly went downstairs. Only Xiao Yu did not respond at all and continued to eat carelessly.

Everyone was gone, only Xiao Yu was left alone. The leader suddenly frowned and then a fierce look appeared on his face.

He was accustomed to act like a boss-like-figure but today he got completely disregarded by some person. This caused him to burn in rage.

“Don’t you hear what I said?” The leader walked over and his big axe slammed on the table. The whole pub was shaking along with his footsteps, showing that he was extremely powerful.

Xiao Yu stuffed a large amount of meat into his mouth, then picked up a large glass of juice and poured it down. He muttered: “I didn’t hear it. I only heard a few barks.”

The leader became very angry. He didn’t even try to talk and directly through punch on Xiao Yu.

Although he had already noticed Illidan and Kael’thas beside Xiao Yu, he just didn’t pay any heed. He also figured out that those two men were the bodyguards of Xiao Yu, but he did not put Kael’thas and Illidan in his eyes.

Now, he was already a peak fourth-order cultivator. He was qualified to be arrogant in front of the vast majority of people on this continent. He already stood on top of a large population.

Therefore, he had determined to teach Xiao Yu a lesson. He was even wanted to disable Xiao Yu.

However, apparently, he underestimated the strength of Xiao Yu. His own view was too narrow. There were many strong people in this world.

Today, he was destined to realise what a real powerhouse was like.

His hand became large in size as well as grey in colour with long nails. At first impression; his hand didn’t look like a human’s hand.

Then, that seemingly powerful hand was held by the other hand, making it impossible to move even an inch.

That was not all. That hand was enveloped by green coloured flame. That flame didn’t affect the hand. However, the fist of a leader was immediately scorched.

“Ah…” The leader screamed and retracted his hand, wanting to get rid of that hand as soon as possible. However, he couldn’t move at all. He seemed to be restricted by some magic.

Suddenly, a huge demon appeared in his mind. The devil made threatening gestures, his whole body was burned by flames. Soon, the devil began to laugh loudly.

The leader felt his body being burned and roasted. He felt like being cut into pieces.

“Leader, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing that big man in such condition, the people who followed him immediately took out their blades and rushed over.

However, just as they were about to arrive near the leader, they suddenly felt the weightlessness. Their body began to float and struggle back and forth in midair, but they could not go anywhere.

Kael’thas didn’t even use the magic wand, just by sticking out his finger, he could completely control these people.

After reaching the fifth order, Kael’thas had become extremely skilled in the use of magic. His control over every magic element had reached a terrifying level. Therefore, he could unleash such space magic at any time and anywhere.

“Please be merciful.” At this time, a very soft and nice voice reached Xiao Yu’s ears.

Hearing that voice, Xiao Yu who was wholeheartedly focusing on eating stopped immediately. His eyes shot forward.

Sure enough, a blonde with a sweet smile and hot body revealed herself in front of Xiao Yu.

“What does this lady called?” Xiao Yu asked with a smile. This beauty was even more charming than Xiao Yu’s Sancha.

Because of ongoing long-term war, Xiao Yu was under tremendous pressure all the time. On the surface, he looked like he didn’t care about anything. In fact, he was under tremendous pressure.

This time, he got a huge harvest from the Dark Temple. Now there was nothing too urgent. It was naturally a pleasing thing to encounter such a beautiful woman.

“My name is Scarlett. I don’t know what the young master is called.” Scarlett said as she walked over to the table of Xiao Y before sitting down. She looked at Xiao Yu as if she was watching her lover.

“Can you let my men go? I am here to apologize for him. I will compensate young master later.” said Scarlett. Her soft tone made people feel itchy to the bones.

Xiao Yu laughed and replied: “He was just rude to me. I cannot let him off so easily”

Anyway, Kael’thas and Illidan, Xiao Yu was naturally unafraid. Other party was also very fearful of his strength; he was completely in an advantageous position.

“How about I compensate you?” Scarlett looked at Xiao Yu and asked softly.

When Xiao Yu heard what Scarlett said, he didn’t know what to do. At this time, Scarlett had completely conceded defeat. Moreover, he was a person who would pay kindness for kindness

“Ilidan, let go.” Xiao Yu waved his hand.

When Illidan heard Xiao Yu’s words, he immediately cancelled his magic. The leader finally woke up, his eyes reflected endless fear. In that strange dream, his entire body was getting burned. Now, his hand was not hurting at all.

“Soul attack?” Scarlett looked at the eyes of the leader and saw endless fear in them. She was very familiar with that person; he must be attacked by the soul attack. Otherwise, even if he was cut into pieces by a knife, his eyes would never display such intense fear.

Xiao Yu smiled and said: “You just said that you will compensate me. I don’t know how to compensate me?”

Scarlett looked at Illidan and Kael’thas with interest and then she held her chin with one hand as she said: “I want to make a deal with the young master. I don’t know if the young master is willing.”

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