World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 463

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Gul’dan was very, very angry. He wanted to deal with Kael’thas as soon as possible so he immediately unleashed the next attack. Black cloud of black mist began to release from Gul’dan’s skull. This black cloud was the black mist condensed by Gul’dan.

“This is definitely not a good thing. Kael’thas, be careful.” Xiao Yu saw this and immediately warned Kael’thas.

Kael’thas himself did not know that this black fog was not easy to deal with even with his mysterious arcane ball.

“Nicholas, hurry and refill magic cannon. I want to see whether that bastard can still control the black mist after being shot by magic cannon.” Xiao Yu quickly said to Nicholas.

Nicholas had wanted to purposely delay so that Kael’thas get injured but since Xiao Yu was urging him repeatedly, he could not refuse.

So Nicholas let the people under his command to refill and adjust the angle of magic cannon. In fact, Nicholas also wanted to see whether magical cannon could cause damage to Gul’dan or not.


Nicholas’s magical cannon finally shot out. An extremely dazzling ray shot in direction of Gul’dan. Gul’dan was affected by the weightlessness of Kael’thas’s mysterious ball. It was difficult to dodge but unexpectedly Gul’dan unleased his full power to get out of the ball.

Immediately after getting out of the mysterious ball, Gul’dan fleed from the range of ray shot by Nicholas’s magical cannon. This time, Gul’dan had really been lucky to escape the attack.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yu suddenly shouted.

“Can you blame me for this? I have fired accurately, it isn’t my fault.” Nicholas looked innocent while reaching out to ask for the remaining magic potion.

Xiao Yu ignored him directly, watching the black mist almost reaching the face of Kael’thas. Xiao Yu directly ordered dozens of Druids: “Blow the black mist with hurricane technique!”

The Druids immediately responded to the command of Xiao Yu and unleashed the hurricane one by one to blow the black mist away.

When the first hurricane stuck the black mist, black mist just stopped a little but after the second hurricane hit, the black mist began to slow down.

After dozens of hurricane continuously hit black mist and forced it to flow in the opposite direction.

Now, Gul’dan was out of the arcane ball so Kael’thas did not need to control the arcane ball any more. He also immediately withdrew.

That black mist, under the constant attack of the druids, hovered over the camp of the evil Orcs. Soon after black mist (cloud) began to condense in water drops, it began to rain

The evil orcs that got drenched by black droplets immediately began to release black smoke as if they were corroded by acid.

The evil orcs screamed again and again. Anyone who was contaminated by these black droplets turned into a dead bone in a moment.

At this time, the battle between Illidan and Horus over there also became intense.

Illidan’s knives and Horus’s spears were colliding again and again. Shockwaves produced by the collision were very dangerous. Anyone near to Illidan and Horus was affected by them.

“All of you guys are going to die. This is your graveyard.” Just when everyone was fighting, Augustus whispered with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

No one noticed that Augustus had slowly retreated to the back and then pressed the top of the dark grids.

These dark grids were obviously some kind of trigger points. Pressing them would definitely trigger something.

After Augustus pressed those dark spaces, whole area slight trembled, but because everyone on the scene was fighting fiercely, no one noticed this slight tremor.


Soon earth began to quake more intensely. Although tremor was not very intense, it alerted everyone. However it was little too late, in the sky, a huge light curtain shrouded everything like a huge lid.

“This…what is this?” The human-side was first to panic. After all, they were completely stranger here, and if they were not careful, they might be buried here.

Seeing the light curtain, Gul’dan’s skull flew to the sky and yelled at Augustus: “Augustus, what are you doing?”

When everyone heard Gul’dan say this, they immediately focused their attention on Augustus. It seemed that Gul’dan and Augustus were fighting.

Augustus immediately bent down and responded very humbly: “I have used a magical array to trap these despicable human beings.”

Gul’dan coldly said: “Is it? But why do I feel like this magical array was to trap me?”

Although Augustus was slightly surprised by Gul’dan’s response, he did not let his expression change. He said: “The great master, I am loyal to you. How can I do something like this?”

“Hey, don’t think that I don’t know your little tricks. You have been plotting for a long time. You want to control me so that you can control all the evil orc army and dominate the continent.”

“Master, what are you talking about? How can I betray you? I have always been loyal to you!” Augustus said carefully, but his body began to move backwards to hide in dark corner.

This time, Gul’dan didn’t reply and directly casted a spell. This spell restricted Augustus’s body.

“Oh…” Gul’dan saw that Augustus was fixed there, his huge head flew and slammed onto the head of Augustus.


Look of horror appeared in the eyes of Augustus but soon it was replaced by extreme calmness.  His eyes became so calm that it was terrifying.

“I am finally back!” A strange smile appeared on the face of Augustus as he said that.

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