World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 462

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“Moonlight Arrow!” Xiao Yu muttered. Looking at Tyrande’s arrow, Xiao Yu knew that Tyrande’s unique skill had finally woken up.

This arrow was really spectacular. It seemed to be an arrow filled with moonlight. The skill that had not been unleashed yet had already made people feel nervous.


With a loud thud, Gul’dan was hit by the arrow. Although Gul’dan had already noticed the danger, Tyrande had already locked his target on his body beforehand. He couldn’t defend and was hit hard.

This time, Gul’dan was directly sent flying and stuck into the wall. Now, Tyrande was only the fifth-order powerhouse but she already had such strength. If she reached the sixth-order in future, how powerful would she be?

“Good, good!” Xiao Yu laughed at the side, then secretly asked Tyrande: “What is this skill’s cooling time?”

Tyrande replied while gently stroking her longbow: “One day.”

“One day!” Xiao Yu’s excitement dime down considerably. Although this skill was powerful, it’s cooling time was also long. It could only be used once a day, it’s too harsh.

At this time, Kael’thas broke away from Gul’dan’s attack and his eyes flashed with resentment. He also began to cast spell.

Along with the spell of Kael’thas, the surrounding space began to fluctuate. Everyone felt as if they were in a large water tank and the water tank was constantly shaking, producing water currents. Everyone was also affected by the current and constantly shook.

In fact, this was not the flow of water, but the power of space.

The magic deployed was too powerful, causing space to shake. This showed the power of Kael’thas’s magic.

“Mysterious space.” Suddenly, Kael’thas mumbled. Suddenly, several huge balls made of mysterious lights surrounded Gul’dan. These balls seemed to be balloons, they could unceasingly grow bigger and they could also continue to form new balls. Balls could also connect with other balls. In this form, they could be used for defence as well as could be used to restrict opponents movements by trapping them.

Gul’dan had just been shot by Tyrande and suffered slight injuries. He was about to counter-attack Tyrande in anger but instead got trapped by the balls. He sensed his body float in the absence of gravity. In simple words, his body did not follow his commands.

On the ground, on the side of evil orcs, many orcs got caught by the balls and began to float in the air.

Orcs were constantly struggling to get out of the ball, but they were in a space with no gravity at all so no matter how hard they struggled, they couldn’t break out.

And when they accidentally touched the contact points of the two balls even with their strong bodies they got burned by electric sparks.

Gul’dan, who was also trapped in them, was very uncomfortable. The weightlessness made it difficult for him to adapt. Kael’thas was also constantly controlling the balls trapping him so that he couldn’t get out.

“Bastard!” Gul’dan yelled from there, but there was no way to get out.

Although because of weightlessness Gul’dan couldn’t move about, it did not mean that he would not be able to attack either. Once Gul’dan saw that he couldn’t get out of it. He decided to cast magic and kill Kael’thas first.

As long as he killed kill Kael’thas, everything would be fine.

With Gul’dan’s roar, dozens of green fireballs shot out from Gul’dan’s mouth. These fireballs were controlled by him. He moved them around and formed a formation, and then launched them toward Kael’thas.


A violent explosion occurred at the side of Kael’thas. Explosions caused by fireballs caused a lot of harm to Kael’thas.

When everyone looked at it carefully, they found that these green fireballs were actually burning gimmicks and they were constantly attacking Kael’thas.

“Flame storm.” Kael’thas quickly comprehended the situation and used Xindare golden rod to release strong flames. As if flames were a fire dragon, it rushed toward these gimmicks.

Gimmicks were shocked by the flames of Kael’thas and immediately uttered a scream. They quickly retreated. They were obviously injured.

“Hey, Xiao Yu, Xindare golden rod is mine. Can you…” Nicholas’s Xindare golden rod was taken by Kael’thas. He wanted it back. After all, that thing was too important.

Xiao Yu immediately laughed and replied: “From the start, that thing belonged to Kael’thas. Now since it has reached its original owner. How can you take it back? If you really want it, It’s better to consult with Kael’thas.”

Nicholas had already expected Xiao Yu to shamelessly reply. He immediately coldly replied: “You should not think that I am afraid of Kael’thas. Even if he is a hero who came back from ancient times, he is not unbeatable. If I have more than a few magical cannons, I am sure I can kill him too.”

Xiao Yu suddenly replied, saying: “Holy grandma! You still have a magical cannon?”

Nicholas snorted and said: “If we don’t have strength, can we called the Ernst family? Don’t think that your heroes are most powerful now. They are not really invincible; someone with enough strength can kill them. This time the power we showed is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the real battle broke out, your heroes can still be killed.”

Xiao Yu replied calmly: “Do you think that all my cards have been taken out? Tell you the truth, I have more cards. When I take them out, what big family are in my eyes? They are all small ants.”

“Oh, is it?” Nicholas apparently did not believe Xiao Yu’s boosting.

As Nicholas said, Gul’dan’s strength was indeed stronger. Although Kael’thas had now temporarily restricted Gul’dan with the mysterious balls, Gul’dan’s crazy counterattack was indeed amazing.

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